3 facts about alcohol

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How much do you know about alcoholic drinks? How much do your friends know about them? Challenge your friends with these surprising facts about alcoholic drinks. The amount of pure alcohol in a typical can of beer, glass of wine, or shot of spirits is 3 facts about alcohol same.

Hundreds of years ago, recipes for beer had such ingredients as honey, sugar, bay leaves, aromatics, poppy seeds, mushrooms, butter and bread crumbs. At a higher proof, the beverage self-dilutes by drawing moisture from the air. The foot treading of grapes is still used in making small amounts 3 facts about alcohol some expensive Port wines. All spirits, unlike beer and wine, are completely colorless when first made. Their colors comes from from aging in oak barrels. All 13 of the minerals needed for human health and life can be found in alcohol beverages.

Abstaining from alcohol greatly raises the chances that people will suffer heart disease. Alcohol does not destroy brain cells. Your teacher was wrong. In fact, the moderate consumption of alcohol Drinking in moderation is associated with better cognitive functioning memory and thinking ability over time. People who drink in moderation tend to be healthier and live longer than those who either abstain or abuse alcohol. Drinking in moderation does not appear to contribute to weight gain.

Abraham Lincoln had a liquor and sold whiskey before becoming President. Distilled spirits include whiskey, brandy, rum, tequila, and gin. They have no carbs, fats, or cholesterol. Johnny Appleseed distributed apple seeds across the U.

They wanted them for their juice. The first major whiskey distiller in the U. Early colonialists in North America made alcohol beverages from what was available. Thise included tomatoes, goldenrod, onions, carrots, corn silk, squash, celery, beets, and dandelion.

3 facts about alcohol

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3 facts about alcohol

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3 facts about alcohol

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3 facts about alcohol

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3 facts about alcohol

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3 facts about alcohol 3 facts about alcohol

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