3 way sex stories

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But it all seemed very opportunistic, almost like people stumbled into it. In my ing class was this drop-dead gorgeous sophomore Rosa. She had a tattoo around her ankle and liked to flash it.

3 way sex stories

She sat in front of me so I joked a lot with her. Never thought about being in her league at all. One day I left class and she walked out with me and we strolled and chatted to the university center, and she stuck with me. I told her I was heading back to my apartment and she wanted to see it. Okay, win, win. She had to go to the bathroom so I waited, then it was my turn. When I came out, she was stripped naked and with her knees on the sofa cushions and hanging over the back of the sofa facing me. Those perfect tits and her overall body were just gorgeous.

She un-did my pants like an animal 3 way sex stories stuffed my cock into her mouth. I have eight inches when fully erect, and she swallowed the whole thing. When she caught a break, I jumped over the sofa-back. We did everything and she was really good at it. She told me later she orgasmed twice. I could tell at least one — loud and shivering when we were doing doggy — the other one got past me. She said she wanted to come back, so she did, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after our class. We talked about a lot of different sexual things, from positions to situations, things she wanted to experiment with.

About six weeks into this, while we were cuddling after sex, she said her ex-boyfriend would be in town next week and I would not see much of her. I playfully pouted a lip but told her I understood. I teased her about squeezing-me-in at least once during the week. Halfway through the week, after class she told me her ex-boyfriend was staying at a local hotel and she wanted me to meet her there.

Come straight up to the room. When I got there it smelled like oil and alcohol. He introduced 3 way sex stories as Barry. He had moved-on to others also. She knew he was up for it and so was I — so all of us were there. So we talked about how it would all work out while we drank shots.

3 way sex stories

As some point she stood up and bent, knees-locked toward me and undid my pants, and went 3 way sex stories on me. Barry came up behind her, dropped her shorts and fingered her until she started yelping about it. Then he entered her and started pumping. She was lost in it, but never stopped her rhythm on me. She raised up, turned around, pushed Barry back into his chair and went down on him. My turn from behind. After a bit of this, she put her knees on the sofa, tummy against its back and bent over its back, and told Barry to come around to her face while I gave it to her from behind.

We alternated this until we orgasmed in her mouth, him first, then me. Thankfully the hotel was on a street near the campus, so I left my car and walked back. It was a hike, but it cleared my head. Over the course of several more weeks, she and I continued to meet for sex and experiment more, and she wanted me to ass-fuck her. We did that a few rounds and soon Barry was due for another visit. This time she invited me back for the three-way, but we did double-penetration and she alternated us. I laid down the whole time- she faced me and mounted, and he came in from behind into her ass.

The look on her face was mesmerizing. Then she flipped over and I was in her ass while he drilled her from the front. She graduated that spring and I never saw 3 way sex stories again in person. My husband took the initiative and asked my views about group sex. I was really reluctant and shy yes I was! To get me started on this, we watched a lot of group sex videos, MFF and other videos.

He made me comfortable walking naked on beaches. It was a day when my husband after taking consent from me invited one of his female colleagues at our home. She taught me better ways of sucking a dick. My husband enjoyed fucking me and his female colleague taking turns. It was great when my husband penetrated my pussy and his female colleague pressed my boobs, kissed me, licked my ass and drink my milk. My husband also told me about how he has a fetish to see me getting fucked by a group of men.

He called one of his male friend that day. I was actually nervous since being naked in front of a woman seemed fine to me but it was going to be first time to be naked in front of a man, especially knowing that what we are here for!. We three took shower together and also the three of us did a nude dance for fun. My husband filmed me having a 69 with the other man. Taking turns, I loved 3 way sex stories when the other man fucked me hard, licked my pussy, inserted his fingers inside. It was a bit weird, but nonetheless full of pleasure.

3 way sex stories

I am thankful to my husband for giving me such great pleasures of life. It felt really nice seeing men taking turns in fucking me. As a male trainer, I interacted with a big portion of our membership and our sister clubs. I got a lot of business and kept pretty busy.

They needed a coordinator for a special week-long event they would host across their three largest clubs. We hired five temporary help to assist with it, and three former IFBB contenders. These ladies were past prime for the IFBB but kept themselves in excellent condition. Every day before our workday started, all three 3 way sex stories spend three or more hours in workout so when they showed up, they were ripped-out and awesome — definitely looking the part.

When I arrived, three of her proteges were with her. They were all tastefully dressed. Little did I know she was watching me to see which of the three I was most attracted to. After the working session, she dismissed the other two and broke-out a carafe of margarita. What did surprise me was that her protege Karis had disappeared and returned in a bathing suit. Just wow. While I chatted with Karis and we enjoyed the drinks, Sam also disappeared and returned in a bathing suit.

They proceeded to slowly undress me down to the underwear. They treated every article like it was special, and lined it all up on the nearest counter. As they moved over my body, they ran their hands in caressing motions and it was erotic as hell. Both knew exactly what they wanted, and it was a blast doing what they wanted as they wanted it. They 3 way sex stories full of energy — and insatiable.

3 way sex stories

They took turns on this machine as it drilled them, twisted, and otherwise gave them one orgasm after another. Erotic to watch and and a sex-show on its own. I was daydreaming about Sam and Karis. Each day was something new. Each day a different kind of drink. Karis ed us for most of them. The whole thing was such a whirlwind I thought there would be plenty of time to take care of all that later.

3 way sex stories

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