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Baptism of Louis Robida, 28 Apr The census for most of the Arthabaska townships is missing, so we don't see Louis until in Chester, Arthabaska, 11 years old at his next birthday and with two considerably younger siblings, a brother and a sister age 4 and 2 ; three other children had been born and presumably died between Louis and the younger children.

Adult saint norbert d`arthabaskaquebec girl

Louis was a farm laborer, and owned no real estate. Census, Milan, Coos, New Hampshire Over the next ten years, they had at least three more children a six-year gap between "Loi" and the next child almost certainly indicates at least one, and possibly two, stillbirths or infant deaths and moved to Berlin, where Louis was working in the paper pulp mill.

Adult saint norbert d`arthabaskaquebec girl

Eva Woodward my great-grandparents Xalia abt ?? Toussaint "Louis" Croteau Adeline abtm. Thomas Castonguay Jr. Louis's new wife, Marie Beatrice Croteau, gave him three more sons in the next seven years. Albina Dumas Melvin L. Rabideau most likely the lot Louis purchased in and J. Rabideau 8 Louis's brother Jim, who bought land in 9.

Adult saint norbert d`arthabaskaquebec girl

Detail from map of Milan, N. Rabideau and J. One of them, Marie, was in fact married to Marie Beatrice's half-brother Toussaint "Louis" Croteau and had four children of her own. Louis was listed as a farmer, owning mortgaged property. Census, Milan, Coos, New Hampshire Louis's last appearance in the census was instill on his mortgaged farm in Milan with wife "Bessie," their two older sons, Thomas and Francis, and Francis's new wife. Beatrice died inher death registration indicating she had been a resident of Berlin for the past two years, 12 so Louis apparently had given up farming and moved back to Berlin in Louis Rabideau household, U.

Fred Bell not the same land he purchased in — I haven't yet found out what happened to that lot by warranty deed. He was not found in the census, so presumably he died between andbut as yet I have been unable to find a death record for him, in either New Hampshire or Vermont where his sons Thomas and Frank had moved by If anyone reading this has a death, obituary, or burial source for him, please let me know! A few notes about the family surname: while Louis was born and baptized as Louis Robida, with few exceptions his name was given as Rabideau in U. His forename was given as Louis or Lewis, pretty much randomly.

This may simply represent the way the name was commonly pronounced and spelled by English-speakers in Coos County: Louis himself was illiterate his deeds and mortgages were ed by markso we have no idea how he may have pronounced it. It's worth noting that the one census when he was living in Berlin,the name was Robida, and that Beatrice's death record and obituary also in Berlin gave the surname as Robida and Rabida, respectively. Some of Louis's Adult saint norbert d`arthabaskaquebec girl, when they married, gave their names as Rabideau Peter and Thomas [first marriage] and some as Rabida or Robida Adeline, Marie, Frank, and Thomas [second marriage].

Peter used the name Rabideau for his entire adult life, while Thomas and Frank exclusively used Rabida after about Hamlin to Lewis Rabideau and Harrison W. The map shown above was cropped from the full map. Beatrix Robida, 1 JulBerlin.

I've decided that when I have relatively little information on a couple in my pedigree chart, it makes more sense to write a Adult saint norbert d`arthabaskaquebec girl sketch for both of them. Augustine's Roman Catholic Church in Rustico.

John the Baptist church in Miscouche. Octavius McIsaac Angusm. Bridget McPhee Alexander ?? Catherine "Kate" ?? Mary ?? Peter Hickey John Alfred "Johnny" ?? Regina Gillis Rose Annm. Dominic Murphy my great grandparents Inthey were still in Indian River, with eight children in the household.

It seems somewhat unlikely they would have named two consecutive daughters Mary and Mary Ann unless the first had died. On the other hand, I don't have any definitive information on Sarah or Catherine, either. Angus Steele and Neil McIntyre farms, Neil died between andwhen the widowed Mary Ann was living in lot 8 with her youngest son, John; 7 her youngest daughter, Rose Ann, had married Dominic Murphy 1n Mary Ann died on 26 Apr in Hebron, and was buried two days later in St.

Mary's Church Cemetery, Brae, Lot 9. Kirk, manuscript research notes, undated; Marshall K. Abstract of baptismal Adult saint norbert d`arthabaskaquebec girl for "Marie M'clarlem", 22 Octciting St. The map shown above was cropped from the full lot map. As recently as maybe three or four months ago, I was keeping up pretty well with my new DNA matches.

Adult saint norbert d`arthabaskaquebec girl

At AncestryDNA, I had or matches at fourth cousin level and closer, and new matches at that level dribbled in at the rate of a half dozen or so a week, and I added them to my database more or less as they showed up.

I had no idea how many "distant" matches 5C-8C I had and didn't care, because I ignored all but the handful which sported shaky-leaf "ancestor hints" or showed up in my DNA Circles.

Adult saint norbert d`arthabaskaquebec girl

At MyHeritage DNA, I had a few thousand matches with no clear delineation between the "about 4C" and really distant levels, but I had about in my database, having worked down through to about 30 cM, with some more distant cousins included when they triangulated with closer cousins.

Why, oh why, can't they come up with a category intermediate somewhere between "extended family" — which seems to cut off around 90 cM — and so-called "distant relatives"? Again, new matches were slow in coming, though harder to detect than for Ancestry since there isn't a "not looked at yet" flag. Then, early this year, it was as if a floodgate opened. Suddenly I was getting a half dozen or more new matches each day at Ancestry, and next thing I knew I had a backlog of 50 or so that I hadn't been able to get into my database.

The pace picked up at MyHeritage as well, though not as drastically. Ancestry switched from the languishing DNA Circles and ancestor hints only for public trees, to ThruLines and "common ancestors" drawing on public, private, and unlinked trees. Between painting all those MyHeritage matches and GEDmatch as well plus their triangulated matches; analyzing clusters; and checking out dozens of proposed ThruLines and Family Relativity relationships, it's become even more Adult saint norbert d`arthabaskaquebec girl to keep up with the onslaught of new matches. I also have an utterly incredible 55, distant matches!

I now have a backlog of 86 4C-and-closer matches to enter into my database. Of those, match with 25 cM or more, which is probably very roughly equivalent to Ancestry's 20 cM cutoff Ancestry's reported total cMs are nearly always lower than for the same individuals who have their at other sites. I seem to have only about of those in my database, however, so clearly I have a lot of catching up to do there, too.

Oh, and these s are only for my own test — I also manage my two brothers' tests, and I've never gotten anywhere close to getting all their matches in my database. Is it any wonder I haven't blogged in three months? I need to back off on my DNA painting and visual phasing and auto-clustering, and get back to my research and writing. Labels: DNA. Friday, February 22, William Murphy : 52 Ancestors If that date of birth is reasonably accurate, he was probably the second child of Michael and Magdelen Morison Murphy.

Another map undatedshowing the route of planned railway construction through Lot 51, also shows William Murphy as the landholder. The dates on similar railway maps of other Kings County lots indicate that it is probably from the early s. On 10 FebruaryWilliam Murphy died of apoplexy and old age in Newburyport. He was Adult saint norbert d`arthabaskaquebec girl in St. Mary's Cemetery in Newburyport. The year is an estimate based on the Dec birth of their first child, Dominic.

Adult saint norbert d`arthabaskaquebec girl baptismal records for Dominic and Lot have not been located, their third through seventh children were baptized at St. Joachim's Church in Vernon River, making it a likely location for their marriage as well.

Island: Frederick's Publishing Co. No immigration records have been found, but city directories show a William Murphy arriving in Newburyport around this time. William Murphy death certificate note 9. He was the second of three children of Joshua and Elizabeth Rand Rand. Unlike his father and younger brother the elder brother died youngNahum didn't stay in Rye.

Adult saint norbert d`arthabaskaquebec girl

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