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So, we try to deliver that service to identify what are the potential exposures; what are the potential health effects. The difficulties for us, of course, is that this is sometimes not an easy task. I think of some other service agencies, say like the Post Office. For us, sometimes exposure is difficult to measure; health effects are sometimes difficult to ascertain.

We often deal with sites with many different chemicals with exposures that occurred decades ago, with chemicals that are not so well understood. We really look forward to that. Also, please recognize that we want to make sure that the guidance is not just theoretical, but actually is feasible and practical.

We want as much as possible to get the very best input and input that we can carry forward. We count on your wisdom and good advice and deliberations. We very much appreciate the time that you all have put into this and your willingness to be here. Want to thank the members of the public and others who are here today.

You traveled from some distance to be part of this and to assist in the public comment period, provide the panel members with their thoughts and we appreciate that. Again, we very much look forward to the recommendations that will come out of these deliberations. We hope that this will really truly assist us Adult wants sex tonight Camp Lejeune Central forward at this site. So, thank you very much to the panel members. Thank you very much to the members of the audience.

Thank you. Tom Sinks: Thanks Henry. Welcome all of you. I believe we have members from the Department of Defense, from the public. We also understand there are a couple of people, at least, who represent the media who have ed up. Everything is going to be on the record.

We should keep that in mind.

Adult wants sex tonight Camp Lejeune Central

This is a public meeting. Secondly, just to reemphasize something Henry said. The credibility of the work we do has a lot to do with our integrity. Our willingness to be open to listen to both compliments and criticisms. We have gotten a lot of public comments to us about why are we doing a certain study. Why have we limited that study? Are there opportunities to maybe do more?

I also want to emphasize that we will take seriously the recommendations of the panel and consider them in any next steps. I want to introduce Chris Stallard. Okay, he has a clock. We have a of members from our Office of Science, who have put this together, Drue Barrett. Stand up, Drue, in the. In the silk suit. Athena Gemella, who did the work along with Drue. Marie Murray. Marie, you can stand up. Marie is going to be our note keeper. She does a lot of these meetings for us.

She does an excellent job. David Williamson, your key player. I wanted to introduce him. Ken is. Sinks: Senior Investigator. Ken is a well known expert in epidemiology. He and I have interacted over a of issues over the years. Give you a very brief rundown of my background. Then turn it over to each of the panel members who will do likewise.

Again, my name is Ken Cantor. My particular expertise happens to be disinfection by products and arsenic, though I have done some work in these other areas. My specialty is epidemiologic methods, biostatistics, data analysis, perinatal epidemiology, and behavioral epidemiology.

Courtney Lynch: My name is Courtney Lynch. In addition to a Ph. Ornella Selmin: My name is Ornella Selmin. Most of my professional career Adult wants sex tonight Camp Lejeune Central been in the drinking water field. The EQI is a drinking water research center. We investigate the toxicology of drinking water contaminants. David Ozonoff: My name is Dave Ozonoff.

Adult wants sex tonight Camp Lejeune Central

Christopher Stallard: Good morning, everyone. one is we will start on time and end on time. Sidebars, if you have something to discuss, we would prefer that you take it outside the room; that we do not interrupt the deliberations. One speaker at a time. As Tom said, this is being recorded. Ten minutes for the public comment period. The speakers will have ten minutes.

Interruptions and questions. Save your questions. There will be a question and answer period. The role of the facilitator, as I said, we cannot do this without your concurrence. Is there anything else that you would like to add to this? Or anything? Is that all right? The next most important thing restrooms. Restrooms are. We will work within the agenda as it is and be Adult wants sex tonight Camp Lejeune Central. Any questions? Any questions of the panel? Anything to add to the operating guidelines?

Very good. Then, Ms. Gemella, are we prepared for our first speaker atwhich will now be early. Again, if you have public comments to make, we ask that you be here, I would say, a half an hour prior to your presentation. Hilda Rose: My name is Hilda Rose. We could not get into base housing at Tarawa Terrace until a few months later. My son Daniel was born on December 8, Six weeks before my due date I went into labor.

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The hospital was not equipped to handle these complications. Daniel was born with a heart valve defect. He had to be on Digoxin, an antiarrhythmic medication to prevent his heart from skipping a beat for a whole year. He later on in his life started complaining from pain in his stomach. However, in March ofI became pregnant again. Two months before Nathan was due my husband Jeff got orders to go to Camp Pendleton.

Nathan was born two weeks premature. He had so many problems. He was admitted to the hospital for a high fever and ear infection. They wanted to operate on him, but because of his age they kept him on antibiotics for a whole year until he was able to handle the complicated surgery. At eleven months, Nathan was admitted to the hospital to fix the urinary reflux on both sides of his kidneys.

Even though the surgery closed the holes, Nathan had to stay under the care of a renal doctor up till today. I live in Virginia. Nathan is nineteen years old. I just took him to a urologist and he told me Nathan needs a kidney transplant. All these problems I experienced as a parent, I never knew what was the cause of these problems that my kids were having.

So, that was very confusing for me. When I was stationed in Germany, I was contacted by the ATSDR research group, and they wanted to speak with me because both my kids were conceived on the based, and I was part of the research. Lita Hyland: Good morning, everybody.

Thank you for listening to us. The concerned parents of these children unfortunately be born with kidney holes and all the disadvantage that are usually located in a third world country, like the one that I come from. I immigrated to this country looking for the best of the world for my children.

Unfortunately, they Adult wants sex tonight Camp Lejeune Central the knowledge being respectful to the life of our baby. My daughter was born. My pregnancy was at Lejeune. I could not take care of myself. My husband was constantly in the fields. Adult wants sex tonight Camp Lejeune Central decide to bring me back to my mom.

My family was in Washington, D. She was born and I have very little things to show people what happened to her. This paper, as I explained to the doctors, my daughter was having convulsions. My English was very limited. She was having high fevers.

Adult wants sex tonight Camp Lejeune Central

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