Am i cynical quiz

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However, there are reasons why you should still see things in a positive light. Am i cynical quiz you have a cynical attitude, you readily expect people to behave in a negative self-serving way. You immediately focus on the worst in people, which makes you feel uncomfortable around them for no proven reason. Also, you may be very critical of others. Treating others this way over a prolonged period will make you question yourself in the same critical way.

You may end up being hard on yourself no matter what you do. In this quiz, tell us how you would react to certain situations. Based on your answers, we will tell you just how cynical of a person you are.

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Am i cynical quiz

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I don't even believe in relationships. Definitely, it is important to make this highest level of commitment. It depends on whether the couple wants to make the commitment. When you see someone asking for donations, what is your first thought?

They're hardworking people who deserve their wealth. Everyone is entitled to living their lives the way they want to. They're just selfish people who use others. I don't care about them at all. When a friend hasn't talked to you in a while, what do you think of them?

He's probably too busy, but he still cares about me. He doesn't consider me a friend, like I did. I'm not a priority in his life. I'm too busy to think about these things. Think to yourself about how bad of a performer he is. Just ignore him and walk away. Tell the busker what a good performer he is. Put some money in the pile. You ignore him. You end the argument abruptly and cut all ties with him. You fight back. You try to calmly end the argument. You think it's an important part of anyone's romantic life.

You aren't spending a single cent, but you'll let your loved ones Am i cynical quiz how you feel about them. You feel like it's just a scheme to grab money from people. You can't be bothered by the holiday.

Am i cynical quiz

All the time. Talk about them behind their backs. Bring them together and try to resolve the situation. Stay out of it and hope the issue gets resolved. Support the person you think is in the right. Sometimes, just to be funny. I can't even see through sarcasm. LOL, I would never ever be sarcastic.

I only am when I need to be. Depends on how long I've known them. They must have done something to prove their loyalty to me.

Am i cynical quiz

It's almost impossible for me to trust someo. Everyone deserves to be trusted. We are all screwed.

Am i cynical quiz

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Am i cynical quiz

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How cynical are you?