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This is an exploration of a concept that I had in my mind, with Pink I tried to address various problems that Sex workers face in their life but nobody looked at them.

Any sex mobil

There are officially over K sex workers in India alone, unofficially the is copiously much higher, similar is the trend for other countries as well, estimates have placed the global figures upward of 40million. Despite being such a big industry with so many people directly and indirectly linked to it, The attitude and behaviour of society towards the industry of sex workers is Any sex mobil regressive and primitive, resulting, sex workers have always been deprived of basic rights, take for example safety.

The act criminalises commercial sexual exploitation or prostitution and penalises those who facilitate and abet such activities, shows in short how much our governments missing the care required for them. Pink is a mobile app for Sex Workers Primarily Femaleit is a solution that targets to solve Any sex mobil of the problems that sex workers face in their life, the primary goal of the app is to assist them, to educate and to protect them.

During my study of the field I found that Currently, there is no such solution available to them. It was Any sex mobil responsibility to contribute and Ideate for the betterment of all sections of our society. Governments and communities especially regions with low HDI have never put issues of sex workers on their priority list, resulting in their ignorance.

Hence I decided to use my skills and create something helpful fo their community. To arrived at the given below solution, I curated a de Any sex mobil containing necessary UX methodologies that I felt is necessary along with the application of proper product thinking resulting in an alluring experience. It all started out with desk research discovering different possibilities and problems, putting myself in their shoes, putting on their perspective glasses and defining possible goals and de scope, followed by answers to questions such as how do I get this product fit in the existing system, competitive advantages.

Finally putting all things together into iterations and beaut visual depictions. Somebody is going to sexualize you whether you like it or not. The biggest problem is with the mentality that has accepted the marginalised conditions of Sex workers and their industry as the new normal.

Such isolation of theirs from the mainstream community has forced to either hide their identity or live in solitude. Because of the regressive thinking from hundreds of years towards their basic rights and issues, they have accepted this solitude state. Risk of getting Sexually transmitted diseases, the fate of having abusive clients, Selective negative treatment that their family members go through all is being normalised by both them and the society.

Someone that is always with them, listens to them, makes the workers aware of their rights and helps them in case of an emergency.

Any sex mobil

One Major root cause of many of their problems is their isolated state, arising a feeling and sense of someone by their side, assisting them has the potential to at least provide them much needed psychological relief. Sex work is a form of a profession that falls under the service Industry, The nature of the work is mostly providing services related to pleasure. Many people, and especially those with conservative, religious views, consider it as immoral together with old beliefs of state authorities, creating countless problems for them, who are forced to work outside of the social security system, lack access to health services, recourse to the authorities in case of being the victim of a crime, and so on.

Not only are the victims of violence from clients, but they also suffer harassment from authorities. No matter the legal state of this industry criminalised or not, legalised or not. SWs provide services in multiple ways from working on streets to work under an Escort Agency.

Broadly dividing their profession into three levels, people working at each level have there own fair share of problems and their requirements are different, though many of the issues overlap and are common to everyone. The hierarchy of Sex workers I created is as such:. Not Any sex mobil one of them has some issues but many of the issues certainly are something felt by everyone, for example, exploitation by their clients or Social taboos revolving around their job. Started by finding, watching and reading their existing interviews, references mentioned belowwhile doing the same, I divided the whole process into three parts.

Looked at over 15 youtube videos comprising of interviews of Sex workers SWsworking at all levels and in different conditions, because of videos I was more able to know the severity of a problem they are facing example through their expressions and body language. Started by running a quick search on the internet to gain a broader understanding of this problem which would help form the basis of the solution.

I get to make my own career. Any sex mobil get to make my own time. I get to promote myself the way I wish to promote myself. And work is Any sex mobil very important niche. It is always better to be sure of something, not completely relying on assumptions I planned to take a survey considering multiple women working as sex workers. On my search for participants I encountered multiple problems, the participant group was limited to the ones that are active on social media.

Based on insights, I collected all that information and amalgamed them in form of 3 personas for easier understanding. To create an effective user-centric experience, we create individuals for key audience groups. One person is a fictional, Any sex mobil real representative for the same user group. It includes a list of characteristics or demographic topics for the user. This does not mean that whatever we encounter will be exactly the same as user personality but the process of creating a person helped to create empathy for real people who will Any sex mobil our final product.

It was important to note, that during my desk research phase I was not able to find any working digital solution that assists sex workers. Issues were majorly focused on providing them support in the decriminalisation of their profession and increasing awareness among their community regarding multiple issues, such as health complications and how to use contraceptives.

Many key domains were still left idle. Note, that many problems overlap with each other. The staff there probably suspected that I was a sex worker, because they were rude and spoke to me in harsh reprimanding voices. I felt humiliated. Experience of Stigma by SWs while accessing Health Care Services, ultimately leading to low Utilisation, resulting in many complications. A survey carried out by a group of researchers in Hong Kong showed how stigma remains an important issue, among 89 SWs in Hong Kong reported that Many SWs wanted to protect herself with safer sex practices, but the men who pay her can make this difficult, as they may refuse to use condoms.

They may even become violent if she refuses unsafe sex practices. Due to higher Drug consumption, many have Respiratory problems included allergies, sinus infections, colds, pneumonia, may lead to strokes. Assessed levels of psychological distress were commonly found in poor, inner-city SWs. Drugs was another major issue, Agencies forcing SWs into them for ulterior motives example reducing their judgement and thinking capabilities. Also, Sex work is frequently linked with problematic drug use and drug-dependent sex workers typically work on the street, experiencing the greatest risks.

The pattern observed was that many of the SWs entered very early into their profession, majorly because they had to fund themselves, they had little financial support from family. Due to limited financial liberty, and the daily wage culture of the profession, they always find it difficult to manage their expenses, also with a possibility that a lot of that would be eaten up by their operators or due to health complications if they develop any, solving many of their other problems like precautions from health complications could directly save a chunk of their savings.

They lack expertise on how to inflate their worth so that they could earn more. The majority of the SWS worried that if they disclosed their identity they would be inviting moral judgments, leading to shame and embarrassment as well as possibly impacting the care that they would receive. Thus, the majority would attempt to protect their privacy when seeking any services.

It is an untold secret. Beliefs that SWs lack education and are forced or trafficked into the profession is utterly wrong, as, in multiple surveys all around the world, it clearly showcased the fact that trafficking of women for SW is highly uncommon it is limited to very remote parts of the world.

They are a major lack of social awareness. Many of their infants were malnourished and lacked the most basic of immunisations. Racism is another factor that needs to be addressed, in a survey carried out in Australia it clearly showed how people related to Asian ethnicity with massage parlours and bars. Criminal laws, racism, isolation, poor English language skills and stigma and discrimination combine to increase the vulnerability of Asian SWs. Unprotected vaginal sex was more common in men who had paid for sex abroad. Violence was directly linked to unfair pressure by Any sex mobil asking favours like having unsafe sex.

On disapproval of same by the SWs, they resort to abusive means, in this situation SW feel helpless with little help and scared to report as already their profession is Any sex mobil at many places. There needs to be a mechanism through which they could be notified earlier about the behavioural aspects of the client or they should be empowered and made aware to take actions that punish such abusers and the same time they need to protected and supported while they consider legal actions.

Checking on Emotional or psychological violence: Includes, but is not limited to, being insulted e. Sex work is Any sex mobil at most places, owing to this criminalised status they resort themselves from exploring legal help when they are abused. Or they are even afraid to reveal their identity. Fake raids, prisoning them in correction camps or threatening them that they will reveal their identity.

Migratory nature of work prevents sex workers from procuring identity documents essential to accessing entitlements. Their entire ecosystem in jeopardy, facing an existential crisis, lack of income and resources are causing immense deprivation and distress, with not much redemption. To tell how serious this has become for we need to look Any sex mobil India and Japan.

Any sex mobil

In Delhi High Court, early in the pandemic, a PIL was filed wherein the petitioner urged the court to take effective measures to provide financial aid to sex workers. The order, however, fails to Any sex mobil the realities. As sex work remains an unregulated profession, most members of the community do not have access to the schemes put forth by the government due to lack of documentation, also in order to access benefits, sex workers risk having to divulge their profession, which opens to the door to conviction under the Immoral Any sex mobil Prevention Act.

Technology gives a chance to many for the resumption of their work while social-distancing protocols continue to remain in place due to COVID Pandemic. Technology has made Sex work safe and more profitable for many. Few industries have been transformed as quickly and profoundly by the internet as illegal sex work. Needless to say, this did not apply for illicit sex work. The internet has enhanced transparency. Online Sex workers definitely feel safer as there little chances of any physical abuse but it has given room to another problem of Internet Violence and online harassment along with child abuse and pornography and with a much greater risk of identity theft.

Plus it is still limited to those who have access to technology and basic education to operate, a lot of SWs especially old, or the ones in underdeveloped regions are directly indirectly ruled out. Solution derived is an App assistant and an online community space, Pink. Evoke a sense of someone they can resort to, talk to and ask for any help, that supports them, help them overcome their physical and mental distress if there anyhelps them to learn and to grow.

The second aim Any sex mobil to create a close community space consisting only of SWs, where they can feel safe and protected among friends. This community trait also helps to fight issues together not at the individual level, also it helps to learn from each other. Note: Pink is an assistant to them not a state solution that helps directly in changing laws, herd mentality etc.

While none of these was streetwalker or ones working in illegal brothels. While in Developing areas or Illegal red light areas, the trend of low education was observed with basic proficiency only. Whereas in for those working out of streets, most of the respondents were actually dropped out of school and college. Different operations through the app require a certain different level of technical proficiency. And technology proficiency depends on many factors, such as your existing smartphone usage Habits, what apps they already use.

Your education levels, language proficiency etc. In the observed patterns, it was seen that the top hierarchy of the SWs are most proficient in technology, while ones working at brothels are least. After defining the Information architecture and the structure of the application, I moved on to produce Lo-fi wireframes of the same, I had not focused on details yet as my goal was to find basic issues primarily in interactions.

It is always important to test the app with real users from the early stages. Any sex mobil approached friends and family members to participate in the test. Problems targeted P1 and P3. A sperate section under your profile that allows you to connect to friends and members of the community, also allows Any sex mobil to manage your subscription or member groups you have ed.

Problems targeted P1, P4 and P5. This directory or information portal is there to provide all of the crucial information to the SWs, your legal rights, information about family redressal solutions, vital information such as how our body functions etc, knowledge of contraceptives, along with a symptom test.

Problems targeted P1 and P3-P5. Problem targeted P4.

Any sex mobil

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Mobile Phone and Internet Use Mostly for Sex-Seeking and Associations With Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sample Characteristics Among Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino Men Who Have Sex With Men in 3 US Cities