Apartments in new york city to rent

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There is no doubt that living in New York can be prohibitively expensive. For those looking to avoid room mates, however, an NYC studio apartment presents the most cost-effective option. Not all studios are created equal, however. Some buildings in the city feature studios that are larger than one or even two bedroom apartments. Others, though, might evoke the feeling of living in a cardboard box or bring back pleasant memories of cramped dorm rooms.

Don't worry! RentHop will be your guideā€¦. RentHop will be your guide. You can search for studio apartments by price, location, as well Apartments in new york city to rent filter by floorplans. What exactly is a studio apartment? New renters to the city might be unfamiliar with what a studio is. These apartments also known as efficiencies combine all the features of a larger home into one room including a small kitchen, bedroom, and living room. The bathroom, though, is usually in a separate room. That's not always the case, though!

There are a of unique and bizarre apartment layouts in the city. In fact, many older tenement apartments especially those near Chinatown might not even have a bathroom in unit. Normally, studio apartments in NYC are the cheapest and smallest apartments in the city. They range between to square feet. While most studio units are rectangular, that is not always the case.

Apartments in new york city to rent

Alcove studios which are "L" shaped feature a small nook or alcove which can be used to hide a mini-bedroom without the separator. In these cases, renters can put up a divider or book-case to create a small pseudo-bedroom or add an extra layer of privacy.

Apartments in new york city to rent

Is a Studio Right for Me? Certainly, if you're on a budget but don't want to live with roommatesthe studio might be your only option. It's not unheard of, though, for people to share a larger studio which still tends to be cheaper than a full one-bedroom unit.

The studio is also probably the most appropriate and efficient apartments for those who spend a lot time traveling and away from home. However, as a renter, there are certainly things to take into. First, studio apartments are definitely not large. A couple hundred square feet means that you probably won't be able to fit in all the furniture that you want.

If you're one of those people who loves large closets and ample space, a studio might not work. Some things like a king-sized bed might be completely out of the question.

Apartments in new york city to rent

In the case of an alcove studio and depending on how you lay out your apartmentthe size of the alcove might limit the size of bed your studio can handle. Second, studio apartments normally include only a small kitchenette.

These are small kitchens along the side of one wall that include an oven, Apartments in new york city to rent, sink, and cabinets. Because of a studio's size, cooking might be difficult or messy because everything is in one room! Third, a studio might be too small if you're a pet-owner. If you leave your pet at home, there might not be enough room for your pet to roam around.

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Apartments in new york city to rent

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Apartments in new york city to rent

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