Are there women chubby chasers

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This weekend I logged onto my facebook and I was like…. Some dude had liked myleft a whole bunch of comments and then started sending me private flirtatious messages asking me to call him. He even left his phone !

Are there women chubby chasers

This guy was carefully perusing my photos and posts, but his facebook profile was locked down like Fort Knox. The same thing used to happen to me when I was doing online dating. Its hard enough maintaining confidence as a big girl without having to deal with your insecurities about your attraction to me. Get out of here with that nonsense, please! I checked with my BFF though — and the anonmessageofappreciationbutwontshowmyface thing happens to ant queens too…. LOL girl its always worth checking!

The percentage of douche men is relatively small — its that they get around a LOT! Guys got a LOT of nerve you know! I love this post. I am so encouraged and inspired by your posts.

Are there women chubby chasers

It makes no sense lol. Confidence is key so keep doing your thing. Oh my gosh so am I! I mean I wanna cry and laugh at the same damn time! And this is why I refuse to sleep with a guy unless they have relationship minded intentions. Yeah, maybe I get less sex than I would like, and yeah, maybe I get called a prude. CeCe, I love how you manage to put into words what the rest of us are thinking!!!

Thank you for this post! It needs to be out there Are there women chubby chasers said. I started reading this and laughed out loud with a chortle. I just blocked someone for the same thing. Great post!

This goes for all women, slim, big, short, tall. O yesss I definitely concur with your sentiment! But either way, male creep behavior on social networks is definitely not to be confused with flattery, and ALL women would be better off taking the advice that you have listed! Ok, my mini-rant is over, stepping off my soapbox now….

I have a wonderful husband now who loves me fat, thin, inbetween tbh he likes me with meat on my bones but if I was miraculously skinny he would still love me. He loves me for who I am. Yes this!

Are there women chubby chasers

In my singledom, I have been encouraged to BBW websites by friends. They thought they were being helpful. This is who I am and I am happy! I have been recently dating online and the compliments and attention can be pretty… well. I continued to communicate with him and went out with him again in which I had a great time but when I invited him to a family function 10 minutes away from him the next day he declined. Are there women chubby chasers mentioned sex to me a lot as if he ever had a chance but was very uncomfortable at the mention of getting serious.

I kept wondering how someone so unsparkly could be so willing to miss a ride on this… Good post. This same guy has been messasging my like crazy too. He send me a dick video even. It really upset my husband. Men feel that way because society has treated people who were open about with ridicule and harsh judgement. They are not open because they are afraid of being shut down, shunned, and rejected. I am not angry in the slightest, I simply wanted to point this out. Any woman that calls a man creepy or a stalker is a sexist piece of Are there women chubby chasers.

That goes double if you are a fatty. Yeah, how dare men have sexual feelings! Every man should be ashamed to enjoy sex! Lets shame all men for having such feelings! Even creepier than a man who lusts after a woman is a man who simply asks a woman out.

Are there women chubby chasers

Any man who asks a woman out is clearly a stalker and is very likely a serial killer. Have a nice day, ladies. Oh my goodness! Thank you Nevertheless I am experiencing subject with ur rss. Is there anyone getting equivalent rss downside? Anybody who is aware of kindly respond. You are absolutely correct! I liked reading this article and I will certainly return for more as quickly as possible.

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Are there women chubby chasers

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Are there women chubby chasers

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Are there women chubby chasers

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