Atm pin number reversal crime stoppers snopes

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Subscriber active since. A post being shared on Facebook is informing people about an emergency escape strategy that can be used at automated teller machines if you are being robbed. Supposedly, if my PIN isI can type in and the police will automatically be notified and arrive at the scene. What you do is punch in your pin backwards.

EX: if itsyou'll type When you do that the money will come out but will be stuck in the slot. Every ATM has the feature. Stay safe. Snopes and WalletHub have revealed the post to be false but in the age of social media, this urban legend continues to spread. Snopes says that this myth has been passed around on the internet since at least The report said, " banks reported that none of their ATMs currently have installed, or have ever had installed, an emergency-PIN system of any sort. Even though the hack was thoroughly debunked, I decided to put this questionable social media tip to the Atm pin number reversal crime stoppers snopes.

I immediately realized one flaw in the strategy. Being able to come up with your PIN backwards — at gunpoint — would be no easy task. I was facing no pressure and still had difficulty reversing my PIN, even on a second attempt. A major problem would follow for bank members with PINs that are palindromes. These codes are the same in reverse — such as — and would always be impossible to tell if the user was making a simple transaction or was actually in danger. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation.

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Atm pin number reversal crime stoppers snopes

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Atm pin number reversal crime stoppers snopes

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Atm pin number reversal crime stoppers snopes

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Atm pin number reversal crime stoppers snopes

Questions to ask a financial advisor. Fee-only vs. Average credit score. Average net worth. How to increase your credit score. How to increase your net worth. Personal Finance. Matthew Michaels. There is ample evidence that this hack is a social media myth and will not work. I entered my PIN backwards, after several pauses to make sure I was doing it right. Two Andrew Jacksons would be generous on my budget. At this point, an error message came up on the screen, the same one I would receive having entered any incorrect PIN. Both of my attempts ended with the same result. I left the ATM empty handed, as did my faux robber.

The police never showed up. Loading Something is loading. address.

Atm pin number reversal crime stoppers snopes

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Will Entering Your PIN in Reverse at an ATM Summon the Police?