Attractive athletic and single

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Lots of the time, it's not even clear what the appeal is. Some of these guys are obviously in peak physical condition; that's a plus. Some of them have lots Attractive athletic and single lots of money; that's probably a plus in most circles, too. Some of them are attractive, and even though others aren't, Factors 1 and 2 make up for it in the eyes of many. So for all you gold-digging jersey chasers out there, let's investigate the most eligible of the eligible bachelors in sports.

It's hard to keep track of who's dating who and whether or not they broke up and if and when they got back together. So let's make this simple: If they're not engaged, they're eligible. Sure, there are girls out there who would probably date him, but at this point, the jig is up: We know that no female could possibly date him because she actually likes him.

But, given the fact that A-Rod is objectively somewhat attractive and has more millions than anyone could use in a single lifetime, I suppose he does qualify as an eligible bachelor. A-Rod's been married before, and you better like kids, because he has two of them.

Attractive athletic and single

He also has had several high-profile romances with the likes of Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson and more, so if you're famous, even Attractive athletic and single. Hopefully, you're also OK with your man being the laughingstock of the sports world, too. Maybe the money and the centaur portrait make up for it. Mike Trout just barely makes the cut because even though he's barely old enough to drink, he's no longer a teenager.

So this one's for you, little ladies. Trout is one of the brightest stars in Major League Baseball at the ripe old age of Pretty good for someone who's only been in the league for parts of three seasons. Plus, once his current contract runs out, he's in store for a very, very big payday, according to ESPN. So get in line, ladies. The only thing standing in between Tyler Seguin and a long, happy career with the Boston Bruins was a lady who could tame him.

Seguin was a second overall draft pick. He's widely regarded as one of the most talented players in the NHL, though he hasn't quite reached his fullest potential yet. Some blame Attractive athletic and single on his tendency to put just a little bit too much importance on his social life.

So maybe when he finally finds the one Seguinista out there who makes the single life seem like a drag, he'll become the superstar he was always meant to be.

Attractive athletic and single

Here's the thing about baseball players: You have to jump on the bandwagon right when it starts rolling. Otherwise, it's too late. Max Scherzer's bandwagon started rolling pretty much during his first start of He's always been a solid starter, but for a long time, he lived in the shadow of Justin Verlander.

He lives in that shadow no more. Scherzer broke out in a big way ingoing with a 2. Also, he's probably on the verge of ing a hefty new contractso there's that. Seriously, ladies, Gronk needs someone to nurse him back to health. No, really. Tom Brady will be forever grateful to you. Rob Gronkowski has the potential Attractive athletic and single be the best tight end in the history of the NFL. The only problem is he can't stay healthy. He has no one to push him through the grocery store.

He has no one to keep him from dancing on tables and wrestling people in bars. On a more serious note: If you're going to pounce on Gronk, you probably should do Attractive athletic and single soon. I don't mean to sound callous, but if he can't get healthy, the cash flow could be drying up pretty soon.

Come on.

Attractive athletic and single

Attractive athletic and single doesn't want to pull a Dion Phaneuf and pick up where Kim Kardashian left Attractive athletic and single Kris Humphries is embarking on a new beginning in life. He is formally rid of the disaster that was his marriage to the soon-to-be Mrs. He's out of Brooklyn and has moved on to Boston, where his surprisingly not-that-bad Celtics are one of the top teams in the somewhat inept Eastern Conference.

He hasn't made headlines for the wrong reasons in, like, two weeks, which is a big deal. And he used to be married to Kim Kardashian. Not that that makes him attractive in any way, but it definitely makes him Given that the perennial ladies' choice in the world of soccer is sadly off the marketwe'll have to accept the next best thing. And that is Lionel Messi. No, he's not Cristiano Ronaldo, but he's kind of close, right?

The Barcelona forward has some pretty impressive stats to his name—he is the current record holder for the most hat-tricks in the history of the Champions League, for instance—and inhe scored 73 goals, good for the European record. He also just had a baby with his lady, but hey, that didn't keep Matt Leinart off the market back in the day or his lady.

So he meets the criteria. When it comes time for the World Cup this summer, he's probably going to blow up even more, so act fast. He's the captain of a team that has won two Stanley Cups since Isn't that enough to sway you?

Jonathan Toews is a chill dude. He earned the C of the Chicago Blackhawks at the tender age of 20 because that's how much of a boss he is. Sure, there are lots of times that his buddy Patrick Kane commands most of the media's attention, but that kind of seems like the way Toews prefers it. He doesn't like to make headlines. He just likes to do his job on the ice and then go home, rather than go to Wisconsin and drunkenly terrorize college campuses.

Attractive athletic and single

Plus, fromhe registered three consecutive seasons with 68 or more points, so that's pretty legit. And he's currently the highest-paid member of the 'Hawks tied with Kaneand when he hits free agency inhe's due for a big, big raise. Cam Newton has always been one of the most eligible bachelors in the NFL simply because he's young, he's a quarterback and he's not married.

But now, he really is one of the most eligible, given that he and the Carolina Panthers are finally living up to the hype.

Attractive athletic and single

Newton, as it stands, is the al-caller on the consensus pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl this year. If he makes it to the big game, he is going to blow up even more than he already has for being a Heisman Trophy winner and a head-spinning playmaker. So yeah, he won't last long on this market. I should note that the intrepid Diary of a Hollywood Street King blog has a bit of a bone to pick with Cammy and his dating habits, but if you're not afraid of that Bryce Harper is kind of exactly what you'd expect when you think of a guy in his early 20s who emerged into the major leagues as a boss.

Harper set off an absolute frenzy when he got called up to the Washington Nationals and proceeded to become the youngest player to steal home since the '60s, as well as the youngest player to hit a home run since Adrian Beltre in He also took home Rookie of the Year and set the world on fire with his infamous " That's a clown question, bro " declaration.

With his help, the Nationals have built themselves into an actual legitimate team, and—here's the best part—Scott Boras is his agent, so when his contract runs out inthis former first overall pick is going to get paid.

Who wouldn't want to go on a few dates with a guy who can't keep a spot on an NFL roster to save his life? Line up, ladies. This dude is single. And no matter how little success he encounters, Tebow always manages to stay famous. So guess what? You could be famous, too! Plus, there's always one place Attractive athletic and single the world he will forever remain a legend, even if he never gets another NFL tryout again: Gainesville, Fla. And hey, if Tim Tebow gets snatched up before you get an opportunity, you could always try Mark Attractive athletic and single.

Attractive athletic and single

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