Avondale argente 555 4

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By criky18December 9, in Avondale Caravans. Advice Avondale argente 555 4 help please. Having read many of the sites topics on such cracking I can see the issues were probably due to no pilot drilling before screwing. Also there may be an issue of the chassis not properly accommodating the body de — movement and stresses.

I would be really grateful for comment on my following questions. Any other advice or comments would be appreciated. Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion. Have a thorough check for water ingress, I've not serviced one yet that hasn't had extensive rot. I would stay Avondale argente 555 4 from Avondale caravans as they are known to be problematic as far as water ingress is concerned, and as the company no longer exist that can be a real cause for caution.

Quote " Where specifically inside the van should I check for damp either visually or with a damp meter non penetrating type? Quote " The van in mind has no current visual evidence of cracking. Being mindful this was one of the last made do you think they found an answer and mine is immune? I would not touch an Avondale with a barge pole, worst van we have ever had, it was one that was made in their final year before going bust and they were cutting corners to save cash.

The only good thing about Avondale is that it had a superb washroom layout, very spacious, the best in our opinion that we have ever come across in over 40 years caravanning and many caravans layouts.

Avondale argente 555 4

We had a Avondale Argente 2 berth which we loved. Then we pex'd? The Bailey was so much more solid and refined. Given that all caravans can have water ingress and as above, buy from a dealer and obtain a damp check and a warranty, then, if it were me I would go for a different make such as a Bailey. We also found specific parts difficult to source.

Bailey have a parts web site where you just order away to your hearts content. Six years later, we love our Bailey and still have it. I don't think we could say the Avondale argente 555 4 about the Avondale. Having been a member of the owners' club and owned numerous caravans from Avondale Coachcraft Ltd.

If there are no s after eight years then cracking is less likely to happen but not impossible. A repair can be made to a cracked ABS end wall as a DIY operation, providing it is addressed before there is any water damage to the timber framework below.

Avondale argente 555 4

Basically the crack needs to be stopped by drilling a small hole at the end. The crack can then be gently opened up with a Dremel or similar and the crack filled.

Avondale argente 555 4

Dissolving a white Lego brick in acetone Avondale argente 555 4 can provide a suitable filler that once solidified can be cut back with a fine hand file and polished to produce an acceptable match with the surrounding bodywork. Personally I would not be inclined to disturb an awning rail seal if there are no s of water ingress but you may like to run a very thin bead of Sikaflex along the edge of the rail.

You could also lift out the plastic insert strip from the awning rail and check for rusty screws. The major places to check for dampness inside, are wherever there is a t in the outer bodywork. Check the ceiling immediately below where the front and rear ABS ends meet the sheet metal roof also visually check the top of the roof at these points as water can pool behind the ting strip. Check around and immediately below all windows, taking care not to touch the rubber surround if using a protimeter with metal contact pins, as the rubber can conduct a small current and influence the reading but do lift the edge and check under the rubber.

Don't forget to check around Avondale argente 555 4 roof lights and any wall apertures, such as the battery locker, gas locker, awning light, and high level side marker lights. Remember too that resealing can be ineffective if carried out at temperatures below about 10 Deg C so be wary if the seller has, "just had it resealed". The single axle models tended to be less prone to the floor flexing, although layouts with furniture directly over the axle line, that bridged tightly between the floor and ceiling, could be problematic.

Finally we have a couple of pinned topics covering availability of Avondale Spares and Owners' Handbooks should you need them. An eight year old caravan of any make has the potential to leek so do check, preferably with a protimeter with metal pins that, in my opinion if used with care, can give perfectly accurate readings without spending a fortune.

Avondale argente 555 4

Fourwinds Hurricane 31D Motorhome. Also MGTF 1. Thank you so much some really useful and comprehensive replies. Well appreciated. Van is being offered by a well established dealer and comes with 6 month warranty. A separate matter which someone might like to develop with a new thread. In my research I came across Avondale panel moulds just listed on EBay. Price seems cheap enough — may be of interest to someone.

Avondale argente 555 4

Unfortunately well established dealers are just as likely to sell you a rotten caravan. Yes good point. But if under warranty then there is an obligation on dealer to fix problems. I know its the old 'stable door bolting' but if I purchased and then had an independent survey with findings put to supplier during warranty - how would this feel?

I do like the van. Only close alternative seems to be Bailey Bordeaux which has Avondale argente 555 4 boxes on preferred spec. If you mean paying the dealer selling the Avondale for a pre purchase survey, Caravanmedicswindon was advising:.

I do take exception to the Avondale bashing to be honest, yes there is and were some bad ones but isn't that the case with all caravans even the new ones. Thank god for Gordon the only one that gave a true of what to look for. I have had my Avondale for 4 years now with minor problems, which you would expect from a 15 year old van. Criky18 I hope it all check out for you because as you have already stated it ticks all the boxes.

An inspection and damp check is good advice no matter what caravan we intend on buying, some folk have enough experience to do their own, but its money well spent if you don't know. Paul B. Well said - from another well satisfied Avondale owner. And not for the first time. I've had two Avondales and the first two were faultless throughout my ownership of them. This present one which I bought five years ago did have a little damp problem when I bought it but it's sound now. Avondale argente 555 4 a fifteen year old van which gets used continuously for four winter months, I'm very happy with it.

Thank you again. Some good points. Does anyone know of a reliable damp man pro or just good, who could do a survey in the Rugby, Warwickshire area? This may help.

Avondale argente 555 4

I just said I thought our older Bailey was much better built than our newer Avondale - not sure why that is 'Avondale Bashing'. The wood finish has been replaced with new sticky back covering; a very good match to the original was found at the local pound shop. Mind you on closer inspection a few bigger problems were found. One, the floor was slightly springy in a couple of places, namely in front of the hob and sink, and the entrance door. This was cured with a floor repair kit fro 22 quid.

The front window had some damp and the curtain track was adrift top left corner. When checked more closely, some inner wood panel came off. The wood frame behind was basically ok, so new insulation was fitted.

After drying out the timber frame, it was then treated with a resin repair to strengthen any weakness, and a new interior wall covering added. It was not the same pattern but nobody will see that behind the curtains. All together about 50 quid spent, so in my opinion is that if the repair work is not too extensive, then a home DIY repair can quite easily be done by most competent DIY folks.

Mind you, it's only a couple of years since I replaced a complete back end wall and window frame on a rather rotten motorhome for a mate of mine. It's not hard really. Avondale argente 555 4 job was restoring classic cars, there a damn site harder to do than a caravan, and as for damp, I looked at some dire vans of other makes newer that this one, that were asking quite a bit more than I shelled out for the one I have, and these were basically as damp as fish tanks. Then aren't many vans of more than 5 or 6 years old?

Maybe the ones that aren't are ether very well looked after one owner examples, or ones that have been repaired at great cost. To close the matter and as a courtesy to those so kind to contribute you need my conclusions. The negatives regretfully Avondale argente 555 4 the positives.

Like so many things these days the older items really did have quality as evidenced by a of folk. A Friday van from a struggling company is not a wise choice. The dealer has been very good. Whilst it would be corrected and there was a sound Avondale argente 555 4 month warranty it tells me there is a weakness which is not good for the future.

As a recommendation the assistance offered by John Dolman at Approved Missions was excellent and he would be on my short list should I need work on a caravan in the future.

Avondale argente 555 4

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