Bangkok soapy massage review

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One morning I woke up and told myself I really need a full service nuru massage. The thought came out like a morning fart. But where should I go for the best nuru massage in Bangkok was the big question. This location is one of the 5 red light districts of Bangkok and specifically known as the area for massage shops with Bangkok soapy massage review service in the city.

And for that day, I walked into Boss Massage. Which by the way, has one of the worst looking websites. But compared to other happy ending massage shop websites, the shop owner should really think about updating for the sake of their business. Which is why I always tell everyone to get off of their asses and get into the massage shops instead.

Boss Massage in Bangkok has been around for more than 5 years. So I never wrote a review on Boss Massage then.

Bangkok soapy massage review

Plus I never went back for a long time until now. I went over to Boss Massage this month. I went in three times so far which is how many times I needed to gather enough info to make this review. And with the new management a new fresh selection of oil massage girls in their line up. Boss Massage has around 30 girls employed. Though not on Bangkok soapy massage review same shift at the same time I learned. This post describes my first visit back at Boss Massage the beginning of the month of September The shop is sitting right in the middle of other oil massage parlors.

I went in alone on a weekend around 2pm. I was hesitant at first. Until I saw a couple of Thai massage beauties sitting outside calling me with their come fuck me eyes. I hopped inside and the mamasan immediately greeted me with a cheerful hello. The front of the shop is long with a few sofas and a counter. Pretty much the usual suck and fuck shop set up. Except the interior was brighter.

Bangkok soapy massage review

Mamasan told me she has many ladies working today and asked me if I wanted to look at photographs or have the girls line up in front of me. I always choose taking a look at the line up so I can see the girls up front. Because I could already tell by the photos on Bangkok soapy massage review coffee tables that the girls are heavily done up with Photoshop.

Right in the middle of the coffee table is a button. The mamasan pressed it. And Thai massage girls started filing in from the front of the shop. Though most came in from the back where there was a kitchen. I counted a total of fourteen massage girls dressed in Thai university girl uniforms. Yes, I am easily amused. All the girls were right in front of me. Most of them were slim and busty. No old chicks at all. Unless they were upstairs with customers already.

Out of the line up of fourteen girls I saw four that I would easily pick. One thing I noticed, Boss Massage has got a lot of slim girls with big shapely titties. Instead of fat girls with torpedo tits. I settled for the tallest girl with a decent face but a smoking hot body. She had big titties and childbearing hips.

The classic pear shape. I picked the nuru massage course. And get this, the price for full service is THB for 90 minutes. Matter of fact their price structure is the same for all of their services. Other massage shops in the area charge a few hundred Baht more for 90 minute service.

I walked up to the third floor with Fon leading the way. Fon led me past the smaller rooms to one of the biggest rooms at the front of the building. All the windows were covered in wallpaper. As usual, massage girls disappear just for a short while to retrieve their basket of soaps, lotions and condom.

Along with bottles of warm nuru gel in my case. When Fon took off her university girl uniform I was happy to see her tits were really big. She had the shapely firm tits. Not torpedo shaped tits I hate so much. Some girls have a trick where Bangkok soapy massage review double up on Bangkok soapy massage review to make their titties much larger.

Fon had work done on her fun bags, but seriously her doctor did an amazing job. I was playing with her tits the moment we stepped into the shower stall inside the massage room. When I first started visiting the oil massage shops in Thailand I was so shy at first. So remember, let the fun begin in the shower. So no need to be shy. Fon asked if I wanted a Thai massage to warm up. I said why not. Which is not a big deal.

I was just there to have sex. And I am here to make a review. But Fon really surprised me with her Thai massage skill. She said she never worked at a legitimate shop before. She worked ten minutes on my back and shoulders. She did such a great job I asked for another ten minutes. When that was done, she slathered a bunch of nuru gel all over my back. From the mirror I also watched her shoot more nuru gel on gorgeous tits.

Which was a great relief to me because the way Fon worked me on her nuru massage service I was going to need it. I popped my first shot a few minutes after Fon slid down my cock. All that sliding up and down my body with her titties really got me all worked up. She gave me Bangkok soapy massage review massage.

Bangkok soapy massage review

This time focusing on my thighs. Cause you know, having sex with Thai prostitutes is hard work and all.

Bangkok soapy massage review

About ten minutes of that Fon started working on my cock again by giving me a hand job and a heavenly blow job.

Bangkok soapy massage review

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