Bearded blonde guy at zeitgeist last night

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The intense action. The veteran hoisting the Stanley Cup for the first time. And, of course, beards. Yes, facial hair has been a big part of the NHL playoff experience for over 30 years now. The general consensus is that the New York Islanders of the s introduced the concept of the playoff beard, and it has taken on a life of its own.

Here is a catalog of hirsute hockey faces through the years. Maybe they will even inspire you to put down the razor until the Cup has been raised. The common belief is that the tradition of the playoff beard began in the NHL with the Islanders of the '80s. Specifically, some say it was Butch Goring who is responsible. Looking at this beard, it's not hard to see why he was all for growing it out.

Bearded blonde guy at zeitgeist last night

Goring was a good player, but he wasn't one of the top names in that Islanders dynasty. Of course three, it's Potvin who had the most gusto in his beard. The Islanders dynasty begat the Oilers dynasty. Dave Semenko's role was to be the enforcer who kept Wayne Gretzky safe. He also was one of the deated beard and apparently chest hair growers. Ron Hextall managed to win the Conn Smythe despite playing for the losing team. Maybe if he had grown that mustache out into a full beard things would have worked better for the Flyers that year. As you can see, the playoff beard hadn't fully taken hold by the late '90s.

A few of these guys have beards, but many of them are clean-shaven. He has a truly amazing mustache to this day, and he had a fine beard in this title run. Super Mario was young, and his facial hair shows it. There's just a bit of scruff on his face. The man in the middle, by the way, is Tom Barrasso. That thing over his upper lip is technically a mustache. He grew a solid beard here but not on the level of some of the beards we've seen in recent seasons.

The Canucks lost to the Rangers in Bearded blonde guy at zeitgeist last night finals in However, young captain Trevor Linden did his best to try and get them over the hump. He didn't go full beard, but instead he had a very on-brand for the period goatee. The Colorado Avalanche weren't a good beard team, but this photo shows the playoff beard had started to take hold. These aren't beard guys. However, most guys were at least growing their scruff out and not shaving for the playoffs.

That kept Shanny's goatee from getting too robust.

Bearded blonde guy at zeitgeist last night

It is remarkably dark, though. Did he dye that thing? Chris Osgood first ed the Wings as a fresh-faced youngster in the early '90s. To this day he is fairly youthful looking. That's why it's notable to see him with a playoff goatee here in Apparently goatees were the thing for hockey players in the '90s. That means the full playoff beard experience hadn't taken hold. Guys were shaving a bit. It wasn't as much about the solidarity of beard growing just yet. Hey, at least Gomez tried. Clearly facial hair wasn't his thing at the time. Of course, Lemieux isn't bringing his all to the table either.

That's a guy who could have definitely grown a beard if he wanted. With this, Bourque skated off into retirement after winning the Stanley Cup. It's a nice goatee he's got there. Captain Joe Sakic loses points for being clean-shaven. That's not leadership. Holmstrom wore a goatee for a lot of his career, including for the '90s title-winning Wings Bearded blonde guy at zeitgeist last night. Clearly the playoff beard spirit was starting to take over the NHL — unless you are Luc Robitaille, apparently.

We are safely in the playoff beard era. It took 20 years, but the NHL was being overtaken by playoff beards.

Bearded blonde guy at zeitgeist last night

They weren't quite "a thing" yet, but most guys were growing them. That includes these two Devils defensemen. Has anybody looked more like a veteran hockey player than Daneyko in this moment?

Bearded blonde guy at zeitgeist last night

Brad Richards wasn't the biggest name on the Lightning team that won the Cup inbut he won the Conn Smythe. He's repping adequate facial hair, but he certainly brought more to the table than Vincent Lecavalier. It's not that robust, but for a young forward he manages to at least grow a genuine beard. We missed a year of playoff beards in Cam Ward has had a strange career. He won a Cup out the gate as a young goalie but has mostly struggled to reclaim that glory to this day. One thing is for sure: He could grow a helluva beard.

Selanne took the NHL by storm when he scored 76 goals as a rookie. This Cup win came well over a decade later. The Finnish Flash was much less fresh faced, but he Bearded blonde guy at zeitgeist last night could grow a better beard. Zetterberg became a straight-up beard guy later in his career. He rocked robust facial hair all season long.

This is less thick and full than what would become the norm for the former Wings captain. It still works as a playoff beard though.

Bearded blonde guy at zeitgeist last night

Here's how you know the NHL had gone playoff beard crazy by this point: Sidney Crosby tried to grow one. Obviously, he wasn't quite up to the task. This was in the Stanley Cup Finals. Hey, at least Bearded blonde guy at zeitgeist last night Penguins won the Cup inscraggly "beard" or not.

Speaking of scraggly facial hair, Toews spent most of the playoffs looking like Wolverine with his muttonchops. It was a funny look, at least. Kane at one point grew a "playoff mullet" because facial hair wasn't quite his forte. How do you make a 6-foot-9 defenseman more imposing? Give him a giant beard. Playoff beards had entered the zeitgeist by this point. Everybody knew about them. You could get fake ones in team stores.

They were a thing, on the verge of getting played out. Here's a photo that shows that the playoff beard had clearly taken hold. Back in the day, you'd see a handful of guys with beards. There are barely any clean-shaven faces in this photo.

The Kings were beard crazy, and they had clearly been growing them for a while. Except maybe Dustin Brown. This is actually less impressive than usual for Keith. Still, he and his Blackhawks teammates were riding the playoff beard trend. After all, you're already super busy. Why worry about shaving? Remember that photo of Brad Richards earlier? Look how much thicker his beard got in the intervening years.

Martin St. Louis is also rocking a nice, graying beard. The less said about Carl Hagelin the better. Goalies can get into the playoff beard fun too. They spend most of the game with their faces covered by masks, but they can also cover their faces with hair.

These two netminders have excellent beards. Kessel was a bit of a joke at times early in his career ing up with the Penguins got him some of the respect he deserved. One thing that's for sure is that his beard merits nothing but respect. Playoff beards are de riguer now. Basically everybody grows them. If you have scraggly facial Bearded blonde guy at zeitgeist last night, you grow a beard. If you are like that guy with the big, blonde beard, you grow one.

Bearded blonde guy at zeitgeist last night

It's just the thing you do. Beards are more common in the playoffs than clean-shaven faces. It took a while for Ovechkin to finally hoist the Cup. For years he grew playoff beards for nothing. Then finally, he and his hirsute face got to celebrate winning it all. His beard is worthy of hoisting the Cup. Now, we just want to celebrate some playoff beards throughout the years, including some of our favorites. Niedermayer is a Hall of Fame-level beardsman. As he got older, it got even better.

The gray just oozes veteran presence. Jumbo Joe has become a year-long beard guy.

Bearded blonde guy at zeitgeist last night Bearded blonde guy at zeitgeist last night

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