Best korean couple

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But even the most jaded will be swayed by these 15 Korean celeb couples. Given the sensitive nature of the Korean entertainment industry, celebrities tend to hide details of their personal lives to avoid potential public backlash.

Best korean couple

In contrast, some of these Korean celeb couples have been together for over 10 years and have kids, while others have recently confirmed their relationship. Yes, you read the names right. We ask for your understanding. Once known to be YG siblings, perhaps the stylish duo will soon be known as the YG couple. After all, once Dispatch broke the news of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin dating, their agencies officially confirmed the relationship within the Best korean couple day.

With the high ratings and the drama being a global hot topic, it is an understatement to say that fans were in love with the chemistry between the 2 le and plotline. When the drama ended, fans were convinced that the pair were dating IRL too.

Hyuna and Dawn together in Source.

Best korean couple

It is rare for Korean celeb couples to make their relationship public, especially since dating is regarded as a scandal for idols that could ruin their career. Yet, female soloist, Hyuna and former Pentagon member, Dawn proved to their fans the power of love and have been going strong for 5 Best korean couple now.

InHyuna and Dawn revealed that they have been dating since May Following this, CUBE entertainment, their former agency, made the decision to remove them from their roster.

Best korean couple

Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin at their wedding ceremony in Source. K-dramas commonly feature storylines where the male lead marries his first love.

Best korean couple

It may seem unrealistic but Taeyang is here to give you hope. It seems like the singer is a romantic as he wrote the popular song, Eyes Nose Lips, for the actress during their temporary break-up. They eventually got back together and the rest is history. And those changes always make me into a better, more solid person.

Best korean couple

Four years, the couple got married and now have 2. The soloist and actor told his fans last year on his Best korean couple variety show, Season B Season, that it took a year for Kim Tae Hee to accept him. Even after wooing her for a year, Rain had more sweet acts up his sleeve.

Throwback towhen Lee Kwang Soo invited Lee Sun Bin to Running Man because the actress once expressed her interest in him on another variety show.

Best korean couple

During that episode, they went on a date and played arcade games together. Intheir agencies confirmed that they had been dating for 5 months. The couple are still together and just last year, Lee Kwang Soo did a Best korean couple interview with Illgan Sports. It looks like Jung Kyung Ho is a man of his words. He gave Sooyoung 1, roses on their 1,day anniversary. Sooyoung and her sister on an episode of Taxi in Source. When it comes to marriage, Jung Kyung Ho told Illgan Sports that he wants to marry but he has to think of his partner too.

I want to see Sooyoung working actively. I think we can get married afterward. This is also the first time that Heechul has confirmed his dating rumours. Before they started dating inHeechul was known to be a big fan of Momo.

Best korean couple

He was spotted at her concerts and even seen blushing when Momo did aegyo korean term for acting cute on the South Korean variety show, Weekly Idol. Best korean couple and Jo Jung Suk at their pre-wedding photoshoot in Source. They got married in and welcomed their first child in The Hospital Playlist cast member wrote a letter to his fans on his fancafe, revealing why he decided to marry Gummy.

Best korean couple to these words, Jo Jung Suk mentioned in an interview with Sports Chosun that Gummy has been an avid viewer of all his projects. Everything about these 2 actors screams couple goals. Having dated for 7 years, they got married in September and went to Spain to snap their pre-wedding Best korean couple. There, Ji Sung surprised Lee Bo Young with a proposal event where he read a letter he wrote, sang for her and gave her a new engagement ring.

Ji Sung is also known to be a family man. To him, his family gives him strength. Although the couple has kept their relationship very private, there have been times when they have touched on their relationship. She added that she also looked through her script for Beautiful Best korean couple with her husband and he cheered her on to work hard. We stan a supportive relationship. Compared to her character, Oh Yoon Hee, in The Penthouse, who did not have much luck in her marriage, former first-generation girl group S. S member, Eugene, is happily married to Ki Tae Young. The 2 met on the set of Creating Destiny and were married in Eugene said on Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator in that they still go on dates together to spend some time on their own as they now have 2 young children.

She further added that the stage of ennui will only come after 40 years, showing her confidence in their loving relationship. In an episode of the talk show Life Bar, Ki Tae Young also shared that after Eugene gave birth to their first child, Rohee, he assured her that he would take care of their child so that she could work comfortably without worrying. The Penthouse star met her husband, Lee Sang Woo, as an on-screen couple in the weekend drama, Happy Home and they got married in On the programme, Happy Together, she gave the audience a glimpse of their dating life in which they went on a hour long date almost every day.

When asked if she wanted anything from her husband by the hosts, she said that she likes him as who he is and would still marry him if she was born again. Last but not least, in this list of Korean celeb couples, we have Sean, a member of the hip hop duo, Jinusean, and actress Jung Hye Young.

Having been married for 17 years with Best korean couple kids, it seems like the couple are still crazily in love with each other. Sean still keeps track of the of days it has been since their first meeting and their anniversary date. It was like a movie, love in first sight. After that day, Christmas became more special for me. On their 14th anniversary, Sean ed 3 posts on Instagram. As I promised, I will always love you till death do us apart. My little event which stands for our happy days for every rose.

She gave me a big smile when she came back from her drama reading. The last, which may be the sweetest, was a photo of Jung Hye Young in her wedding gown. No wonder Sean is regarded as one of the sweetest husbands in South Korea. The next time someone tells you that unchanging love only exists in Korean dramasshow them these 15 Korean celeb couples. From cheering each other on to overcoming obstacles together, the lovebirds in this list demonstrate to us what a healthy relationship should look like.

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Best korean couple

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