Best special massage in singapore

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We bet your is aching after spending hours sitting in front of your computer desk at work. We can hear your body screaming for a soothing and revitalising massage. Why not treat yourself with one this weekend? Wait, but before that, you need to know the best massage parlours in Singapore that offer a wide range of services carried out by professional masseurs around!

Yes, we went hunting around the island for the best massage spot and below Beauty Insider presents a list of the 17 best massage parlours in Singapore. Our guide here is handy in helping you pick the right treatment, and points you to some of the best spas on the island. Massage therapy involves using several hand motions of stroking, pressing, kneading, and rubbing the skin or muscles. During the massage session, the therapist will apply pressure on certain body Best special massage in singapore to relieve any soreness or pain.

There are various types of massage that originated from different areas and they usually emphasize different objectives. Therefore, it is important that you select the most suitable type of massage depending on the intensity level, aims, or benefits that you wanted. The biggest benefit of getting a massage is receiving that experience of deep relaxation and complete peace with oneself.

Did you know, massages enable a bodily reaction that releases endorphins which helps us to feel better and soothes us. Moreover, getting a massage with prompt our stress hormone levels to drop in s- as if it slowly seeps out of us. This method of massage is deed to give you Best special massage in singapore relaxation and promote blood circulation. This is best if you are under a lot of stress and need to flush it all out of your system. Think ambience scents and mood lighting when you are figuring out if aromatherapy is the one for you.

Massage parlours will implement essential oils with a fragrance that promotes therapeutic powers. However, there are underlying techniques and deep knowledge of the human anatomy that goes into it. Reflexology massages focus on certain parts of our body through pinpoints. It may be a little painful but definitely worth it. If you have been suffering from muscle soreness or tension, the hot stone massage is an ideal massage for you.

Best special massage in singapore

It is quite similar to Swedish massage but as the name suggests it uses a heated stone and place it intentionally on certain body areas. The hot stone massage is known to induce relaxation, increase blood circulation and reduce muscle pain. Depending on the technique the therapist may even use cold stones instead of the regular heated stone. Swedish massage is suitable for someone who has minor muscle tension, beginner or any individual that is sensitive to touch as it emphasizes relieving the muscle knots.

The session usually lasts about 60 minutes to 90 minutes and it promotes relaxation. The massage therapist will use several combinations of techniques like tapping, kneading, strokes, circular motions and vibration. Thai massage is one of the most preferred massages as it requires more movements and stretching. It is suitable for those who want to improve their flexibility, increase energy levels, and relieve soreness.

Thai massage is all about applying firm pressure and also it involves stretching into several positions that are similar to yoga. Deep tissue massage is suitable if you have chronic muscle tension, anxiety, or imbalance. It incorporates slow strokes and firm pressure to reduce the pain on the deepest layers of the muscle and tissues.

Although its intensity levels are higher than other regular massages, it does not result in any pain or Best special massage in singapore. Originated from Best special massage in singapore, the Shiatsu massage promotes relaxation, helps to reduce muscle tension and headache. Usually, the duration of the session is from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. The massage therapist will use rhythmic or pulsing pressure, in which they normally use their thumbs, palms, or even hands.

Best special massage in singapore

If you have sustained new or repetitive injuries due to sport, you might want to consider going for a sports massage. It does not only help to treat the existing conditions, but it is effective to release muscle tension, reduce anxiety and increase flexibility. The therapist may incorporate deep pressure and gentle strokes during the session. Besides, sports massage is another alternative to prevent the risk of having sports injuries.

Best special massage in singapore

A prenatal massage is a suitable option for pregnant women as it focuses on using gentle pressure and it promotes relaxation. During the prenatal massage, the massage therapist usually emphasizes lower body parts like hips, back, and legs. A session will usually take about 45 minutes to 60 minutes and you can consult with your medical professionals before that to know any potential risks.

Tired of city life? Then escape into the garden sanctuary of Aramsa, set in the heart of Bishan Park. Each of the treatment rooms is nestled in individual courtyards, surrounded by lush greenery and cobbled paths. Even Best special massage in singapore you get a massage, you will feel calmer and more relaxed! The spa offers several massage treatments that only use organic oils and herbs.

Best special massage in singapore

We suggest combining them with a bath treatment, so you can get the full experience! One of the most luxurious massage parlours in Singapore, Espa feels the closest thing to paradise in the middle of a chaotic week. The scenery itself is a balm for the soul: lush hillsides, the calming sea.

Best special massage in singapore

Then, when you walk in, you are given the complete spa experience. It has facials, massages, saunas with forest views, Japanese onsen pools, sleep zones, and even Zen gardens where you can meditate. Enjoy a relaxing massage with one of the best views of Marina Bay. This luxury Singapore spa draws from ancient healing remedies and natural herbs and spices and creates a relaxing ritual that helps you let go of the stress and centre yourself. We recommend the complete Sense of Space Treatment, which includes a body scrub, massage, a bath and a facial.

Best special massage in singapore

Nestled in Suntec city is one of the most popular massage parlours in Singapore. They also offer organic and herbal facials, body wraps, and other pampering treatments. This is one Best special massage in singapore the coolest massage parlours in Singapore. The spa has a unique concept—instead of the Nature views or rustic interiors, it has a futuristic theme.

The spa offers massages and facials, and topnotch facilities like experiential showers, vitality pool, decompression area and more. This is one of the best massage Singapore centres! It has many glowing reviews on TripAdvisor and bagged several spa awards. One of the reasons that everybody loves them? They give such a good massage at such an affordable price. Be sure to try their Moxa Massage, which combines massage with heated Bian stones. Your stress will melt away! This charming spa repurposes shipping containers into a cosy and beautifully decorated sanctuary.

Enter for a journey of the senses, as they combine skilful massage techniques with high-quality aromatherapy oils. They also offer body scrubs, body masks and facial treatments. This Singapore massage centre believes that massage should be a routine, not a luxury. Choose from a deep tissue massage, a Swedish oil Massage, a shiatsu massage, or an oriental foot massage.

You can also avail of additional treatments, like a body scrub for smoother skin or cupping therapy to balance your chi.

Best special massage in singapore

They also offer ear candling. The fast pace of city life can be physically, emotionally and mentally draining. Escape to the rustic interiors of NatureLand. The cobblestone and wood interiors help create the feeling of going back to simper, quieter times—even if you are still in the middle of the city. Its affordable massage Singapore treatments include body massages and foot reflexology, and the traditional tui na massage. Founded inFeet Haven Reflexology is a hidden secret amongst the locals who seek hidden getaway. They offer a wide range of services ranging from foot reflexology, shoulder massage, and full body massage.

This award winning massage parlour is known for its high-quality service and treatments. Their staff will go the extra mile to ensure that you obtain the ultimate relaxation. A post shared by Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage sabaaisabaaiboatquay. If you have been searching for the best massage parlours in Singapore that offer traditional Thai massage, look no further because Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage is Best special massage in singapore best.

With its tranquil ambiance and fragrant scents, it will vanish all your worries away once you step into the place.

Best special massage in singapore

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