Bible verse god is with us

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We'll send you an with steps on how to reset your password. Imagine how the shepherd felt when they heard the name, Immanuel. Throughout Scripture, he has reassured us that he will never leave us nor forsake us. Today we'll take a look at some Bible verses that can help Bible verse god is with us us that God will not leave us, especially in our darkest of moments.

This Scripture fulfills some old prophecies we witness in the Old Testament. God promised to be with us in a whole new way, and he fulfills this during the New Testament. God exists with us in a whole new way after his death and resurrection.

In this passage, Jesus promises that we will experience God in an unprecedented way. When he ascends into heaven and can no longer physically be with the disciples, the Holy Spirit comes and rests on each of them taking on the appearance of tongues of fire. The Holy Spirit dwells within them and stays with them forever.

We don't get to see this in the Old Testament. Although the Holy Spirit would empower people, never had he permanently tabernacled within someone, until after Jesus ascended. What a beautiful reminder! God does not abandon us to navigate life on our own.

Bible verse god is with us

Instead, the Holy Spirit guides, comforts, and intercedes for us. For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the Lord: I will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts. God doesn't leave his people in the lurch in the Old Testament. He knew they had a problem with sin that no amount of good deeds could ever rectify.

So he makes this promise. That he will find a way to be with us. We also need to keep in mind the context of Jeremiah. This prophet existed during a difficult time in Israel's history. Babylon had conquered them and taken its people into captivity. Nevertheless, Jeremiah leaves this with this hope and promise of a new covenant with God, to be fulfilled years later.

They must've felt some trepidation when he ascended into heaven. Jesus, who had walked by their side for three years, had vanished. Nevertheless, this promise shows that Jesus never left. God would still be with them through the role of the Holy Spirit.

God never abandons us. You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. Back in the Old Testament, people would have to travel to the Temple during select days of the week and of the year. And no one could truly approach the dwelling place of God the Ark of the Covenantexcept for the High Priest, once a year. And if he did it wrong, he could die! Thankfully, we have a different sort of temple thanks to the New Covenant. The Holy Spirit dwells within us, instead of us having to approach the Holy of Holies.

How wonderful that God chooses to reside within us! That we can boldly approach him and feel his presence. Something that many heroes of the faith in Hebrews 11 could only hope to dream of. Or where Bible verse god is with us I flee from your presence? We cannot escape God. To those who love God, this can come as a comfort and reassurance. To those who want to flee from God or his plan, like Jonah, this may feel like a bit of a warning. One thing I found to be interesting in my philosophy minor was that every philosopher pointed to the Gospel, whether they intended to or not.

Plato, Kant, Aristotle, etc. We cannot escape God physically, mentally, or spiritually. Think about the profound nature of this verse. We have access to the Father. We can Bible verse god is with us take this for granted in our prayer lives until we realize what the High Priest had to go through the one day a year he could approach the Holy of Holies. They had to attach bells to him in case he stopped moving indicating he'd died in the presence of God.

Praise the Lord that he found a way for us to have access to him and an ability to approach him. Many Christians can fear that God will leave them. I know I have certainly felt that way many times in my life. During my childhood, many teachers had given me a false idea that if I messed up once, God would abandon me. But this verse reminds us that God is near to those who call on him.

Even during our darkest moments, when we fear that God has left us to the wolves, we can know that it is not within God's character to desert us.

Bible verse god is with us

Therefore, even when we cannot feel him, he is there. The blessing of God's presence reminds us that he will care for our needs. When we worry that he'll leave us, we can often shift our focus to temporary fixes that can give us the semblance of a put-together life, such as money. But this passage reminds us to rest in the contentment that God does not plan to abandon us ever. Perhaps, like me, you had some teachers in your life who gave you the false idea that you had to Bible verse god is with us your life together before you could approach God.

God approaches us. He knocks at the door. Yes, the passage indicates that we must open it, but God doesn't wait for us to have squeaky clean lives. He wants us as we are so he can usher in his life-changing grace. God is with us. These four little words can change lives. Many of us have had friends or family members abandon us or forsake us, but we have a Solid Foundation who will never do so. Take comfort in these ten verses today.

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Bible verse god is with us

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Bible verse god is with us

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