Black female seeks nature lovers

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Many Black and brown outdoor enthusiasts report that their fellow hikers have reacted to their presence with incredulity and suspicion. Dogs can disturb sensitive ecosystems and have contributed to the extinction of at least eight bird species. The police did not arrest Cooper. Instead, his accuser ended up widely condemned on social media for her behavior. What strategies and projects might make people of color more comfortable being outdoor explorers? The root of that feeling of not belonging is the same root that in the terror Black people experience at the hands of police officers and any other of Black female seeks nature lovers that oppression has manifested itself.

Because so much attention was paid to what happened to Christian Cooper it was a perfect time to let the world know that that was not an isolated experience. A lot of what happens to Black women and Black men is very similar. But I think that Black women do bear the worst brunt of systemic racism and sexism at the same time.

So intentionally seeking out diverse female voices in the STEM space is key. Organizations need to realize that neutrality is a form of oppression; it is oppression of voice. Visibility matters. Rejecting neutrality matters.

Jose Gonzalezfounder of Latino Outdoors. Being in allyship and even in accomplish-ship with the Black community means that Latinx communities also have to address their internalized anti-Blackness in the form of colorism and favoring the white aesthetic. Before making any statement in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, people have to recognize the differences that exist in our experiences in relation to nature and the outdoors. Enjoying these places means creating a welcoming and safe environment for everyone. I used to frame outdoor experiences around four Ps: people, place, process, and policy.

People-to-people interactions can lead to conversations that white people need to have with themselves; that Black, Indigenous, and people of color need to have with ourselves; and that we all need to have together. Policy changes are possible as a result of the kind of advocacy we are seeing ramp up at this moment. BlackBirdersWeek is an example of Black leadership responding to the Cooper incident, along with the death of George Floyd.

We have to be able to consider that joy even alongside the pain and while still centering Black female seeks nature lovers Black experience in all this. I have been one of the people who have turned to social media to keep the ball rolling on this issue. Currently, white Black female seeks nature lovers make up 80 percent of the birder population.

And so there are birders who are prejudiced and racist and put political affiliations above just conservation. So we wanted to change that scenario. A few years ago I created the virtual group Black AF in STEM as a place for Black people involved in science and wildlife to come together, collaborate on projects, vent, and just be themselves. The American Birding Association and National Wildlife Federation ed in because there is a hunger for our stories as Black birders.

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, you have to be intentional — and consistent.

Black female seeks nature lovers

When I go into schools to talk with students about the outdoors, I take my spotting scope with me and set it up on a bluebird or a hawk at perch. Their faces just light up. Fix combines creative storytelling with network-building and events.

Black female seeks nature lovers

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Black female seeks nature lovers

Kimi Waite. Fix staff. In this choose-your-own-adventure game, you can help save the world — or watch it burn Brianna Baker. Claire Elise Thompson. Wynne Armand. Modal Gallery. Share This Video:.

Black female seeks nature lovers

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Finding My Climate-Conscious Tribe: Black Nature Lovers and Writers