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Kids have been experiencing this kind of treatment for weeks now. Are you Mexican? So what did our Cross Keys students do? No fights were started. The students collectively wrote a letter to Dr. Why does this kind of attitude exist within certain students? Many parents have open discussions with each other, their friends, and perhaps even with their own children.

Blonde mature Chamblee

If these conversations are anything like what flies around on the Facebook groups, then we have a lot of work to do to undo the damage that we are causing to our children and to our society. The other day, a parent asked me what I Blonde mature Chamblee about redistricting and new high schools. We cannot continue to gerrymander school attendance zones and to segregate out certain groups. We have to stop bad-mouthing certain people groups in front of our children. Our kids are doomed to fall into the same racist, prejudiced, and classist ways if we do not begin to act like the progressive adults we would like to think we are.

We can read books, peruse blogs, and attend focus groups on race and class ad nauseam, but until we are willing to confront these issues at the local school and within our neighborhoods, we will continue to repeat the Blonde mature Chamblee destructive cycle. Why are our Cross Keys students experiencing the same kind of treatment that many Blacks faced when they integrated schools years Blonde mature Chamblee By no means is this meant as a condemnation of you or your work.

I know that CCHS is actually a diverse high school e. This is meant, however, as a wake-up call to those of us who are tempted to think that our children are not picking up on these disparaging comments and sentiments. This is also meant as a call to Chamblee Charter High School: please be aware that your students and unfortunately some of your faculty are giving CCHS a worse name than the CK kids who have transferred there. Please address this issue swiftly.

Lastly, lest we think that avoiding redistricting is the answer, we need to create schools that allow students from all walks of life, from every race, from every religion, from every language to grow up together. Perhaps then we can actually begin to see each other as friends and equals, deserving of our respect and love.

Blonde mature Chamblee

Education gives people a chance to succeed, even when the odds are stacked against them. She has served on the Board of Directors for Presencia, a non-profit located on Buford Highway that exists to provide economic, educational, and social support to refugees and immigrants through after-school programs, job creation, and leadership development. Throughout the past few years, she has spent her time co-founding Vecinos with an incredible group of Cross Keys cluster students, alumni, and residents to establish a community association within the apartment complexes along Buford Highway.

The idea of vecinos or neighbors working alongside one another is integral to the idea of a strong, healthy community. This year, Rebekah begins Blonde mature Chamblee law at Georgia State University. She also serves on the Doraville City Council.

Blonde mature Chamblee

She has two beautiful daughters. Please rebekahcmorris gmail. To submit a guest piece, please send the article up to words and a brief biographical note. September 23, at am. Rebekah, you need to be very careful about slandering an entire school based on the actions of Blonde mature Chamblee few. You are insulting the many intelligent, compassionate, giving, and compassionate KIDS who go to Chamblee. Sauce worked all summer to make special efforts to welcome the students from CKHS and make their transition as smooth as possible.

Blonde mature Chamblee

Every communication from the school, whether phone oris now released Blonde mature Chamblee English and Spanish. Did you even try to talk to anyone to get the CCHS side of things before you wrote this post? Did you even care to get information on everything CCHS administration and staff has done to accommodate the new students?

CCHS students and faculty do not need your lectures on socioeconomic inequality, racial divides and such. It is a daily lesson and struggle at almost every metro Atlanta school. Sometimes when a community wants to Blonde mature Chamblee together, it is what it is.

Obviously there are some students who need to be punished for their overtly racist statements and vandalism, but those kids exist everywhere in every school. My opinion of you has been seriously impacted by this inflammatory post and Tweet. While it is definitely an issue, you could have worded and presented this problem in a much different and much less pointed manner. I am very disappointed that a community leader such as you actually published this.

Blonde mature Chamblee

Shame on you for making this entire process even more difficult by being accusatory and condescending to the CCHS community. Like Like. It should be brought up, and not just for extreme cases. Bob, we are in agreement.

Blonde mature Chamblee

Any racist actions such as these need to be dealt with — I said as much. Sauce is a decisive, fair, and tough leader, and had Ms. Morris taken 5 minutes to talk to him, she would have realized as much and might have been able to present a more thoughtful post on the situation Blonde mature Chamblee what Dr. Sauce plans to do. Posts like this will divide communities, not unite them. The principal will stand outside in the mornings and shake the students hands as they get off the buss with a friendly good morning.

CKHS has gotten a complete screw job by the county for so many years. Now that the county is actually paying attention to massive population shifts and the horrendous situation that thousands of students are in with trailers and lack of AC, etc. The last thing needed is a divisive post like this from within CKHS. Instead the community leaders should be reaching out and working together, not pointing fingers. This post really paints CCHS in an exclusionary light, as if leadership has been aware of this problem and ignores it.

Again, this post could have been very productive and inspiring. But it was not. September 23, at pm. I understood this to mean that when we potentially cavalierly make comments, our kids are listening. And we need to be more conscious of that as a whole. I also find your reaction to be completely defensive…which makes me wonder why. I wonder what you are hiding that relates to this conversation. School culture is a huge issue that no one really seems to want to fully address.

Did anyone notice that the student who were actually insulted, wrote a more poised note than Amy did here? Like Liked by 1 person. For anyone new to this post, Ms. Morris has already edited portions of this post and the title to tone down her language. To conclude CK is a family not just a place of learning. No one is saying anything bad about CKHS; in fact, quite the opposite.

The school that is being slandered is CCHS. Does nothing negative or embarrassing ever happen at CKHS? Would you like those isolated incidents to be Blonde mature Chamblee to paint your school as a dangerous, racist place? Probably not. Your comments are the exact reason that posts like this are dangerous. You seized the opportunity to throw in additional negative comments and innuendos about CCHS for no reason. Your response simply throws more gasoline on this fire.

Blonde mature Chamblee am happy that you love your CKHS community — all students need to feel a part of a community. That is why I have advocated for an overcrowding solution that Blonde mature Chamblee communities together instead of splintering them across several schools.

Blonde mature Chamblee

I sat in multiple sessions with engaged CKHS parents who love their teachers, parents, and kids and rightly speak out for facilities that match the quality of the kids within. Those parents who were engaged enough to attend multiple sessions wanted a large high school that could contain what they consider their CKHS family and allow for growth and continued access to the programs you have now.

Blonde mature Chamblee

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