Browning takedown 22 dating

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Browning takedown 22 dating

By LuckyforwardDecember 26, in Long Guns. I am looking at a Belgian Browning SA for sale and am trying Browning takedown 22 dating determine the date of manufacture. I've scoured a lot of websites and come away more confused than knowledgeable about how to interpret the serial for manufacture date. Thank you; of all the s I looked at, I wasn't able to find this one without your help.

Rifle was made in ! I just went through the same thing. It had a T and two s on the top, three s on the bottom, and a out on the left side all by itself! I think it's a manufactured rifle. It's a take-down model. If you need to adjust your barrel nut, read instructions and watch videos first. Finally, don't let that little spring and plunger get away from you!!!! It's easy for it to pop out, and I've been looking for mine all day! It's in this room full of carpet somewhere Luckyforward, did you buy the Browning SA?

They are at the top of my "interest" list, right now. I'd like to hear what you think about yours and if it shoots accurately. We cam PM, if you feel more comfortable talking about it that way. Glad to comment. Yes, I bought the SA It is extremely accurate, easy and fun to shoot.

The rifle is light and the sights are excellent. It is the smallest rifle I have ever shot the receiver is almost tiny compared to other. I have fewer misfires with the SA as compared to my Winchester Models 62 and And to be completely honest, there is nothing more fun than rapid firing just for the heck of it. The takedown function is easy and fast. They used to sell it with a carry bag, but mine did not come with one. I'd like to find one. The rifle I purchased came in the original box and was sold in a Firestone store in Are those days gone forever! Buy a rifle and new tires Browning takedown 22 dating came cheaper if you had a recappable tire from your car.

Only old guys like me will know the meaning of that Browning takedown 22 dating statement! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. By pop pop Started January 8.

By gregintenn Started 16 hours ago.

Browning takedown 22 dating

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Browning takedown 22 dating

Luckyforward Posted December 26, Posted December 26, Do any of you have any suggestions? And as always, thanks! Link to comment. Garufa Posted December 26, Sidewinder Posted July 28, Posted July 28, Sidewinder Posted August 11, Posted August 11, Luckyforward Posted August 11, Posted August 11, edited. It's the best rifle purchase I've made! Here's a good deal if you just want a shooter. Register Browning takedown 22 dating new. in Already have an ? In Now. Go to topic listing. Similar Content. Posting here only since AAC is primarily a rifle caliber, to get more input.

AR 15 A2 Front Sight? Can you use a Red Dot Sig Romeo 5 on rifle or do you have to use a riser. New AR10 finished tonight. Finished up my AR10 build tonight. Although I originally wanted ahad to settle with a 6. I like how it turned out.

Browning takedown 22 dating

Shes a heavy heifer but the 20" pipe should produce a decent accuracy. Several yrs ago I started buying pieces for a blk out pistol. Well life got in the way, new small farm and building. Very similar features overall, but im not familiar with either. Reminds me of primary arms.? Thanks for any input. Our Sponsors. Be Ready To Us It. Cherry rifle stock. Independence 5. In Up. I accept.

Browning takedown 22 dating

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