Busy student seeks downtime

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Username or. Keep me ed in until I out. School is one of teenagers first priorities, providing education, but also consuming countless hours studying, memorizing and testing. Although schooling is most often the focus of success, health seems to have taken the backseat.

Busy student seeks downtime

In This ificantly impacts the performance of students, as health affects both the physical and emotional aspects of the human body. With the continuous tests, essays and school activities that keep students busy, they often make their hectic schedule a priority over their health. Sophomore Lisa Zhuang plays tennis with the RBHS tennis team which, she said, gives her a great opportunity to do what she loves while getting time to exercise. Although her sport helps her to stay healthy, she said the late hours and time commitment can make other aspects of health harder to manage.

Although Busy student seeks downtime tennis team does not play year round, when it is in season during October, the team meets every day after school. These two hour practices cause her to come home around p. One of the biggest challenges she has had when doing homework while stressed is having a healthy snack. According to a study from The Journal of Nutritionapproximately 97 percent of Americans snack, which gives them an average of 24 percent of their daily calories coming from snacks. With snacks becoming a large source of calories for people, it is especially important for snacks to be healthy, according to an article from healthyeating.

It also prevents overeating, provides extra nutrients missed during meals, and keeps blood sugar levels stable. Without a snack, students often reach for an unhealthy food and retain less information which, in turn, affects their overall Busy student seeks downtime in school. Between the long hours of tennis and school work, one thing Zhuang struggles with the most is organization.

Busy student seeks downtime

Organization is the starting point for academic achievement, according to an article from schoolcounselor. This means in order for students to effectively retain information in school, they need to master the foundational skills in order to learn. To help her manage her busy schedule regarding school work, her goal is to space out her work and organize it all on the weekend when she has time to plan out what she will do in the next week.

Busy student seeks downtime

She hopes this will save her from being too stressed, and keep her from doing all her work in one day. Junior Stephanie Kang is involved in many clubs, some of which she has taken leadership roles in. This commitment means leading and directing a group of about 40 to 80 people, which includes preparation and participation for the activities in each club. To cope with the stress of an overloaded agenda, Kang is trying to learn from her mistakes last year, where her lack of sleep and focus decreased as the hours of golf stretched further into the evening.

Teenagers need an average of 9. Sleep deprivation can limit in the ability to listen, concentrate, learn and solve problems. Little sleep also increases the risk for developing acne and aggressive or inappropriate behavior.

So far, this year and last year have been similar as far as the demands of a packed schedule, she said, but the major difference between the two years is the time commitment she had when playing golf with the RBHS team. Practices were held after school, where they perfected their moves for three hours. Kang would arrive home around seven or eight in the evening, tired and unproductive.

After most of the days when the golf team finished their tiring practice she was unable to eat or even stay awake because she was so tired, she said. Her sleepiness made it difficult to do activities in school like clubs, this is one of the reasons why her goal is to get enough sleep. Along with getting proper sleep, another thing she is making a Busy student seeks downtime effort to do is eat meals at regular intervals and not let her busy schedule mess with her regular eating times. She focused not only on eating meals consistently, but also eating healthy.

Students who do not eat a diet filled with healthy food have an increased risk for chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, according to an article from livestrong. By consuming Busy student seeks downtime high fiber foods, such as celery, apples, lentils, and more, people can decrease their chance of developing various diseases including heart disease, constipation, and diabetes, according to an article from Harvard University.

Busy student seeks downtime

RBHS has Busy student seeks downtime total of 19 different sports like volleyball, football, cross country, and wrestling. With this variety of sport activities, Jim Scanlon, RBHS strength training coach, said there is a trend within the school that gravitates toward overall fitness.

In his strength training classes, for nearly 32 years, students are not only taught to lift weights safely, but also taught the importance of stretching and flexibility — something they do before every exercise. Scanlon also ensures students know to drink water, warm up before working out, and make healthy food choices.

One of his goals for students to take away from his classes, as well as their overall time at RBHS, he said, is to continue the healthy habits they adopted and stay fit throughout their lifetime. For some students like Zhuang, health extends farther than performance in sports and academic level. Growing up surrounded by people putting all their energy into Busy student seeks downtime success, it only makes sense for Zhuang to give it back to other people by helping them achieve what they want to in life.

She sees health as the conductor of her capabilities and always seeks to find how she can benefit others while she goes through life. This is something she cannot do to her greatest ability if she is in poor health. Posing on the track field, freshman volleyball player Kaelyn Kovarik works on her schoolwork. Athletes often have to juggle school work with practice, making a tight schedule with little flexibility.

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Busy student seeks downtime

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Busy student seeks downtime Busy student seeks downtime

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Students find it difficult to juggle health and a busy schedule