Call girl in dallas

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You never can tell with these girls.

Call girl in dallas

But there are so many of them. So it goes for Doyle-married, middle-aged, father of two-whose job is unique in all the world. Operating out of grungy fourth-floor Call girl in dallas behind a heavy metal security door inside an anonymous, Call girl in dallas box downtown, Doyle and his fellow officers perform duties ranging from enforcing alcohol, obscenity, and gambling statutes to investigating bigamy cases and busting perverts who expose themselves in city parks. Until a couple years ago, that mostly meant street walkers, massage parlors, some out-call services, and the fancy women who work hotel lounges.

She is also a Dallas original. The upheaval also alarmed the Dallas Police Department, which responded with a weapon of its own-detective Doyle. Doyle clearly relishes the challenge. He served at first as a patrol officer, then spent a year answering domestic violence calls. But he is waging a guerrilla war on them, snatching up the unwary, working his patient way to what he believes will be an inevitable confrontation with the redoubtable Diana herself. The model of the modem working girl first arrived in Dallas from Virginia on April 19, Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City that morning.

Then thunderstorms and tornadoes tore through Dallas in the night, leading Diana and her family to wonder what manner of alien shore north Texas would prove to be. An intractable case of stage fright made her decision to quit dancing that much easier. Diana: The bountiful and the bold. Photography by Greg Stephens Photography by Greg Stephens But she also had noticed that some of the other girls supplemented their dance incomes by accepting occasional noontime asations with club customers. That gave Diana an idea. She contacted a couple of out-call agencies and soon was at work as a full-service escort.

This meant that the earthy, five-seven, hazel-eyed Diana might find herself trying to jolly up some morose schmo whose heart had been set on a Kate Moss. Disappointed, Diana quit and struck out on her own. Business was good, but she knew it could be a lot better. Diana discovered that the deep-pocketed out-of-town sports often were here and gone before she could service them. A lot of potential business was slipping away. Anybody could post just about anything on the Internet with impunity, including a call girl in search of customers.

On December 17, The site features spectacularly unambiguous views of Diana and her artificially enhanced 36DD. What you see is what you get. No coyness. Nothing cute. The Johns Call girl in dallas nuts. These women, like Diana, have never met a pimp or trolled the street or bars for Johns. Nor were they bothered by the police-until Doyle entered the case. Plus, they need to be minimally computer literate to communicate with her.

They range in age from 21 to their 60s, she says, and are about evenly divided between married and single men.

Call girl in dallas

The coeds also declined comment for this story. Several, like Diana, are wives and mothers. Sometimes their husbands or boyfriends assist them. Bar hookers, by contrast, usually are better looking and better dressed, Doyle observes.

Some show up in blue jeans and T-shirts. Diana says that most of her clients are out-of-towners, exactly those customers she hoped to reach via her web site. Doyle points out that bar girls have been known to Mickey Finn a new friend on occasion, the sort of behavior that so far is unknown among Internet escorts. For the escorts themselves, working behind a computer is obviously much simpler-and possibly safer-than hustling strangers in bars. If a girl dislikes or distrusts a potential customer on the Internet, she can just off, secure in the knowledge that he probably cannot physically locate her working from her URL alone.

Prostitution, money laundering, and racketeering charges were filed against the owners, who ended up in jail. Busting web site escorts has been much easier, at least at first. Last September. Immediately, scores of names popped up on his screen; sellers and buyers bantering and bargaining for sex.

PingBoy99 jumped right in. For most of these women, arrest had been a long-shot possibility, mostly a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. His first arrest came on the Call girl in dallas of September 22,at the Anatole. The alleged prostitute was Lourae Crichton, 29, a red-headed stripper who called herself Texas Topless. He met her on AOL. When he checked into the hotel, he called her back and set up the date.

Although ased to Call girl in dallas the Internet, he still has his regular shifts to pull, which usually limits him to an hour or so at the Compaq every couple nights, he says. He sends out a few messages, more or less random notes, then sees what comes back. Often, nothing does. The times he has tried to connect with Diana have yielded only silence.

Call girl in dallas

He focuses exclusively on prostitutes. So far, neither does anyone else. A few months before Diana went online in Dallas, a Louisiana law student named Michael Gardner almost absent-mindedly posted some bikini shots of his girlfriend and his dog on his web site.

Call girl in dallas

Gardner says he soon was deluged with e-mail. Angel quit her job as a convenience store clerk last November. One of the three actually has two sites. She appears as a blonde in one, and a brunette in the other. So secretive are they, he reports, that not even their boyfriends know what they are doing. Ginger made a stab at appearing feminine, but one look at his heft and gait convinced the vice cop otherwise. Sexy Micah actually is based in Kansas. By springtime, news of the continuing Dallas arrests had spread to various Internet newsgroups and forums frequented by call girls and their customers.

No one knew exactly what was going on, whether one or more cops were out busting hookers, or what to look out for. Though Doyle had made most of the dates himself, none of the arrested girls saw fit to describe him in order to help out their colleagues. Hooking is also a competitive racket. Alarmed to think that any new client they saw might be a cop, die escorts grew cautious, often questioning Doyle much more closely before agreeing to dates, sometimes flatly refusing even to discuss business, saying they were restricting their working hours to their steady customers.

Some clients professed outrage. Doyle was amused. In truth, the chances that Doyle would be among the hundreds of men who e-mailed and telephoned each of them daily were quite slim. The possibility they would choose to return his message was likewise fairly remote.

Call girl in dallas Doyle asked her why she replied to his instead, she told him that she just felt like it. He guesses Internet escorts ignore up to 70 percent of the messages they receive. Although she regards Call girl in dallas as more careful, and smarter, than most, Diana does not discount the possibility that her next client could be a police officer.

But she is undeterred by the unknowable and unavoidable. This spring, Diana began announcing that she will make tours to distant venues, including New York City, Chicago, Houston, and her native Virginia Beach.

Call girl in dallas

Her plan is to service her homebound Internet admirers in these cities-at a premium. According to one of her iron-clad business rules, all money is paid up front as well. Unlike most other escorts, she is not shy about venturing out from behind her computer in her professional persona. She also took the opportunity to announce her new pricing policy for multi-hour dates. Browse all newsletters here. Then came Diana of Dallas. It was a stroke of marketing genius.

Call girl in dallas

Officer Doyle Randy net surfers, until then accustomed to nothing much more potent than grainy peep shows online, immediately thronged to the pioneering URL. She adapted quickly. Photography by Greg Stephens. Related Content. The Dallas Dozen Jeanne Prejean. Newsletter Keep me up to date on the latest happenings and all that D Magazine has to offer. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. GOT IT!

Call girl in dallas

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