Cargo cabbie rates

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I used these guys for moves, at home and at work. Each time, it went flawlessly. Communication with their office and crews is always easy. This time around I needed help with short term storage. Super convenient. Thank you for such kind words, we are always happy to help clients for more than Cargo cabbie rates move, and for more Cargo cabbie rates one type of moving service.

We hope you enjoy your home and we wish you all the best! On a referral from a family member, we used Cargo Cabbie to pack up our house, move everything into storage for 2 months, and then move into our new house. They provided exceptional service. They made the process as seamless and easy as possible. We had a point person Ryan, who was awesome to run the show on the day-of and they were a pleasure to deal with.

Could not recommend them higher. It was and will always be a pleasure to help! For most, moving sucks, and we get that! Making the process easier is what we set out to do everyday and I extremely thankful for the opportunity to assist.

I will definitely pass along the praises to Ryan and team. Till next move. Keep safe. My wife and I were anxious when it came to picking the right moving company for our move. We had some delicate pieces of furniture, art, and items of great sentimental value to us, and we had heard horror stories from friends who hired shady companies and had an awful experience. All of those concerns disappeared with Cargo Cabbie. Their estimate process was smooth and easy, and their Logistics Coordinator, Amanda, was always prompt, friendly, and professional when it came to our inquiries.

Cargo cabbie rates

She was always able to provide answers to our many questions, and helped us with details to obtain a special parking permit for their movers. On the day of the move, the movers arrived on time and immediately got to work. They never slacked off or tried to "run out the clock" to over charge us. They packed everything with extreme care, were incredibly friendly and easy to get Cargo cabbie rates with.

Ryan, one of the movers, could be heard telling the other movers, "Unpack as you go guys, we want to save these guys some money". In fact, by the time Ryan and his crew were done, we were charged ificant less than our original estimate.

Cargo cabbie rates

When was the last time you heard of a company trying to save you money? The team went above and beyond during our move, and made it a stress free day.

Cargo cabbie rates

At the end of the move, we did a walk around to check each item and ensure it was in good condition. Out of all our items, there was only some minor damage to an older wooden Muskoka chair. However, the team were upfront and honest about it and took full responsibility. Head office reached out to me the next day and Cargo cabbie rates have taken it for repair for free, we had the protection plan just in case. Every other piece of furniture was in amazing shape, including a large canvas painting we had. If you want piece of mind, this is the company to go with.

They are honest, hard working, and professional. This company is an amazing example of everything a moving Cargo cabbie rates should be. Thank you for this very nice and thorough review, it really put a smile on all of our faces here at the office. We are so glad you were able to experience our 5-star moving experience, and that you had a good interaction with the staff.

We always want to make sure our clients are as stress free as possible throughout the moving process, and we appreciate you taking the time to share your experience for others to see. We hope that we can assist with any other service in the future, as we will be happy to help once again! This is the second time in 2 years we have used Cargo Cabbie and they have been terrific each time. The guys are prompt, careful, fast and accommodating.

Cargo cabbie rates

The customer service is top notch - lots of check ins and followups. I cant recommend them highly enough! Thank you so much for Cargo cabbie rates the time to write a review for us, we appreciate it very much! We are very happy that your move went according to plan and as smooth as it could be; just like the last time. We truly hope that you are enjoying your new home, and we hope that we can assist with any of our other services in the near future.

Cargo Cabbie were my heroes. They accurately quoted from photos, packed my small flat, moved and placed all of my belongings into storage without me being onsite. I was stuck without this wonderful service! The staff and crew were extremely courteous, made follow up calls, coordinated my unusual situation without any concern or hesitation. Really outstanding service, many thanks! Thank you for taking the time to write a review for us!

In these uncertain times, we know many people have been stranded outside of Canada and we want to help as much as we can. We couldn't be happier that you had a pleasant experience, and appreciate you sharing that. We look forward to hearing from you once you are able to come back into Canada, and will deliver your items back to Cargo cabbie rates just as they were picked up!

Cargo cabbie rates

Is it possible that a moving company could feel like family? Cargo Cabbie was it for me. I work on many HGTV shows and have seen my fair share of movers. They are definitely not all created equally. I knew I was willing to pay more for professionals who do great work and can be trusted to take care of items. Many moving companies have a revolving door of guys that aren't adequately trained and are just showing up for the day. That's not what I wanted. It was great to be given an accurate bottom line, so you're not stuck with a crazy bill at the end that you didn't anticipate.

I've actually had a few years of experience dealing with this stellar company. I booked Cargo Cabbie for a ificant move of a 3-level five-bedroom Edwardian house 2 years ago. They did an in-person assessment of the property and gave me an extremely detailed quote. There were no surprises. The move happened quickly and efficiently during one of the worst snowstorms in Toronto. There was 4ft of snow, and the team handled it like total pros. They carefully wrapped all of my mirrored furniture pieces and were extremely careful with my huge canvas art.

One of the key reasons Cargo cabbie rates went with this Cargo cabbie rates is because they offer a storage facility that is secure and temperature controlled. I needed short-term storage for about three months Soon as the move was completed and they drove away, my job was done. I didn't have to go to a storage facility and oversee movers putting items into storage cages or rooms in which I had to monitor and be the keeper of the keys. I needed the move done quickly and to part ways with my items as soon as they hit the truck.

As soon as they left, I locked the door, dropped house keys at a law office and caught a flight. Who can Cargo cabbie rates that on a moving day? Only with this company would I chance that! I had not a single worry about whether or not I would be left high and dry, my items would go missing, or if it would be movers who were just day workers making a quick buck. This company is professional every step of the way and really care about their clients. They take care of absolutely everything. My three months of storage ended up being almost 2 years. Life happened, and so did Covid.

Cargo cabbie rates

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