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Decorate Your Car for Trunk or Treat. Trunk or Treating is all the rage and if you've got a car to decorate look no further!

Chocolate body paint dating divas

We have over ideas to inspire you! Trunk or Treat is a new alternative to traditional trick-or-treating and its popularity is growing! Many neighborhoods, schools and church communities have transitioned to a Trunk or Treat event to better keep a watchful eye on their children.

Rather than going door to door to unknown homes, the costumed kiddos go from car trunk to trunk collecting candy and playing games - all while under their parent's careful watch.

Chocolate body paint dating divas

Even more exciting, each trunk is totally decorated with some sort of theme and sometimes even a game in which the kids earn their candy! So much fun, right? But where to start? Whether you are a veteran seeking new ideas or a rookie new to Trunk or Treating - we've got over ideas for you on how to decorate YOUR car for the big event! As you think about how you want to decorate your car for the big Chocolate body paint dating divas consider these suggestions:. Since everything revolves around choosing a theme - let's get started! So get those pinning fingers ready because we have a whole storm of ideas coming your way.

Here we go. Animal-Themed Trunk or Treat Ideas. Animals are always a hit with. You really can't go wrong! Here are a few animal-inspired ideas to get the ideas rolling! Frog - Turn your whole car in an adorable frog - complete with floppy tongue! Frog - This frog is just as cute with a slide for the tongue! Wouldn't that be fun in the candy came down the slide? Black Cat - Perfect for anyone with a black car!

Chocolate body paint dating divas

Just add eyes, a nose and whiskers! I love how the taillights serve as cheeks! Owl - The perfect fall animal! This owl is totally handmade! It could be a project to do with the kiddos that they could easily help with! Zoo - Such a creative idea and so easy to do! Just place some stuffed animals in the back of your car, add bars and you've got yourself a zoo! Don't Feed the Animals - Instead of stuffed animals - you could have a "wild" live animal!

How fun is this?! Safari - This idea is totally wild! Turn your trunk into a safari - complete with wild animals and decor. Tiger - If you want to go all out - you could turn your entire car into an animal like this ferocious tiger! Fish Aquarium - I adore this idea or using various colored blue balloons to create water for a fish tank!

Megalodon - I would be nervous to reach my hand into that giant shark's mouth - even for some candy! Shark - This simple shark idea only requires some streamers, paper for teeth and some cardboard for a fin!

Each and scary! Chocolate body paint dating divas the Sea - Invite the kids to "catch" their candy with a little game of go Chocolate body paint dating divas This under the sea trunk is cute and interactive! Once upon a time there was an amazing trunk or treat event with lots of amazingly decorated cars! Here are a few ideas that children will recognize right away! Monsters Inc.

This idea is simple but fun! Mater - Why not decorate your car like a famous car? Mater, from the movie Cars, is totally recognizable and loved by kids! This is perfect for anyone with a red car! Scooby Doo Mobile - These people went all out! They converted their entire van to look just like the Scooby Doo Mobile! What a creative idea! Cruella Deville - Fill your trunk full of spotted dogs and you have yourself a villain's lair! A fun costume idea with a simple trunk idea to match!

Snoopy Dog House - Turn your car into Snoopy's famous dog house! How do you think the kids would react to giving dog treats instead of candy? Perhaps that takes the theme a little too far. Smurfs - The Smurfs are known and loved by all children.

This would be a huge hit at any Trunk or Treat event! Disney - The classic icon of all cartoons! Chocolate body paint dating divas your Disney collections and display them in your trunk! Alice in Wonderland - How clever is this? The trunk has been converted into the hole in which Alice falls! Aladdin - Turn your car into the land of Agrabah from Aladdin! Add some mid-Eastern flair to your trunk and some costumes - and you are set! Thomas the Train - What kid doesn't recognize and love Thomas the Train?

This works nicely with a pickup truck! Seuss - There are so many things you could do with a Dr. Seuss theme! His books are classics and well-known by many! I Spy - It doesn't get easier than this!

Chocolate body paint dating divas

Grab random items from your home and throw it in the back of your trunk! As kids come to get candy, they can play a little game of "I Spy" to earn their treat!

Chocolate body paint dating divas

Harry Potter - Travel to a world of wizardry and magic with this Harry Potter - themed car! This would be even cooler if you gave out cookies instead of candy! C is for Cookie - Add some costumes to the Cookie Monster theme and you have a creative car! I love this idea! Muppets Character: This site has all the details on how to create this look for yourself!

Chocolate body paint dating divas

So clever! Seasame Street - The Classic children's show come to life! Lead the children to Seasame Street - complete with costumed characters! Convert your car into Granny's cottage in the woods! Charlotte's Web - Halloween spiders are usually scary, but not this one!

Chocolate body paint dating divas

Charlotte and her friend Wilbur are as friendly as it gets! Turn your trunk into their barn! This classic children's story will be recognized by all the children. Flintstones - Yabba Dabba Doo! Madagascar - A jungle of famous characters from the classic movie Madagascar.

The kids would love this! Trunk or Treat Faces.

Chocolate body paint dating divas

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