Christian bible songs

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I love music. Christian bible songs if you are anything like me, you know it can be difficult to find great Sunday School songs. Even the most amazing tune, after it has had its time in the spotlight, just begins to feel old. For this Christian bible songs I did have one additional requirement for the songs… they had to be fun to sing. There is certainly a place for the slower more reflective songs in worship, but for this particular list I am only interested in the upbeat ones! The songs need to still present the same Gospel truth, but in a more modern-sounding style.

I still love the old classics we used to sing in church. But when I discover a team of people that have put a modern twist on old Sunday School songs to make them sound new and fresh again, I get so excited!!! Lyrics: I have decided to follow Jesus; I have decided to follow Jesus; I have decided to follow Jesus; No turning back, no turning back. I was thrilled to find this updated tune because the message of this song is SO important. If kids believed that God truly and deeply loved themit would change their lives forever.

We so often think God loves us the way we love others, with conditions attached. Na-na-na-na na na-na-na Na-na-na-na na na-na Na-na-na-na na na-na-na Na-na-na-na na na-na. Jesus loves me This I know For the Bible tells me so. Another classic, with another modern update. I think the first time I used this song was for a lesson about Elijah challenging the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel. In the beginning God made everything God simply spoke And the world came to being He sent a flood And made everything new He parted the sea And let His people walk through.

The original version of this song is so…. If you teach preschoolers or little kids in some form or fashion I suppose the sing-songy original is great under those circumstances. This song barely qualifies for the list. This is one of them. This is a great worship tune that they made just a little more fun than I remembered Christian bible songs being:. I have listened to this semi-ridiculous song WAY too much in the car by myself.

It will probably get stuck in your head if you listen to this…fair warning. Plus…today my 5-year old was with my wife in the grocery store when he spots some coconuts. Also, LifeTree Kids filmed this at what appears to be a fair or something…. Here we go! This is a super-duper fantastic song about having faith in God. It talks about living life not by what we can see or what we feel, but by knowing the One who is with us and has our best interest in mind.

But I bet for many of you this is a fun new song. Add it to your repertoire to get your kids moving and singing about faith in our Savior! Through You I can do Christian bible songs I can do all things. I like the black and white treatment of the people doing the motions.

Christian bible songs

You will never fade away, Your love Christian bible songs here to stay By my side, in my life, shining through me everyday. No other God is higher, and no other God reigns but our God. What more do you need for your kids to understand than that? Play this song and let them enjoy praising God!

This song is about the light and the love of Jesus. Listening to it as I type this in the middle of fall, it seems like a great song to go along with a Christmas message about Jesus being the light of the world, or the wise men following the light, etc…. Hillsong Kids is another publisher I love that really does some great stuff for. You shine brighter Than any star in the sky Your light shining Through the dark of the night Jesus forever I find all that I am In Your love, love, love.

I want nothing more than for a group of kids to have tons of fun singing a song about how Christ is alive in His children and that His love is what sets us free from the bondage of sin. Have you ever loved a gift so much that you wanted to tell all your friends about it? This song will do the Christian bible songs.

Christian bible songs

This song by Bethel Music really makes 2 Corinthians hit home in a fun, meaningful way:. This one is an awesome upbeat twist on a hymn with hand motions! There is power, power, wonder-working power In the blood of the Lamb There is power, power, wonder-working power In the precious blood of the Lamb.

Would you do service for Jesus your King? No, not one! Jesus knows all about our struggles. He Christian bible songs guide us till the day is done. No night is so dark but his love can cheer us. The motions below are great even for little kids, or you can use this link for a lyric video.

I say Pharaoh, Pharaoh Oh baby let my people go! Yeah, yeah, yeah I say Pharaoh, Pharaoh Oh baby let my people go!

Christian bible songs

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Every kid wants a best friend… and every kid has one. Help kids celebrate their unchangeable, perfect friendship with Jesus with this song! Have you heard of the Christian bible songs called Saviour? Have you heard of His perfect love? Have you heard of the One in Heaven? Have you heard how He gave His Son? Jesus You are my best friend And You will always be And nothing will ever change that.

Nothing will ever change that Nothing will ever change that Nothing will ever change that. The answer is that God has made each of us for a reason. This song does an incredible job at reminding them of that, in a Christian bible songs, hyped-up way:. You know… the one where the teacher made you stand up and sit down repeatedly? Last time I sang it, my knees sounded like popcorn in a microwave.

This is one of those Sunday School songs that has Christian bible songs actions that go perfectly with the lyrics i. The simple actions in this song will get your class up and moving. The world is searching for an answer A ray of hope in a hopeless world Who can we turn to? Where is our rescue? He is the light, light, light Light of the world And He shine, shine, shines All over the earth Shining bright, bright, bright He is the light of the world. I love the words of this song because it reminds both our kids and us that God is our everything. Without Him we could not even exist.

Because God is perfect! Let me know in the comments section below! I gave you my home where I have a better printer than here in the office. I will try to print a copy when I get home. I am really looking for something that will really grab the young peoples attention and at the same time give them a deep hunger for more of the Lord. Table of Contents. Stay close to me, Oh Lord and lay me down down by the waters Your love abounds.

Christian bible songs

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25 Irresistible Upbeat Sunday School Songs Kids Love! (with videos and actions)