Cover drive t ray and amanda dating

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The song is a few months old and I cannot get enough of it.

Cover drive t ray and amanda dating

Been thinking that we should define Little did I know that I would end up being a lifelong fan of the Barbadian band. The soulful voice was that of Amanda Reifer, former lead singer of Cover Drive, the popular Barbadian band which officially went on a hiatus in Nation News caught up with member Barry Hill and he explained why the band was taking a break. Amanda grew up having a passion for the arts and had begun singing when she was age 5.

Amanda was also a fan of dancing and writing music. In order to fund her music, she would babysit her former bandmate T-Ray and model. Fast forward toI sat down with Amanda. She has a new project out, a soulful song that instantly gives you feels. She shared intimate details of her experience working with a Cover drive t ray and amanda dating that has projected her to global fame, her immediate future plans and of course the unforgettable lessons that she has gotten as an individual in the past year.

You have had a major run in the global music scene. What do you feel was the biggest highlight of working together as a band over the years? Amanda Reifer: For me, our biggest highlight working as a band was the success we had in the UK with our first 3 singles, especially Twilight, and the consequent experiences it afforded us.

HM: A few days ago, you took to Twitter to share thoughts on your experience in You talked about growth being painful but invaluable. Growth is so necessary and rewarding but it hasn't always been easy. Making decisions for myself as a woman and as an artist over the last year has brought some challenges in my life. The YouTube video received much adoration from your fans.

How would you describe your new style in music? My approach to writing right now is to be as candid as possible about my feelings and sometimes that means being more explicit than I have been in the past.

What should fans expect in the immediate future?

Cover drive t ray and amanda dating

Any international collaborations that you would love to tease? HM: You worked with Rihanna at such a tender age. How did that experience impact your career afterwards? AR: Opening for Rihanna with the band left a huge impression on me. Such a powerful and inspiring woman. Being exposed to that level of bad-ass really sticks with you and it inspires me even now, years later.

HM: You seem to love kids, Amanda. Many have been speculating that he is your son. Would you care to share more about this? AR: I do really love. They are the best of us. Full of imagination and self-belief. My son? I have a lot of Cover drive t ray and amanda dating in my life through family and friends but none of them is mine. AR: Music is and has always been my focus.

HM: You have a major following in Kenya as we love Caribbean music. Ever considered touring my country? AR: I cried watching a movie last night…tragic love stories always get me. AR: Easily my sister. She has been there for me through everything this year.

Cover drive t ray and amanda dating

AR: Thank you for supporting me and always showing love. He covers fashion, does celebrity interviews and is a committed advocate for sustainable development. Apart from that, he is a PR consultant for various brands and public figures. You can follow him harunmomanyi on Instagram and him on harun. Welcome to the Pulse Community! We will now be sending you a daily newsletter on news, entertainment and more.

Also us across all of our other channels - we love to be connected! Authors: Harun Momanyi. January 17, AM. Amanda Reifer is the former lead singer of Barbadian pop band, Cover Drive. The year is It is a bustling city that according to many, shapes you to live anywhere around the world. Recommended articles. Amanda Reifer Harun Momanyi. HM: Apart from music, what are you currently pursuing? AR: Really?

I would love to. HM: Who has been your all-time musical muse? HM: When was the last time you cried and why? Submit your stories now via social or: : news pulselive. Snoop Dogg's 'lecture' to Diamond after linking up for a Collabo Video. Jalang'o:Why I rejected 8 hefty offers to sell Bonga na Cover drive t ray and amanda dating. First ever tour inside Omosh's new 3-bedroom house [Video]. Wanjigi in court over 5 trousers, 2 jackets worth Sh1. Akothee gushes over Baby Daddy as he lands in the Country to see her parents.

Vera Sidika eats a humble pie as she reaches out to Akuku Danger for Peace.

Cover drive t ray and amanda dating

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