Craigslist hookup experience

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I've always heard people making jokes about those who post on craigslist in hopes of getting laid. But, there's always new posts so some people have to be having some luck right? How many ex-neighbors are out there reading this thinking "how many fucking times am I going to get blamed for something YOU did". Glad he got out of that Ive had probably about 3 CL "casual" encounters.

The first time I Craigslist hookup experience up at a house and everyone was bukkaking these two middle aged white ladies. Ill be honest, I walked in the door. Turned and left. Second time I was invited too participate in a voyeurism experiment where a few couples were going to have sex in a park at 10pm. Now needless to say, this was sketchy as shit. But I showed up with pepper spray in hand. I showed up early enough to watch the celebrations begin.

About 30 minutes in, and Im just sitting there watching this guy and his wife bang on one of those green park trash Craigslist hookup experience, while another dude is eating out this lady on a park bench.

Craigslist hookup experience

Let me paint this audio image for you, imagine you are in a completely barren park with nothing around for miles; its Craigslist hookup experience black, and you have a hard time making out the bushes just a few feet from you; now on your left you hear a small midget open handedly and repeatedly slapping a tub of mayo and on your right there sits a lady screaming what appears to be some semblance of an orgasm, and along with that you hear just a few manly grunts and groans for good measure; now you dont know why but you happen to see, just a few yards out, a little 7 year old black kid riding his bike through this park.

Yup, at this point I stood up and left. Finally, just a few weeks ago I was invited by some asian dentist to "simulate rape" with his wife. Now, being an engineer, Im not stupid. I basically 20 questioned him and found out that his wife would have no knowledge of this event prior to its commence.

And I ducked out before shit got real. Are you open for Christmas? My family loves a good story teller. Last year I put up an ad looking for new friends. There was another girl my Craigslist hookup experience who put up an ad too, for the same thing.

She messaged me first saying she Craigslist hookup experience into all the same things I was and so we planned to meet up at a coffee shop. Well, when we met up at the coffee shop, I forgot I never asked her what she looked like. It was slightly awkward at first, but only for a couple of minutes. We talked for a couple minutes before deciding to go walk around outside the coffee shop, and ended up hanging out for a few hours.

As we were walking back to our cars in a huge parking lot we realized we parked right next to eachother, which we found pretty funny. Well, after that, we hung out a couple days a week, then eventually every day of the week, and quickly became best friends. She's since moved away, but we still make a point to call each other and visit and I still consider her my best friend.

I'm assuming you carved your name into this new girls thigh though right? CL has served me phenomenally well. The last 3 serious relationships I've been in have been off of CL, stemming from casual booty calls into "oh hey, we could actually make this work!

Craigslist hookup experience

In contrast, actually looking on OkCupid has never been helpful. I ended up in not one, but two stalk-tastic terrifying short-termers. One must wonder if the very name "OkCupid" conveys an admission that you are fine with someone randomly stalking and sticking you. My husband and I have actually posted several in casual encounters and found 2 chicks to have FMF 3 ways.

Craigslist hookup experience

Was fun and worked out well. My roommate found a man on craigslist who she was actually engaged to marry. Guy drives a camaro and has this glorious job. Come to find out he was a compulsive liar and his mother paid his car payment. Everything he said to her was a lie from where he worked to his education. I called this one from the beginning.

She let it go until 5 weeks before the wedding before calling it off bc she "wanted to give him another chance". Your friend sounds Craigslist hookup experience a genius. Poor girl. I had a similar experience. I met someone on CL who was separated and told me he was going to divorce. I fell madly in love with him and he made me all kinds of promises, told me I was his Craigslist hookup experience blah blah blah. He lied so much I don't even know what if anything is the truth. Long story short, he went back to his wife. Ripped my heart out. Have any of you had a Craigslist hook-up experience?

Tell your story.

Craigslist hookup experience

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Craigslist hookup experience

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Have any of you had a Craigslist hook-up experience? Tell your story.