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Tokyo Opening Ceremonies -- come watch with us! What are your favorite smallish New Zealand towns? We'll be flying into Auckland, but I'd rather find a smaller but not too small town to find a short-term, furnished, Internet-ready apartment to rent. Where do you recommend? Bonus points for any tips on finding said apartment aside from the obvious Craigslist, local newspapers, etc.

I liked the feel of Nelson when I was there a few years ago. I lived in the back of a station wagon so you don't want my apartment-hunting advice! The Bay of Islands maybe Russell or Opua Craigslist napier new zealand than actually in Paihia, especially if you'll have a carNelson, Wanaka if you want mountains rather than a beach Citiwise I'd go back to Dunedin or Wellington, Christchurch was nice but I wouldn't want to live somewhere so flat.

Been a while since I was there so no specific recommendations. Wellington and Christchurch area piece. Napier is pricey these days, but very nice, ditto Nelson. Both have a good climate; Napier is a bit older as retirees from Wellington have moved there.

Craigslist napier new zealand

Nelson is a short hop from Wellington 40 minute plane trip and close to the Marlborough Sounds. A lot of it will depend on your threshold for too small, though. Best answer: You could look on Trademe. I believe you can get L in Raglan, which has some of the best surf anywhere, rugged coast, laidback populace, and is 40 minutes drive from Hamilton or about 2 hours from Auckland. I have a friend who works from home for IBM there. Try not to confine your search to apartments unless you really hate the idea of a house - in smaller towns people don't generally build apartments, but there will be cheap houses to let.

Can you define "smallish"? By the standards of the rest of the developed world, every town in New Zealand is small. If you're planning on working around Auckland than north of Auckland is nice e. John Cleese called Palmerston North a nice place to commit suicide Wellington is indeed a lovely place and the top of the Sth Island is nice. The Wairarapa some folks love but other folks find it a bit isolated but there's great wine growing and the weathers good. Not too far to Wellington by car as well. In New Zealand, craigslist is not really the obvious.

Seconding trademe, instead. Also seconding looking for a house rather than an apartment. Which few months are you planning on doing this? I'd imagine Palmerston North, too, although my experience is limited to the South Island. Otherwise, Craigslist napier new zealand, you'll probably like Nelson if you're after smallish, although there is relatively little to do here, we do have nice weather. Seconding Wanaka. Craigslist napier new zealand is outstandingly beautiful, mountains and lake, and still small-town enough or was when I was there a few years ago As everyone else says, what's your definition of small?

Wellington and Christchurch are both lovely cities with I thought good facilities and plenty to do. Many of the smaller towns are beautiful Tekapo, the Marlborough region but might not come with Internet-ready furnished apartments. The South Island is more picturesque and less heavily populated. I like Coromandel but I have family there so I'm biased. Seconding a weird fondness for Rotorua.

Craigslist napier new zealand

New Plymouth is an interesting mix of old school small town and hipster. The Kapiti Coast is sunny and cruisy, close to Wellington without the Rimutakas to cross. If you don't mind crossing the Rimutakas to get to Wellington then Wairarapa towns like Greytown, Martinbrough or Carterton are okay, but really small. Best answer: The smaller the town the less likely you'll find a nice place - and you'll probably be completely shit out of luck when it comes to getting decent broadband. Wellington is probably the most connected city because it's tinyit's also a lovely little place to visit - well, as long as you get a place in town it's nice, or maybe at the top of the cablecar, next to the botanic gardens.

The outer burbs are completely arse you certainly wouldn't want to be up in the Hutt. Christchurch is nice enough when the weather is great, and again as long as you get a nice central place the suburbs, IMHO, really really suck. The gardens are lovely in the summer, very large, nice for a stroll.

Rowing or punting on the Avon is a lovely thing to do with a girl. Don't necessarily discount Auckland, a nice house in Mt Eden near the village and in the shadow of the volcano would probably be a lovely thing. Auckland has everything everywhere else has and then some, but it also has vast sprawls of lame burbs that dilute it a bit. It also has a bunch of little islands in the gulf - you could potentially find a nice place on Waiheke that might suit your bill, and that's just a Craigslist napier new zealand minute fast ferry ride from the city.

If you can provide a better idea of what Craigslist napier new zealand actually want to do while you're here - and what time of year - people will be able to make more informed suggestions. We have a lot of small towns, you see. I doubt you'll get a pre-connected furbished apartment in most of them though.

Craigslist napier new zealand

But our main telecomms provider is pretty responsive in my experience, and you can probably get everything started up before you fly in. Do not rule out wireless internet Vodafone New Zealand offers 3G internet over a lot of the country. This also Craigslist napier new zealand the benefit of being able to travel and still have internet access at at least dialup speeds virtually everywhere in the country check out the vodafone website for more information www. Not to mention that the data prices are higher if not on a plan. Also I have to say that I and everyone else I know that uses Vodafone's 3G Broadband has serious issues with its reliability.

If they're telecommuting I'd guess that not being able to connect for hours at a time would be frustrating. Wellington is a small town in comparison to Auckland. It's young and hip, has a lot of culture going on, but it's a city. Wanaka is one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand, surrounded by national parks, mountains, and amazing colors. You can go rock climbing, sky diving, mountain biking and play golf. It's just big enough to support a supermarket [which is not a given in many of New Zealand's small towns] and a quirky cinema with the best chocolate chip cookies Craigslist napier new zealand the world.

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Craigslist napier new zealand

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