Crete beaches south coast

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This may contain affiliate links, see our disclaimer here. With so many wonderful beaches, it is hard to choose. Which is your favourite?

Crete beaches south coast

Life on the beach can be busy, social or relaxed. Western Beaches. Central West. Heraklion Beaches. Lasithi Beaches. Accommodation by the Beach.

Crete beaches south coast

Life at the Beach. Sea Turtles. Getting Here. See the handy map below for locations of our selected beaches The beaches in Crete are very different, depending on where you go. There are wild beaches with surf, or calm inlets without a ripple. The beautiful Mediterranean sparkles and glows blue, blue, blue. Distances become Crete beaches south coast, the light plays with Crete beaches south coast senses and our memories Crete has many clean Blue Flag beaches where issues such as water quality, litter and environmental education are looked after to high standards.

This rating also includes safety and environmental management issues, meaning a great beach experience for swimmers! Below we have shared with you some of our favourite beaches of Crete, from west to east, wild beaches to town beaches Crete has days of sunshine on average every year, so it makes beach going very high on our list of things to do. With swimming from April to November, Crete has one of the longest seasons in the region. From west to east - here are some of our favourites and the most beautiful beaches in Crete Elafonisi Beach on the Crete beaches south coast of Crete, with its shimmering clear waters and islet, is one of our favourite Crete beaches.

A protected area, this is well worth the visit. Falasarna is a long wide beach on the north-west tip of Crete. Gramvousa one of the most stunning locations in Crete, rocky cliffs, islets, a ruined castle, pirate coves and azure waters of Balos Lagoon, all in a pristine unpopulated peninsula, in the north-west of Chania. Balos Lagoon on the north-west tip of Chania. Paleochora - on the south coast of Chania 75 km from Chania town.

Paleochora Beaches - exploring around the south-west of Chania. Paleochora Village - lots to see and do in this large village surrounded by beaches. Maleme Beach is a wide sandy beach 22 km west of Chania town on the north. Agia Marina is a sandy beach just 9 km west of Chania on the north coast of Crete. Beaches close to Chania town - yes, you can stay in town and visit beautiful beaches every day. Sougia is a small fishing village on the south coast of the island.

Arrive by boat. Agia Roumeli a small remote village on south coast; get there by ferry to see the Samaria Gorge. Loutro above is a stunning whitewashed village on the south coast of Crete, remote, quiet and beautiful. We show you three ways to hike into this tiny village of Loutro via the coastal pathways Stavros Beach is a protected cove with soft sand and gentle waves, sitting under a picturesque peak, with tavernas by the bay. Souda Bay is a busy port and naval base in the north of Crete, dotted with beaches very close to Chania town, port and airport.

Frangokastello a quiet beach with a ghostly ruined castle on the south coast of Crete. Georgioupolis Beach on the north coast of Chania above is a 9 km long wide sandy beach. Plakias Beach on the south coast of Rethymnon sits on a beautiful wide bay surrounded by mountains. Preveli Beach on the south coast of Rethymnon, a hidden tropical paradise. Agia Fotini on the south coast of Rethymnon, a quiet beach with a taverna and rooms.

Rethymnon Town Beach to the east of the town is 13 km of wide sandy sun and umbrellas, sun loungers, with plenty of activities, cafes and bars. Bali Beaches on the north coast near Rethymnon, five protected coves to choose from. Kokkinos Pirgos Beach on the south coast of Heraklion, a big wide beach and fish taverna, eat with your toes in the sand. Matala above on the south coast overlooking the Bay of Messara, is a very beautiful beach with unusual rock formations and plenty of history.

Matala history of the sixties includes a song by Joni Mitchell. Matala Beach Festival is held in June each year. Agiofarago Beach is remote, walk through the gorge to get here. Agia Pelagia on the north coast, 23 km west of Heraklion town, is a beachside village with a delightful cove of turquoise waters.

Ammoudara Beach just west of Heraklion town, a wide sandy beach of 7 km, with the convenience of the city close by. Tris Ekklisies Beach relax on the south coast. Kato Gouveson the north coast is east of Heraklion. Anissaras Beach just 25 km east of Heraklion town. Keratokambos Beach on the south coast, to the east of Pyrgos is a wild remote beach, where you can escape and find the wind in your hair. Elounda on the north coast 11 km from Agios Nikolaos, is one of the luxury areas of Crete, of course the beach is free and it is very enjoyable.

Kitroplateia Beach one of Agios Nikolaos' town beaches, just right for a dip after sightseeing. Chrissi Island Beaches - simply the stuff dreams are made of Kato Zakros is a tiny beach village on the quiet south-east coast of Crete. Beautiful and relaxed. Vai Beach and Palm Forest pictured above on the eastern tip of Crete, Crete beaches south coast one of the most unusual beaches in Europe, home to a picturesque and unique palm forest, clear waters and a sandy beach.

One of our favourite Cretan beaches. Where to stay - our top picks within walking distance to the beach in Crete. Snorkelling is perfect in Crete because of the clear waters and abundance of marine life to see, good visibility and warm waters. During holiday season there are quite a few day tours for divers and snorkellers. One good spot for snorkelling is Agia Pelagia23 km west of Heraklion town. Scuba is very organised in Kreta and there are a of clubs, courses and tours to do.

Again the clear waters make diving a dream. You can see all types of fish, beautiful coral and shells, octopus, moray eels, scorpion fish, salemas, bream, stingrays, sponges, sea anemones and of course the sea turtles. See our nature s for more information. There is good diving off Dia island, off Iraklion town. One of the most romantic ways to visit Kriti is to take a ferry to her remote beaches, such as LoutroAgia Roumeli and Glyka Nerawhere lack of ro and very steep mountains make sea travel and hiking the only access.

Start from Chora Sfakion. There is a luscious hidden palm forest at Preveli Beach at the mouth of the Megas Potamos at the end of Kourtaliotikos Gorge above. Palm trees on the beach, it sounds so tropical, however you can laze under a palm tree actually a whole forest of themon Vai Beach in Lassithi.

This is a truly stunning Crete beaches south coast, undeveloped, pristine and really memorable. There is no township at Vai, however it is worth the journey and we recommend it. More about the palm forest on our nature s. Remember that some Crete beaches are home to turtles.

The caretta caretta sea turtle is Crete beaches south coast endangered species so is fully protected and there are programs to ensure its safety. More about the turtles on our nature s.

Crete beaches south coast

There are dolphins and whales in the seas of Crete, so chances are you might see one, or visit our nature and conservation s to find out more. If you have a favourite Crete beach, please let us know More on beach accommodation options in Crete Hand picked small hotels, apartments, guest houses and domatia within walking distance of the beach Our Top 7 Beaches with Seaside Tavernas - sit by the sand and relax over lunch or dinner with local food, especially seafood, next to the beach Athens to Heraklion Flights.

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Crete beaches south coast

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