Dating a person in a wheelchair

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Here, she gives us her top tips for wheelchair users on everything from dating to getting intimate. So you may need to tweak these tips to apply them to your specific situation. But these will Dating a person in a wheelchair you a springboard to finding the right partner and enjoying sex. There a huge of disabled dating sites, including ones specifically for wheelchair users, such as Wheelchair Dating Club and Wheelchair Dating. These might be focused on dating, or on leisure activities. Facebook is a good place to start — lots of local groups are formed that way — or try the website Meet Up.

Also, look to Outsiderswhich I set up a of years ago to enable disabled people to meet and support each other. We have regular meetups across the UK, as well as online chat groups. Of course, meeting somewhere accessible for you is key. Be open and honest about your requirements. If your date also has access requirements, work together to decide what would suit you both best. For example, you could have a drink or dinner, or go to the cinema where there is wheelchair-accessible space next to an additional seat.

Make sure your date knows about it beforehand though. If they seem curious, encourage them to ask questions. Be open and relaxed about it — the more uninhibited you are about your wheelchair, the less they will be.

Dating a person in a wheelchair

If they seem receptive, invite your date to take your hand, or otherwise guide it. It may be difficult to be hugged in your wheelchair. Again, be open and tell them to lean forward to hold you as close as they can.

One person, for example, may have more feeling in their upper body nipples, mouth etc and another may have very sensitive legs but have no feeling in their genitals. You may find this out by yourself, but probably not — it needs to be talked about.

There are erogenous zones in the earlobes and on the nape of the neck, so a head massage is a great way to feel stimulated. Have you considered sex or foreplay in your chair, or even your hoist? What about having your partner laid on the bed while you stay in your chair pleasuring them? Explore this with your partner — it might make it even more fun. But why not make a game of it?

Maybe plan Dating a person in a wheelchair be waiting for your partner in bed naked after your PA has got you ready? Or how about asking them to help you get ready for sex one night, instead of a PA? Plan in time to do this and who will help you — your PA or partner. Talk about what would suit both of your needs best.

Dating a person in a wheelchair

Also, plan for what Dating a person in a wheelchair happen after sex. For example, will you need to go to the toilet again? Having tissues or a bottle next to the bed means the transition after sex will be less clunky. Could your partner sit on you? Can your hands be placed in position? Would toys help?

Can your partner pleasure themselves? Are there erotic novels or films that you could watch or read together? There are lots of options. Once again, aiming at intercourse may be just frustrating and there are plenty of other ways to enjoy sexual pleasure. As a wheelchair user, getting these in intimate places can be something you sometimes experience. Of course, trying to prevent them is the ideal. Ensure you have comfortable cushions in your chair and that your feet are supported on a footrest so that your wright is shared.

A ring pressure relief cushions should help.

Dating a person in a wheelchair

Again, be Dating a person in a wheelchair with your partner. If you feel uncomfortable about your partner seeing them, take the opportunity to focus all pleasure on them instead of you. Most people are terribly embarrassed about being incontinent. But there is nothing shameful about it. It is really important to talk to your continence nurse about what options there are for you. It might be that having a suprapubic catheter enables your life to become far more fulfilling. If you have a stoma, you could cover it with sexy underwear. Tell a potential lover how you feel about your body and the stoma.

Most will be fascinated and accepting. As well as pleasure, it can also diminish spasms and help with bladder dysfunction. If you have spina bifida, you may need to stimulate other parts of your body, other than your clitoris or penis.

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Dating a person in a wheelchair

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Dating a person in a wheelchair

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Dating a person in a wheelchair

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Dating a person in a wheelchair

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