Dating japanese jackson guitars

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Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Activity Photos. of Filtered by:. 1 2 3 4 11 28 template Next. The Concept series was only produced in and had the first 7 digit serial scheme 94xxxxx. All MIJ bolt on guitars received a 7 digit serial starting at increasing sequentially as more guitars are built, this system continues to this day for MIJ guitars as of the start of the serial s are up to approximately There is a slight exception to this format for several models.

The new 7 digit MIJ serial system was suppose to start at the end of the Professional series which was suppose to end inbut it appears a few Professional series guitars were made into early Some new "No Series" name MIJ guitars for like the SDK-2, the Stealth EX, etc received 6 digit serial s during this transition period while the Professional series was ended there also are some Professionals that received 7 digit new format serial s and some new "No Series" guitars that received the new 7 digit serial sequence [96] in their 6 digit serial s, so anything is possible during this transition Dating japanese jackson guitars early All MIK Performers were given a 7 digit serial that starts with the 1 there is some speculation that they can also start with a 0, but I have not seen a 7 digit serial starting with 0 as of yet and were ased serial s sequentially.

A black JS20 serial was my first electric guitar and my first Jackson, purchased new in No serial s are known except ones leading with a 6, so it is likely production of Jackson guitars in Taiwan started and ended in Serial s for the MIK JS20s are 7 Dating japanese jackson guitars long and start with the 1 there is some speculation that they might also start with a 0, but I have not seen a 7 digit serial starting with 0 as of yetproduction ended in when the Jackson MIK production ended.

Serial s for the MIJ JS20s follow the exact same format as all other MIJ serial s from on, they are ased a 7 digit serial which increases sequentially. The new X series continued using this same serial sequence until the X series ended production in India in and moved to Japan starting in where it currently is Dating japanese jackson guitars, as of In a very confusing manner, the new series was called the called the JS30xx series, which is not the same as the JS30 guitar made between and It appears some early JS30xx production guitars were given 8 digit serial s starting with 04xxxxxx identical to the MII JS20 guitars already produced in India.

Last edited by kc7txm ;AM. Tags: None. The serial s for those late JS30xx guitars appeared to follow the 9 digit MII Made in India serial scheme xxxxx we saw until when they added a 10th digit. I will update the first post's FAQ accordingly. Comment Post Cancel.

Dating japanese jackson guitars

I have the serial of a very early that is 10 digits and a very late that is the original 9 digit serial type. I will update the first post accordingly. I am also removing the reference to MIK serials starting with 0 in the Dating japanese jackson guitars Import Bolt-on serial guide" section as I do not believe there are any examples of 7 digit MIK serials in existence I believe they are being mixed up with 8 digit Indian serials that lead with 0 since they are both low cost production guitars, many of which models can be confused for one anotherI kept the reference and made a notation about this issue in the " the Korean Performers" section within the "Year by year serial scheme information.

New section in FAQ: Year by year serial scheme information I added a HUGE serial scheme section to the bottom of the FAQ giving more detail about how the different countries serial schemes are setup. Dating japanese jackson guitars post any additions or corrections if needed. Update to FAQ: MIJ Concept guitar serial range added to 7 digit serials I now have enough samples to see there are both 6 and 7 digit Concepts, with most having 7 digit serials.

The first two digits denote the year, MIJ Concepts were only made in There are some 6 digit MIJ Concepts floating around also, since the MIJ 6 digit serial scheme would be the norm in that makes some sense. The majority of the serials I have seen are this 7 digit serial type. Why is this thread not a sticky? Hi, thanks to the OP for this most helpful thread, it helped me out on several occasions.

But now I'm stucked a bit.

Dating japanese jackson guitars

But the serial is not so common: six-digit, starting with a 7. Quite a lot of history in this thread as well. Originally posted by s4tch View Post. I feel my soul go cold No info then on the 6-digit serial starting with a ? By that ser it's a post Japanese bolt on. I just bought a korean bolt-on performer Kelly. Serial is 8 digits! Is that made in ? The body is poplar or alder? Originally posted by xxx View Post.

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Dating japanese jackson guitars

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Dating japanese jackson guitars

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