Dating miranda mass effect 2

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This guide will help you learn how to romance Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect 2. Miranda Lawson is a romanceable character in Mass Effect 2 if you play as a male Shepherd. She is the second companion that you will travel with. How do you make her yours? Miranda Lawson was genetically engineered by her father who used his own genome.

She is deed to be the perfect genetic human being. She was born in Being drilled by her father to excel in everything she does, it has made her very insecure in everything she does.

Dating miranda mass effect 2

Her father demanded her to excel while she was unsure if she could meet his expectations. Unable to deal with the pressure that was put on her by her father, she left him despite all of her achievements in the Alliance Military.

She and Jacob Taylor have history as she guided him through several missions before they ran into Commander Shepard. As with any character in Mass Effect 2 who will you on your mission, Miranda Lawson will have a loyalty mission. The loyalty mission is, as the word says, the pledge the character to both the mission and Shepard. If you want the best ending then you make sure that you complete her loyalty mission as well as the loyalty missions of ALL Dating miranda mass effect 2 other members of your party before you go for the Suicide Mission.

In order to get through this you will travel alongside Miranda to Ilium.

Dating miranda mass effect 2

And please note that you can only do this after you have completed the mission called Horizon. The loyalty mission is crucial if you want to romance Miranda Lawson at a later stage in the game so you will need to finish. You head to Ilium to trigger the mission to save Oriana from her father. Edi will be the one to inform you that you can find your contact, who is a really close friend of Miranda, at the Eternity Bar.

As it turns out Niket and Miranda have been exchanging intergalactic s discussing Oriana and her father. As you progress on the mission, you should be very mindful of your surroundings as Miranda remarks; there are a lot of Eclipse ships present and with that a lot of mercenaries are being dropped.

The mercenaries attack the ship but an Eclipse engineer tells them to stop. Shepard lands the ship in a secure location before making conversation with the engineer who just stopped the shooting. At the end of the conversation, however, the Eclipse engineer betrays Shepard and the team and says that his snipers have taken position in order to kill the team.

And on top of that, you have arrived too late to save Oriana. The captain of the mercenaries has closed in on Oriana while Niket will not help Miranda. Miranda is angry and calls Niket a liar. Meanwhile, Shepard will have the option for a Renegade interrupt. If you do chose to interrupt Dating miranda mass effect 2 Shepard will break the neck of the Engineer while Miranda gets ready for combat by pulling her gun out and shooting one of the mercs behind the Engineer. Shepard will look up and see that they can shoot at a fuel container that is hanging in the air.

He will shoot at it and it will fall down and explode and thus begins the fight. The adversaries consist of Eclipse Troopers and Vanguards and the Heavy gunners. While you remain in cover, try to think of a strategy to push forward and be mindful of the heavies since they shoot rockets at you. Dating miranda mass effect 2 you move forward and take on the mercenaries, you look for a way up and take out more mercenaries.

Use your biotics or a grenade to draw them out.

Dating miranda mass effect 2

Or be passive and wait until they stick their he out for a well placed hehot. A cutscene will start to play upon entering the elevator. Miranda will find a radio that belongs to the Eclipse and can now listen in on their communications. Miranda also reveals a little more about her and her sister: Oriana is her genetic twin and she is not the only one out there but it is just that Miranda took away Oriana from their father when she was just a baby. As said before, Miranda is not the first person who was created but one of the only ones her father kept around.

Dating miranda mass effect 2

Miranda goes on to tell that she left behind everything from her life under the thumb of her father. Everyone but Niket. In the next area you will encounter a bunch of mech droids. The tricky part however are the moving objects that will block your view when you encounter more mercenaries.

Dating miranda mass effect 2

The containers however are quite volatile so you can just go ahead and time your shot so it will blow up in the faces of the mercenaries. There is also a datapad that you can hack and it will get you credits, but look carefully. The container is not easy to see and and very Dating miranda mass effect 2 to miss.

The first encounter will take place when you reach the conveyor belt. You will get flanked mostly from the left and you will have to take cover. Luckily there is an elevated platform for you to take cover behind and you can take control of the fight that way. But as said before: there are explosive containers in the area and while you can use it to your advantage, they can also be used against you. Moving on, there are a few med gels available and the best part of this is that there is an upgrade for your submachine gun. Either for yourself, depending on the class you play or for your companions.

A few Loki mechs are waiting around the corner so tread carefully and get to cover to avoid getting hurt while you shoot them. There is another money grab for you and you will have to find the locker on the other side of the room. Move forward and you will get into a hallway where there are mechs waiting for you and another wave of mercenaries will come from the right. Jump up and you will get on the pick up truck. Get to safety by getting into cover and this cover will provide you protection from the mercenaries that try to flank you from the left.

After you kill all of them, get to the other side of the belt and look for the medi-gel upgrade from one of the mercs and get into the office for an additional credits. If you have followed the guide so far you will have about credits plus two upgrades: medi-gel upgrade and Dating miranda mass effect 2 submachine upgrade. Also be careful when you leave the office: more enemies will spawn and one of them will have a rocket launcher so that will make things a bit more complicated. In the next area you will hear Enyala give orders via radio communications and will make your life difficult by sending the entire squad after your team.

With the exception of her personal bodyguard. Just keep going down the hallway and kill everything on sight. You will reach Dock 94 where the entire platoon of mercenaries is waiting for you. When you go down the hallway to the next area, you hear Enyala over the radio ordering her troops to send everything except her personal guard to stop Shepard and the squad while she goes after Niket. As you head down the hallway, there will be more resistance around the corner. At the last conveyor before you reach the elevator to Dock 94, you will face numerous Eclipse mercs. Use the elevated cover in the center for the best combat squad member, and place your squad members on either side of the cover.

The Eclipse will attack in several waves from the left, so do not proceed until the coast is clear. You can use this to flank enemies, however, it is not a recommended action because enemies will approach you on your left or from behind. Search the area for 3, credits on a security terminal and a crate of eezo.

There are also 3, credits, which you get after hacking the pad of a dead merc in one of the crates. Upon entering this area EDI tells you that that mercenaries have disabled the elevator and that she will help you get it to work. Until then you will have to fend off several enemies that will come in two waves. So take them down and by the time you are done, EDI will have fixed the elevator. At the end of the fight, you will Dating miranda mass effect 2 to pick up the power cells and the medi-gel. A cutscene will start when you enter the elevator. Enyala orders that her hostages will need to get on an Eclipse Transport.

Miranda gets frustrated by the thought of Niket, who is supposed to be her best friend, is actually betraying her Dating miranda mass effect 2 starts hacking the elevator to get to the destination faster. Right after the cutscene, we see a confused and frustrated Niket looking at the Asari dockmaster because of a security issue.

Enyala has a comment about how much of a waste of tiem it is but Niket tells her that Oriana is a secure package that needs to be delivered in one piece. Team Shepard exit the elevator while the dockmaster and crew try to make a run for it. Enyala is ruthless and shoots the dockmaster down with extreme prejudice. Meanwhile Miranda Lawson tries to confront her best friend Niket during a conversation. Miranda draws out her gun at the end of the conversation and has the means to kill Niket. You can interrupt that for five Paragon points. If you decide to do so then Niket will apologize to Miranda but Enyala will shoot him instead.

So either way Niket will die. Meanwhile waves of enemies will try to mow you down.

Dating miranda mass effect 2

The standard procedure here would be to treat this fight as the docks: Dating miranda mass effect 2 suppressive fire while aiming for Enyala and killing off the mercenaries. After you kill Enyala, search the docks for medi-gel and get credits for the computer.

Try to get a lost necklace for an asari because will need that for a sidemission. After all that is done it is time to go and exit the dock. You will see Oriana one more time with her family but only from far away. Miranda is happy that her sister can live a normal life. Upon leaving try and convince Miranda to keep in touch with Oriana. If Miranda keeps in touch with Oriana you will get a few s that you can read on your terminal back on your ship the Normandy. I hope this is the right Commander Shepard. I poked around a little and found an information broker who got me this address. I got to thank her, but I never got to thank you for helping me.

I still want to go to school and get some degrees.

Dating miranda mass effect 2

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