Dating sw london

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By Khaleda Rahman. The air buzzes with excitement and anticipation.

Dating sw london

Well, what did I expect? I am, after all, here to speed date. Putting preconceived notions aside, I took a couple of single gal pals, Louise and Katie, both 22, to see if speed dating really could be the way to go. Shows like Sex and the City helped glamourise it as a trend for young single professionals. London is a notoriously anti-social city and movie-style meet-cutes never happen in real life!

She added they had 12 marriages in and seven so far this year. Before venturing into uncertain waters I spoke to Helena Begum, 27, who recently lost her speed dating virginity. Would her theory prove true for my experience? An extremely nervous-looking chap comes over. Oh, this does not bode well. By the Dating sw london Henry got Dating sw london my friend, he was working at Sea World!

Now on to the next one… And you can imagine my shock when the aforementioned Alfie saunters over, with the swagger of a predator in his natural habitat. Clearly the conversation was lacking, as his eyes began to wander.

To be fair, they were not all bad. I enjoyed a pleasant conversation with a software developer who had just moved to London. It takes me about 30 seconds or so to tell if someone is genuine and this one appeared so — in this case, conversation flowed naturally.

First impressions are, of course, a vital component in speed dating. A University of Pennsylvania study found that most people make their choices within three seconds of meeting. Personally, it took me a fraction of a second to decide that I never wanted to see some of these men ever again.

He ended his date with an overly-generous introduction of his friend. I just need someone to iron my shirts!

Dating sw london

I think he was joking. We are much better than this. Little did they know I fully appreciated their alcohol-induced candor. Seizing an opportunity to get an honest answer, I asked them their opinion of their fellow speed daters. Alex claimed the place was full of lonely, desperate people and their friends!

Dating sw london

I was definitely getting bromance vibes from these two and took this as my cue to leave and call it a night! The verdict? While the company in question promise between 15 and 20 dates at each event, eight men were no-shows, practically doubling the cost per date. Bloody rude! Hmmmm… that would explain the serial speed daters! I felt like I was on show and it did feel a little bit like a market! And the day after the night before? And myself? The men at the event were definitely not an accurate reflection Dating sw london the available men in London — and if so, I might just stay single forever.

And the most romantic moment of the evening? Sharing an umbrella with the lovely Louise on Dating sw london way to the tube station. In my opinion speed dating events are not the place to go if you are seriously looking for love — the odds are just not in your favour. For a ridiculous night of side-splitting laughs, however…. Would you like to get the best stories of the week directly in your inbox?

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Dating sw london

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