Dating vintage clothing union labels

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Understanding how to date vintage clothin g is like putting together the pieces of a giant but gorgeous! These were the unions that helped to not only influence the history of American fashion, but the legalization of fair working conditions for the hundreds of thousands of individuals who worked these factory jobs.

Keep reading after the jump to learn more about seven American unions and how to use their label de to help date your vintage garment! Visit my article for 13 tips on dating vintage clothing labels! Do you have a vintage union label that you need help identifying? Send me an or leave a comment below the post for help dating your vintage clothing, or by saying hello on TwitterFacebookInstagram or by subscribing to my newsletter! Source: left 4u2own21 on Ebay right New York Wanderer. The label was trademarked in but was first used in Source: Jean JeanVintage and on Etsy.

Source: nowandthenstyle on Etsy. Dress Institute. Therefore, I consider N. Consumers were encouraged to buy clothing with this label because they knew it was made by the stylish eyes of garment workers in the Big City. This is the group that began Mercedes Benz Fashion Week as we know it today!

The garment is always identified on the label. Thank you to the Family Vintage Jewels for loaning Dating vintage clothing union labels clothing for creation of this article. Thanks for any help you can give me. I have a bucket style rabbit fur hat, it has the label with the hand shake.

My question ismy hat has a white label with Doris Deer on it, who is Doris? How can I find out about that part. I have a coat with a similar label, thanks to your article I know a little more its history story! I have a white satin hat with the hatters uniun logo with the no Could you possibly give me some sort of time period?

And tell me what the approximate price might have been at the time of purchase? I appreciate any help greatly. I have a dress with a Lavin label. On the back of the washing instructions is an Amalgamated Workers of America symbol. There is no RN.

Is this authentic? If so, about what year would this dress have been made? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. I have a dress with a Lanvin label. I have a seemingly faux fur vintage swing coat. But on the flip side, is Dating vintage clothing union labels coat union stamp. Which I do not know how to date, because it has no relevant back markings. Is this combination of labels common?

How old is it and is it worth anything possibly? Hello and thank you for this post! I am so glad I found it! I have a coat that is a camels hair and fine wool blend. It has the exact same label that your suit has. Would you mind taking a few moments to me and let me know what I have and how I might be able to get it appraised? Dating vintage clothing union labels, id love to hear from others who have the same coat or anyone who may know a little something about this. Anyone who can give me any information at all, please me! Beautiful brown felt flapper hat with leather trim and bow. Thank you for the helpful information.

Dating vintage clothing union labels

It has a rectangular label in it with a sewing machine illustration in the center. The : is in red on the left-hand side. If you would like, I could send you a photocopy of the Label. Any information you have regarding this coat will be greatly appreciate. Thank you so much.

I have a long black ladies coat. A few more words I can see and ID ? Can you date this and lead me to more info on its possible value? I have a beautiful red velvet coat with satin lining that has the vintage union label. The coat is in immaculate condition. The label was seen mostly inside the liner. I popped a stitch and it came out and then I started to research it. I fear I made a mistake by doing that but I had no idea what the tag said.

Do you have any idea how old this hat is? Hi I have some vintage Union Made hats that I would like to get dated. I have been thinking of donating them to the highs chool Dating vintage clothing union labels program but would like to know what I have first if I sent pics could u help me?

Dating vintage clothing union labels

The sleeves and collar are lined with black fur. It smells like real fur, but it was a gift so I am unsure. Could you assist me to date this item and determine the possible value? I will gladly send you pictures.

Dating vintage clothing union labels

Thanks so much. Hi, i ran across your blog when i did a search of vintage labels. Thanks so much!! Is that familiar to you? I think it might be from to from the label. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Stay Connected I'll tell you where to find the best vintage online. Three Easy Ways to Wear s Fashion ยป. Comments Thanks for any help you can give me. Do I have a treasure?

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Dating vintage clothing union labels

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