Decent guy her wanting a little Isle of Lewis

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Sometime in the spring, White House communications director Hope Hicks told me recently, the president added one of his mother, Mary Trump. For so long, Donald Trump has talked often about the profound influence of Fred Trump. Mary Trump, by contrast, has been more of a ghost in his voluminous public record, a cardboard cutout of a character.

Judging by the biographical material, created largely by an aggressively unreliable narrator and those in his employ, the 45th president of the United States would seem to be the product of one domineering parent. The mothers of presidents often have been a kind of super-influencer. From Barbara Bush, the powerful matriarch of the two-time first family; to Virginia Kelley, who all but singlehandedly launched Bill Clinton from the Arkansas boondocks to Washington and the West Wing; to Ann Dunham, the anthropologist who steered Barack Obama from Hawaii to Indonesia to the Ivy League and the White House—the sway these women had over Decent guy her wanting a little Isle of Lewis sons was incontrovertible.

And their sons celebrated by them throughout their political careers. Dunham died at 52, more than a decade before her son was sworn in as the 44th president, but in books by Obama and his biographers, she has been cast as an almost elemental force. But to discount her role in the creation of the Trump persona is to disregard decades of study about family dynamics. Trump might not agree, but most psychologists agree: Your mother helps make you who you are. Psychology experts read and watch the news, and they have the same basic curiosity lots of people have: What makes somebody act the way he acts?

And they always end up at the beginning. With his parents. Both of them.

Decent guy her wanting a little Isle of Lewis

Trump might focus on his father, but the experts say the comparative scarcity of his discussion of his mother is itself telling. A sense of security versus insecurity. Many of the array of psychologists, psychiatrists and family therapists I talked to for this story have a question Mary Trump actually once asked herself, at a moment when she was feeling something less than pride in her celebrity son.

Decent guy her wanting a little Isle of Lewis

This was in Donald Trump was divorcing his first wife, philandering with the model Marla Maples and floundering in hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, facing high-profile humiliation and ruin in his early 40s. Mary Trump, on the other hand, was approaching She and her husband had sent their fourth and most incorrigible child, who as a boy threw cake at kids at parties and erasers at his teachers at his private elementary school, first to Sunday morning Bible classes, like his siblings—and then, unlike his siblings, to a stringent military academy an hour and a half upstate shortly after he turned Now, in the twilight of her life, beset with debilitating bone loss, she was being sucked into his tawdry, nonstop soap opera, rendered a bit player in a media frenzy, captured by paparazzi while sitting in the rear of her chauffeured car, looking steely and peeved.

That year, according to Vanity FairMary Trump asked Ivana Decent guy her wanting a little Isle of Lewis, her soon-to-be-ex-daughter-in-law, a pointed question. It was not an easy existence. Some 15 percent of the men the Isle of Lewis sent to combat were killed—nearly a thousand of the more than 6, who served—and an additional who survived later drowned when the ship bringing them home from the war rammed up against jagged rocks visible from the shore. A few years later, following three of her sisters, one of whom had been banished for giving birth while unwed, she traveled to the United States to live there for good.

Even during the Depression, Mary judged, America offered her more opportunity than her struggling, out-of-the-way outpost of Scotland. She boarded the SS Transylvania in Glasgow on May 2,according to local documentsimmigration records and reporting in newspapers in the United Kingdom. In transit, she turned The person who stepped down the gangway in New York on May 11 was logged on the passenger manifest as 5-foot-8 with fair hair and blue eyes. At the time, Fred C. Trump was an up-and-coming builder of single-family houses in the borough.

Mary met him, according to family lore, at a party in Queens that she went to with one of her sisters, but details always have been scant. The union was swift. The guest reception was held at the Carlyle Hotel, a short walk from the church, and the honeymoon was a quick overnight in Atlantic City.

Decent guy her wanting a little Isle of Lewis

Mary MacLeod was now Mary Trump. As the Trumps ascended within the neighborhood in Jamaica from a house on Devonshire Road to a nicer house on Wareham Place to the even nicer, bigger house on the hill on Midland Parkway, Mary Trump gave birth in to Maryanne, in to Fred Jr. Severe hemorrhaging necessitated an emergency hysterectomy, which led to a serious abdominal infection, which led to more surgeries. It was uncertain whether Mary Trump would survive.

At this juncture, Donald Trump was a toddler, a little more than 2 years old, and this was a near-death experience for his mother.

Decent guy her wanting a little Isle of Lewis

How might that have shaped him? I asked a wide range of psychology experts. That age is too young to truly comprehend the event and its stakes—but not too young, they said, to internalize the experience in a deep-seated way. It might evoke ways of acting that are increasingly bombastic and attention-seeking.

The child becomes almost exaggerated in the ways they try to court attention. The Trumps had the first color television in Jamaica Estates, before some families had any TV at all.

Decent guy her wanting a little Isle of Lewis

When the friends went upstairs, and if they stayed for dinner, the meal was formal in feel if simple in cuisine. Where are you thinking of going to college? Walter, a cousin of the president and a kind of Trump family historian, concurs. McIntosh learned to play the card game Canasta from a year-old Donald Trump in an Army green tent Trump pitched on the beach. Outside the tent, club member Harry Kaiser told me, Fred Trump would sit in a chair in the sand in a suit and a tie, reading books with titles like How to Decent guy her wanting a little Isle of Lewis in Business and drinking Orange Crush.

He sometimes wandered from cabana to cabana greeting women, multiple club members remember, with a sort of ceremonial, almost exaggerated tip of his hat. He was just Fred Trump. McIntosh ended up a year later with Trump at New York Military Academy—their fathers had talked about the school at the beach club—and so he saw the 45th president in his adolescence in that context, too.

He especially liked sports. He played baseball and basketball and soccer and football. He wrestled and bowled. His father would visit him often on weekends. Not a word. If psychologists, psychiatrists, family therapists or mental health experts could sit with Trump and examine him, they might ask versions of questions from what is known as an adult attachment interview.

To which parent did you feel closest, and why? Did you ever feel rejected as a young child? How do you think your overall experiences with your parents have affected your adult personality? Are there any other aspects of your early experiences that you think might have held back your development, or had a negative effect on the way you turned out? Neither can I. So did his three living siblings, and his son Donald Trump Jr. She had an amazing smile and an incredible sense of humor. Looking down, there is no doubt that she would be unbelievably proud of my father and all that he has accomplished.

Two of the women who worked closely with Donald Trump in the early stages of his business career in Manhattan and therefore knew his mother, too, in interviews also Decent guy her wanting a little Isle of Lewis her mostly fondly. Louise Sunshine started working for Trump in She was a vice president of the Trump Organization until she left in Barbara Res was another Trump Organization vice president in the s.

She got to know Mary Trump on the occasions she stopped in at the offices in Trump Tower or at dinners or fundraisers for which Trump had purchased a table. Of the three of them, Fred, Donald and his mother, she had the most polish. On this point, Trump might not disagree. Mary Trump died, at 88, in —10 years after she wondered how she had created this kind of son. During his presidential campaign, the Bible his mother gave him when he was a Sunday schooler at First Presbyterian Church in Queens would make appearances at the appropriate times in the context of the evangelical vote.

Occasionally, he would invoke Mary Trump at rallies. Believe me, the greatest. At the top of the list: her role as the reason he wanted to build his golf club in Balmedie, Scotland, some miles away and on the other side of the country from Tong. Trump announced his intention inand the course opened in The stop in Tong lasted three hours, and he spent 97 seconds inside the house where his mother grew up.

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Decent guy her wanting a little Isle of Lewis

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