Divorce and loneliness

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It sneaks up on you. Then you hear a song that was important to the two of you, or you see a couple holding hands, or you hear a dumb joke about divorce on TV. And loneliness descends on you like a cloud of nothingness. You can hardly breathe. You are paralyzed. Then you get angry with yourself. For Jimthe nights were the worst. Ellen felt most alone when she was with other people which is not at all uncommon, by the way. I felt so alone. I felt like Divorce and loneliness reject. Why am I not good enough to hold on to a man? So how do you cope? You can probably survive loneliness without acknowledging it, but it will take longer and hurt more.

So why beat yourself up for no good reason.

Divorce and loneliness

I feel alone. Once you acknowledge that you feel loneliness, I think there are three basic strategies you can use in Divorce and loneliness with it. None of these is any better than the others, and none of them is exclusive — that is, you may choose to deal with loneliness by using some combination of two of these, or even using all three. It may seem impossible now, but time really does heal the wounds of divorce. Plan on somewhere around three years. It is a totally legitimate strategy to simply endure the loneliness you feel.

Benjamin came to see me four years after his separation, because his wife wanted to increase child support. He was pleasant, businesslike, and task-focused. We figured his child support quickly, and I asked him how he was handling the divorce. He remembered. Maybe time not only helps us heal from the pain of divorce; maybe it also helps us forget just how miserable we were when we were in the middle of the crud. One caution: there are some of us for whom time is NOT the answer.

Fallana in Atlanta told me that she was still lonely and unhappy four Divorce and loneliness after her divorce. And that punch will be fueled by all the anger and resentment of the past four years.

Divorce and loneliness

I honestly feel as if life is just passing me by. I go to work, and I come home. Nobody seems to want my love, and I have nothing but love to give. I get no support whatsoever from anyone. I HAVE been through years of therapy, by the way. Is this living? Thank you for reading this. Please realize that things do NOT necessarily get better for everyone after three years. Fortunately, most of us are not Fallana, but some of Divorce and loneliness are. May not be my style, but it got my attention. You may choose something a little more subtle.

Transfer your focus from yourself to others. Get some help. Counseling is always helpful in dealing with loneliness.

Divorce and loneliness

A therapist Divorce and loneliness help you analyze what causes you to be lonely, and the more you understand it the less threatening it is. Counseling also works because of the simple truth that shared pain is half the pain, shared joy is twice the Divorce and loneliness. Help other people. Volunteer your time at a homeless shelter. Visit your aunt in the nursing home. There are any of other places where your hands, your feet, and your heart can make a difference. Let me first point out that this whole concept of embracing loneliness has a faith component.

You probably know as well, however, that I will not impose it on you. Precious little about divorce is good. But the chance to embrace loneliness can be among the sweetest discoveries of this whole cruddy process. Divorce is an opportunity to explore and develop new relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself and the relationship you have with God.

Can you rediscover what good company you are for yourself?

Divorce and loneliness

Try this. In your next extended moment of loneliness, find a place where you can be quiet and alone. Sit quietly and close your eyes. In fact, maybe you could try it now. Listen Divorce and loneliness your own breathing. Without moving, feel each part of your body. Your toes, your feet, your ankles, you know the routine. Work your way up all the way to your ears and eyebrows. Take a walk outside. Listen for the sounds, and identify each one.

If you see a dog, tell it hello. When you come back inside, find something to read. Whatever you like.

Divorce and loneliness

Do you get the idea? Can you discover or rediscover your relationship with God? Sit quietly just like we talked about above. This time, though, focus your thoughts on God. Can I be with you, God? God also comes to us when we are quiet, patient, and attentive. At some point, when you get back on line, e-mail me and tell me about your experience.

I thrive on this stuff. Wait it out Fight it Embrace it Wait It Out It may seem impossible now, but time really does heal the wounds of divorce. Global Volunteer Network — Divorce and loneliness people with developing communities in need VolunteerMatch.

Divorce and loneliness

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How to Deal with Loneliness after Divorce or a Break-Up