Do you enjoy a fantastic sensual massage

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Thanks for checking out my blog! I write sometimes confessional, always sex-positive posts about sex, relationships, and porn. They leave your body feeling profoundly relaxed. You can ease into a state of pure calm. You get touched all over your body.

You feel the firm grip, the slippery smoothness of an oiled palm against your body, and then warmth of skin touching skin. All you have to do is lie there and let your partner make you feel good. It helps her clear your head, let go of stress, and get in the right mindset for sex.

Do you enjoy a fantastic sensual massage

And it reconnects you with your partner and gives you the opportunity to think of all the other things you want them to do to you. Hands Do you enjoy a fantastic sensual massage also a big turn-on for me. When my husband massages me and shows me just how good he is with his hands, it makes him so much more attractive to me. A few days ago, I felt like my body was full of tension. My thighs were sore from hitting the weighted squats too hard during my workout. My back was aching from working all day at my laptop. My husband could tell I was in rough shape and he offered me a small menu of choices for the evening.

After all our responsibilities were checked off for the day, I ed him in the room he had already set up for me. I lifted my dress off, lied down for him, and felt his hands warm me up. It was the perfect way to end the night. Exactly what I needed after a long, frustrating day. Nothing but pure release.

Do you enjoy a fantastic sensual massage

Emotionally connecting with the man I love. Releasing all the tension from my body. And getting to come really fucking hard. Giving a woman a happy ending massage is a really great way to make her feel special, taken care of, and sexually satisfied. Especially not something long that she can ease into and immerse herself in all the amazing things your hands can do to her. If you want to treat her to the ultimate sensual experience, these are the steps to do it. It can also help her feel less self-conscious about being completely undressed in front of you, which will help her enjoy the experience even more.

Let the sun shine through the window.

Do you enjoy a fantastic sensual massage

Natural light bathes a room beautifully. Set the room to a comfortable temperature. Make sure the room smells nice, too. I love scented candles for this, but you can also wear a cologne she really likes. Sound is important, too. Total silence is okay, but I personally prefer to have soft music playing my massage playlist is all Lana Del Rey.

I always thought that owning a massage table would be a luxury. If massages are going to be a regular part of your life and you have room for it, get a massage table. A waterproof pad works. If you own a sex blanketlay it out over the bed first. You can give her a quick backrub without using massage oils. Massage oil is practical because it Do you enjoy a fantastic sensual massage massaging her a lot easier. Your hands will be a lot less tired by the end if they can glide smoothly over her skin. The feeling of oiled up hands running across your body is incredibly arousing.

It gives the massage a great tactile element that really takes it up a notch.

Do you enjoy a fantastic sensual massage

Standard massage oil works really well. If you want a really simple and natural option, you can also use coconut oil or sweet almond oil. Lube works well, too. Massage bars are fun, too. Recently, Mr. Austin and I have started using a massage candle. That one takes a little patience and planning because you need to light it and let the flame burn for about half an hour before you can use it. Start with a lighter touch. Rub her shoulders, her back, her thighs, and her calves. Knead her firmly to release the tension in her muscles.

Spend time massaging one spot at a time. Your fingers lightly grazing her neck will also start arousing her. From there, massage her back, starting with the shoulder blades and working down to her lower back. Go over her back a few times and then move on to her thighs. Rub the back of her thigh and her outer thigh before massaging down to her calves. After that, work your way back up. This time, include her ass. Massage it the way you would her back, kneading it with your hands, rubbing Do you enjoy a fantastic sensual massage palm firmly against it.

Massage her entire body a few times, making sure not to power through too quickly. This time, though, give some attention to her inner thighs, too. While you do it, make sure your hands occasionally graze her pussy. Rub her thighs and her Do you enjoy a fantastic sensual massage like you were before, but give her lips a few long rubs, too. Stimulating her pussy and then moving your hand away to massage other parts of her body is going to intensify her horniness. Rub it softly with your fingers.

You can use your other hand to hold on to her ass or grip her thigh. Or you can use it to finger her slowly. From there, you should focus on her clit. Use the fingers on one hand to spread her lips open and use your other fingers to either rub her clit directly or run your fingers around it. You want the happy ending to be the cherry at the top of this massage. The best way to do that is to let her build up to it gradually.

Do you enjoy a fantastic sensual massage

A slow, soft touch is going to help her pleasure intensify instead of releasing it all too early. Just make sure you start things off lightly. The other thing you need to do to give her a really big orgasm is keep things steady. Just keep giving her the same stimulation and let her focus on it without getting distracted. Resist the temptation to speed up or go hard. That kind of stimulation is your best chance at giving her a powerful orgasm, a long orgasm, and the kind of orgasm that leaves her feeling spent, tired, and well loved. After giving her a happy ending, use a warm, wet cloth to wash the massage oils off her body.

Then use a towel to dry her off. It lets her enjoy a few more great sensations and will make you seem more present. If you want to give her something special for a night, show your appreciation for what a great partner she is, or just give her a really satisfying experience, this is the perfect choice. Most women love sensuality and intimacy.

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Do you enjoy a fantastic sensual massage

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