Dogs for sale sioux falls

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Dogs Cats Other. Special Needs. Senior Pets. Bonded Buddies. Home with Land. Fence Required. Owner Home During Day. Owner Surrender. Transfer From Other Shelter. Born In Care. Low Maintenance. Average Maintenance. High Maintenance. Good for First-Time Owner. Good for Experienced Owner. Breed Knowledge Preferred. Breed Experience Required.

Socialization Knowledge Preferred. Species Knowledge Preferred. Species Experience Required. New to Leashes. Still Learning. Occasional Pulling. Great Walking Companion. Harness Dogs for sale sioux falls.

Gentle Leader Suggested. Front Clip Harness Suggested. Couch Potato. Frequent Napper. Window Watcher. Party Animal. New to Training. Eager to Learn. Basic Skills Known. High Achiever. Low Energy. Moderate Energy. High Energy. Marathoner Energy. Extra Large. Loves Everyone. Prefers Men. Prefers Women. Likes Cats. Prefers People. Bonded with Another. Only Female Cats. Only Male Cats. Likes Dogs. Only Small Dogs. Only Large Dogs. Only Male Dogs. Only Female Dogs.

Dogs for sale sioux falls

All Kids. Front Declawed. Back Declawed. All Four Declawed. Not Housetrained. Partially Housetrained. Crate Trained. Kennel Trained. I am an older girl looking for my forever Dogs for sale sioux falls I was an outdoor farm dog my entire life, but I would love to become an indoor dog or whatever you prefer! If I do become an indoor dog, I do need to be potty trained. I am quite the food connoisseur and I will go to neighboring houses looking for food so I do need to be supervised while I am outside. I also will take treats very roughly so I should go to a home with children ages 11 and up who understand to toss me treats instead of handing them to me.

I will also eat until I am sick so it is important to schedule feed me instead of free feed me! I like being Dogs for sale sioux falls center of attention so it's best that I go to a home with no other animals. Will you be my last forever family? I am a very sweet and anxious girl. I love car rides so much and will take all the love I can get as long as it is on my terms. I would love an owner who has socialization experience to help me be brave. The shelter is unsure of my past, but it seems I may have had a rough start in life so it makes me quite anxious and nervous in new situations.

I also do not like my tail, paws or ears played with much; so pets on my head and back only please! I would do best in a quiet home with no small children and not a lot of activity. If you work from home, even better! I love to be near my people as much as I can. I love tennis balls but mostly love treats more than anything else. I can be mischievous if left alone with a garbage Dogs for sale sioux falls, so make sure I have lots of quality toys to keep me busy. Will you be my second chance? I came to the shelter with little information. I am shy and unsure of new places but very sweet.

I prefer women over men and take a while to warm up to strangers. I have lived with dogs before but the staff is unsure of how we got along. If you have a dog, please bring them to the shelter before adoption so staff can introduce us. I have not been around cats. I will need a patient owner who will help me come out of my shell. I know how to smile! Will you love me forever? I came to the shelter without much information so not a whole lot is known about me.

I am more of a bashful pup when I first meet new people or am in new places, but give me a few minutes and I will warm right up! I should still do fine with kids of all ages, but please make sure they understand that I am a nervous girl.

Dogs for sale sioux falls

Be my one and only? I am such a happy and outgoing girl looking for a home that will forever spoil me! If you even look at me my entire body will start wiggling from how happy my tail is! I think I would do fine with kids of all ages! I do not know how I feel about other animals though! My name is Luna! I came to the shelter because my family moved and could not take me with. I am on the shy side at first, but once I get to know you all I Dogs for sale sioux falls to do is sit in your lap and hang out! Loud noises and fast movements do tend to startle me; because of this, I should go to a home with children ages 13 and up.

I have been around another small dog before and did well but I am unsure how I will be around other animals. I am not house-trained so please be patient with me if I have an accident when you take me home. I am a very talkative girl, if I need something you will know! Will you be my forever family? My name is Molly. I came to the shelter as a stray so not much is known about me! I am going to be a very big boy so please be prepared to handle my size!

Dogs for sale sioux falls

I am only 5 months old but I am already 60 pounds!! I am a fun loving puppy who is looking for an owner ready to commit to me. As a puppy it should be fairly easy to socialize me to most household situations, but it is important that I not be overwhelmed.

And please remember, the most difficult stages of puppyhood are still to come! I'm looking for a patient family that is prepared to guide me through all of life's stages and introduce me to a wonderful world full of adventure. I am already kennel-trained, but may need a refresher course. I do need to be watched with the trash as I do like to go through it even right in front of you!

Are you my forever home? I love Dogs for sale sioux falls outdoors and am always trying to follow my nose. I'm not the biggest fan of toys, but may still play a game of fetch once in a while. I should do well with supervised children ages 13 years and older. I tend not to like to be hugged or otherwise restrained. I can be sensitive about having my tail or feet pet or handled. I appear to be very selective about my canine companions and will need Dogs for sale sioux falls meet any other dogs I will be around before being adopted. I have been around cats before and done OK with them.

It's not known if I will chase cats if they are running outside. I am used to being both in the home and am housetrained, though I may need a refresher after being in the kennels. I am also used to being kenneled in my home.

Dogs for sale sioux falls

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