Eating out sex stories

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Eating out sex stories name is Chris. This story took place when I was 17 years old. At the time, my sister, Audrey, was 16 years old. We were from a large family, so of course space was tight. Because of the limited space, my sister and I were put into the same bedroom. Now, it had been like this since we were 8 and 7.

And, being that we were the two youngest, with 4 years separating my next oldest brother, and me she and I spent a lot of time together, and grew quite close. I had honed my skills of masturbation quite well. I was really enjoying the feelings, and wanted stronger, better orgasms. So one time, during a small vacation in Niagara Falls, it was just my parents and my sister and I. We had gotten a hotel room for the night, and my parents naturally slept in one bed, leaving the other for my sister and I. I remember waking up around 2 or 3 in the morning with the hardest boner. I started to jerk off quietly, right there next to my sleeping little sister, and I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

I was approaching my orgasm, when I had an idea. So I touch her arm lightly, to see if Eating out sex stories will react. So I push her arm a little bit. Still nothing. Just slow, even breathing. So I put my hand on her arm, and start to slide it down towards her hand.

Satisfied with no reaction, I become emboldened, and I grasp her hand, and slide it over toward my groin.

Eating out sex stories

Still, no reaction from her led me on. I placed her warm, slightly damp hand onto my 6-inch hard cock. It feels like heaven. I was almost content in leaving it there, but I continue. I wrap my hand around her hand and my member, and start to jerk off with her hand.

I knew I would not Eating out sex stories long, and I was worried that I might wake her up, but I tried to make it last as long as possible, damning the possibilities of her waking up, or my parents for that matter. Her hand felt like molten lava it was so hot. Quickly, my orgasm came, and I spilled my hot sticky cum all over her and my hand. I almost groaned out loud when I came, as it was the strongest orgasm I ever had yet.

I stroked her hand up and down on my slowly softening dick, enjoying every last bit of this amazing treat that I can. Then I wiped as much of the cum off her hand onto my underwear as possible, put her hand back onto her stomach, and with a sigh of pleasure and a smile, I went back to sleep.

The next morning, no one knew anything had happened, and Audrey woke up, and took a shower, and probably never had time to smell anything. We continued on our trip through Niagara Falls, and then went home. I never tried anything like that again over the next year or so, preferring to play it safe and jerk off in the bathroom, remembering the awesome feeling of her hand that night. And then, Eating out sex stories day about a year later, our father tells us that our sick aunt is going to move in with us, so that she can be cared for. Since our room was directly across the hall from theirs, we had to move out to make room.

But since there were no more bedrooms to be used, we had to take over half of the downstairs T. That would mean that Audrey and I would have to share a bed. How long?

Eating out sex stories

Since no one was moving out any time soon, it would be until our aunt either got healthy, or died. So, we settle into the routine of sleeping in the same bed. Or at least I tried to. On even the first night, I was very aware of the barely dressed form of my hot, sleeping little sister. Knowing how sound she sleeps. Knowing how hot her hands are.

Knowing that I could probably get away with what I had done a year ago. I tried to put the thoughts out of my head, knowing full well that if I started doing it at home, that I would do it again and again, further increasing my chances or waking her up or being caught. Well, that worked for about 3 or 4 weeks. Then one night, after waking up with a boner, I went in the bathroom for relief. I thought everything was going to be fine as I crawled back into bed. She was lying on her side, semi curled up.

This resulted in her ass pointing out right towards me. I slid over next to her, and realized that I had a hard on again. I decided that maybe I could get off again, then my hard on might go away. And like before, there was no reaction. I rubbed her left ass cheek for a while, and Eating out sex stories slowly started going up her side. I was watching for any of her waking up, but none ever came. I glided my hand up to her left breast, and slowly rubbed and squeezed Eating out sex stories. It felt amazing. I had never felt a breast before, but it was all that I thought it would be.

I kept on rubbing her tit, and I felt her nipple get hard. The fabric of her nightgown made it hard to completely feel, so I went back down and under the nightgown. My hands were trembling by this time, but there was no stopping me at this point. I was getting harder by the minute, and I thought my dick was going to explode. I reached her tit again, and immediately noticed how amazingly hot her skin was again.

I felt her nipple again, and this time I started pinching it and rolling it between my thumb and middle finger. I was tent poling my tighty whiteys so bad, it began to hurt. I reached down to adjust my cock, and just pushed it through the opening in the front of my underwear. I went back to rubbing her luscious Eating out sex stories, alternating between the two of them. I was at this for about 5 minutes when I noticed her breathing had changed slightly.

It had picked up pace. Not so much that I thought she was waking, but simply deeper breathes.

Eating out sex stories

I stole a glance at her, and saw that her cheeks had gotten a little red as well. I was so turned on at this point; she could have woken up, and would not have cared. I slid my hand back down to her ass, and realized that while I had been rubbing my cock against her flower printed panties, I was leaking pre-cum all over them. The thought of that turned me on even more, and I slid my fingers down to her pussy. I felt her lips through her Eating out sex stories, and I felt something else that surprised me. She was wet. After about a minute, I decided she was indeed still asleep, and I continued.

I rubbed her soaked pussy a little longer, and then I picked up the side of the panty leg, and lifted. Easily, I slid my slick, hard cock up against her ass crack. I slid it right in by her pussy. Between my pre-cum, and her being wet, it was well lubricated in there. I started sliding my cock back and forth in between her hot, wet folds. It felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

Eating out sex stories

I placed my hand back on her breast, and started playing with her nipple again. As I played with her nipple, I looked down at her face. It was by now very red, and sweat was forming on her brow. She was almost panting by now, and I could feel her pussy lips starting to open, and my cock was trying to slip in.

I could feel the entrance, and I knew I could get in.

Eating out sex stories

But I also knew that if I had, I would absolutely wake her up. I continued, hoping to cum soon so I can stop. But I never did. After another minute or two, she started breathing really hard, and moaned kind of loud. Her ass started to grind against me, and I felt a gush of hot liquid. It soaked my cock and the bed under us both.

She continued bucking against my cock, moaning softer each time. On one of her thrusts though, it finally happened. The head of my cock slipped up in her pussy, and the came to rest against her hymen. I thought it Eating out sex stories all over then. I was filled with the two biggest feelings in my life. The greatest, with my cock being inside my first pussy, and the scariest, because at that point, her eyes opened up, and looked dreamily over at me.

I was frozen. First thing, I pulled my cock out of her pussy hole. I had to do something smart, and fast.

Eating out sex stories

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