Erotic stories mg

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Family sex night A man visits his daughter and granddaughter and finds both are willing sex partners. Martha to my left indicating my assumption of the queen of clubs was wrong.

Erotic stories mg

Martha led the two of spades. My partner Carla laid down her hand and there was no queen of clubs. I went down two tricks. Don't wear that at the bridge table again. Her favorite way to have sex was with her hands tied to the bed and wearing a blindfold.

I had to play the roll of a rapist. My lovely wife of thirty four years had died ten years before and her large life insurance policy had taken care Erotic stories mg my early retirement. My sex life was good, there were two women at the bridge club who were good reliable sex partners. Carla was a forty-six year old divorcee who liked to have sex like a rabbit and Mary, a forty-three year old widow who only let me mount her from behind while she wore panties.

It was a little uncomfortable with the damn gusset rubbing my cock but hey, it was sex. They both knew I had sex with them and didn't care as long as they were satisfied. Some weeks I had sex with them on the same day, Erotic stories mg in the afternoon following our twice weekly bridge game and Mary later that evening.

Erotic stories mg

Erotic stories mg was my best friend. I loved sex with these two women but there was a darker side that no one else knew about. I lusted after little girls. I lusted after girls aged eleven to fifteen. I had no desire for ones younger than eleven, their flat chests did nothing for me. But the of developing breasts - even just a nub turned me on. Any camel toe I could catch sight of brought a quick erection, as did hints of nipples. During the summer I would spend every afternoon when I wasn't playing bridge by our community pool, with a magazine covering my erection and dark sunglasses covering my lustful gazes at the little mermaids.

They would get out of the water and walk past me with the crotch of their two piece swimsuits tucked into the little fold of their pussies and firm nipples from the cool water poking the thin material of their bra tops. On several occasions when one of them would jump, in causing the bra top to slide up revealing little swells with hard nipples on top, I would have to go to the toilet stall and masturbate. I knew when it started. I mean when my daughter Sandra was growing up and I would see her naked I never had any urges to touch her or had any sexual feelings toward her - she was, well, she was my daughter.

But now, when my granddaughter Jessie's body was starting to develop, it took all my self restraint to keep from touching her. She was too old to sit on her grandfather's lap any more so the only times I got to touch her was when I hugged her. As her breasts started to develop I was enjoying the feel of them against my chest. I decided it was time for another visit. Sandra met me at the airport a few days later. Her and her husband had been divorced for a little over a year and I was glad he was out of her life as he had a horrible temper.

Those ladies at the bridge club must be keeping you busy. She had asked about my sex life and I had told her about Carly and Mary. As we drove home I asked about Jessie. Erotic stories mg up too fast though. Girls seem to hit puberty earlier these days. I had to buy her training bras last week. I remember when mom got one for me. I unpacked in the spare bedroom and looked around. Jessie's room was adorned with Erotic stories mg teenager stuff. Old worn dolls, posters of pop stars and boy singers.

I looked in the drawers of the dresser and found her underwear. She had four bras, one yellow with a little red heart over where her nipple would be. Another was white trimmed in pink and was no more than two cotton triangles and a couple of plain pale blue ones. Her clothes hamper delivered what I was looking for, soiled panties.

I picked up a blue one and looked at the white crotch. I was surprised to see a yellowish smear. I smelled it and it had a slightly sweetish odor but a definitely sexy smell. My little granddaughter has cum in her panties. I tried to imagine what she was doing to make herself aroused enough to masturbate.

This feeling was the same one I got when looking at naked girls on the internet. I had surfed for naked photos of preteens and had found website in Russia that had pictures of ten year olds and up. Some were in very sexy poses. Then all of a sudden a window popped up saying I had to send money to get my computer unlocked. Fortunately I had a Mac that was less vulnerable to cyber attacks so I was able to restore from a Time Machine backup.

The only sites Erotic stories mg I visited after that were the nudist ones. I ed one and downloaded some nice videos of junior miss nudist ants. Their small slim bodies, their puffy areolae, their small hairless pubes with little clefts gave me good images to masturbate with. At seven Jessie gave me a quick peck on my cheek and was off to bed. I'd forgotten what it was like at that age. As soon as the front door closed I went to Jessie's room and got a pair of her panties. In the Erotic stories mg I took off my clothes Erotic stories mg started to masturbate with my granddaughter's sexy pink panties wrapped around my cock.

Erotic stories mg

I was so engrossed in what I was doing I never heard the front door open. I climbed the stairs and could see that the family Erotic stories mg door was open and I almost called to my dad when I realized he was naked, standing with his back to me in front of the toilet. I gazed at his ass, it was so gorgeous. I loved men's bottoms, loved to look at them in their Speedos at our HOA pool. Then I noticed he wasn't peeing but rubbing his cock - oh my God, my dad was masturbating. He had something in his hand and I suddenly realized it was a pair of panties and they were not mine as I wore only thongs.

I almost gasped as I realized they must be Jessie's. I didn't want him to see me but I had to watch him. My panties were getting wet as I hadn't seen a naked man in almost a year. There was the quick fling after my divorce but nothing since. He was getting close to cumming as he reached out with his other hand to brace himself against the wall. He grunted three or four times and his semen spurted out which he caught in the crotch of Jessie's panties. I quickly got the folder off my bed and closed the front door quietly and went back to the office.

I told my boss that I needed to go home at lunch as I knew dad wouldn't be there as he said he was going to take a cab to the mall. I pulled in the driveway and quickly went to the bathroom and retrieved Jessie's cum stained panties from the clothes hamper. My dad's creamy cum had puddled in the crotch, some of it had soaked in.

I tasted it and got a little light headed. My panties were quickly around my ankles as I Erotic stories mg on the toilet, my hand over my pussy caressing my now firm clit. Oh God could it Erotic stories mg any better than this. I was licking my dad's semen off my daughter's panties as I climaxed. I took the crotch of the panties and wiped my wet pussy. Pulling up mine I went to Jessie's room where I laid the panties on top of her others. Tomorrow my little girl will go to school wearing these panties with my own and my dad's cum tight against her little vulva. I've had a crush on my dad ever since I was twelve.

Erotic stories mg

As I entered puberty and my hormones started to surge I was horny all the damn time. Boys didn't really appeal to me as at that age they were just stupid walking penises, and all they wanted was a feel of a girls tits or a look up their skirts.

No, not boys but grown men like my uncles and of course my dad as I was Erotic stories mg him the most. I loved to flirt with him and touch him, and kiss him but never on his lips. I think the first time I heard him and mom having sex, I hated her. It should be me under him and not her. I was jealous. I wanted him to fuck Erotic stories mg.

So with all that baggage I was so turned on watching him ejaculate into Jessie's panties. I wanted to go in the bathroom and take him in my mouth. Then I thought, why Jessie's panties and not mine, or why panties at all? A dark thought crossed my mind, is my dad into young girls? I knew he was having regular sex with two women from his bridge club but why my daughter's panties.

Erotic stories mg

In all the years of Jessie growing up he never once made any sexual advances to her. But now Erotic stories mg was entering puberty at the young age of twelve how would she act around her grandpa? Would her hormones kick in and start her thinking of older men like I did.

My ex-husband hardy ever wanted to see her so dad was the only man she Erotic stories mg. The cab dropped me off at two thirty and I waited for Jessie to come home from school. At three thirty I welcomed her at the front door. It had gotten a lot rounder than the last time I saw her. Back then she was a skinny ten year old, no hips to speak of and flat chested. However back then I wasn't into little girls and if I had been, a ten year old would not have drawn my attention.

Now Jessie was the perfect age and as far as I could see under her clothes, had small breasts. It was made from thin cotton and was more like a sports bra but not stretchy. I could feel my erection rising. It was so delicate I could see her light brown areolae and her pink nipples through the thin cotton. Don't let your mom know I said so, but that bra makes you look so sexy. I bet all the boys at school chase after you.

Erotic stories mg

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