Erotic wife story

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Total 0 votes. Well, Rob woke me up Sunday morning with a hardon and let me tell you that I was really enjoying our newly exciting sex life!

Erotic wife story

We had been married for a few years and after the first we had slowly reduced our sexual encounters over the years, just like most other married couples. I had no interest in being a "hot wife" or screwing around and I really didn't think Rob had any ideas along that line but he seemed to really be getting off on displaying me. Category: Anal Sex. My first wife and I stayed Erotic wife story for too many years. There were the s in the first two years that we had made a mistake.

Erotic wife story

We married young. I had just returned from the first of two tours in Vietnam. She was being driven batty by her mother. We were young, lonely and needed to be needed. In her case, I have always believed she would have been more self confident and self Erotic wife story if she'd taken that job with the airlines rather than getting married.

I enjoy other men's wives. I enjoy single women too but there's something special about a married one. Of course, it's that taste of forbidden fruit, knowing that when she opens her arms -- and legs -- to you she is breaking those sacred vows and you are taking something that was promised to another man alone.

Erotic wife story

The only thing I can't decide is whether it's better if the husband knows Erotic wife story not. Category: Fetish. For as long as I can remember, I've always had a thing for panties. Not wearing them. Seeing them, smelling them, touching them. And, of course, coming on them. I'm almost always turned on when I see a girl's panties.

With the current trend of low-slung jeans and pants, my eyes are always on the lookout for a girl whose panties or thong is in view.

Erotic wife story

I met Gord in a local chat room frequented by swingers and people that leaned towards the alternative lifestyles. Neither my husband Rick or I had partaken of any extramarital sex but it sounded so spicy that I was constantly returning and getting into conversations with the fifty-nine year old gentleman who lived a couple of miles from us.

It was a warm spring night, for a dinner with friends at an upscale, trendy restaurant somewhere in the city. We both dressed a little nicer than the norm because the occasion and location demanded it. I was in a blazer, blue shirt and blue and green striped tie, but I couldn't hold a candle to how beautiful and sexy you were--a Erotic wife story, shiny black cocktail dress, thin straps at the shoulders and a little lower in the front than usual.

Erotic wife story

You also wore black stockings and heels. When you were getting ready, Erotic wife story caught a peek of my favorite black thong nestled in the front and rear of my gorgeous wife. Category: Group Sex. I heard the door open and my wife came in. It was late but no later than her usual night of work. She walked into the bedroom and I could see in her eyes that she was frisky. I hoped I knew what would come next. She peeled her clothes off and left them in a pile beside the bed which creaked as she climbed onto it and straddled my head.

Her strong thighs touched my cheeks as she steadied herself against the headboard.

Erotic wife story

Westin Peachtree Four years ago my wife, Mary, and I had a night on the town in ATL and it turned into something incredibly unforgettable. We were made spectators, then participants, in a gang bang at a highly respected and rated ATL hotel, Erotic wife story Westin Peachtree. The Erotic wife story is a 70 story hotel with a rotating restaurant the top, in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Dave stepped back to admire his reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the wardrobe door.

Yes, definitely the remnants of a six pack on his abdomen and his biceps were well defined. A little excess weight around the waist maybe but for a man in his forties, with precious little time available to frequent the gym, he looked pretty good. It started with a simple question. I sat at my computer on a Saturday morning wearing sweats and a wrinkled T-shirt.

My husband, Bill, was reading the newspaper at the kitchen table. s: 1 2 3 ยป.

Erotic wife story Erotic wife story

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