Ex is dating someone less attractive

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And then he came back. Told him to fuck off. Best day ever :. Brian-Brain Xper 6. I'm just trying to find out about human behavior. I know that love is not all about looks. And I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but let's for arguments sake say that your ex is dating someone less attractive than you. So, does it hurt more Ex is dating someone less attractive less when your ex is dating someone new that is less attractive than you?

And why? It hurts more. Vote A. Vote B. It hurts less. Vote C. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Does it hurt more or less when your ex is dating someone new that is less attractive than you? Add Opinion. BobbyD Xper 5. I wouldn't care If i was the one who initiated the break up I was dumped and she started dating this guy who was in much better shape, no where near attractive, and was unemployed with no direction in life.

At the end of the day he was giving her something that I was not able to RobertWill Xper 2. When your ex is with someone obviously not subjectively less attractive than you it's a rejection of your personality and lifestyle. She is with some Channing Tatum guy or something you can write it off as her being shallow in some way I guess lol.

Every giant fat ugly warcraft nerd doesn't have a better personality than Channing Tatum guy most likely, but everyone thinks they have a better personality than everyone elseso its a comfort. Girly opinions shared on Dating topic. Did he leave me for this new person? Or is he just dating someone new a while after we broke up?

If he left me for someone who seems less attractive than me I'd assume he has a better connection with her and how can I argue with true love? But if he left me for someone more attractive I'd think it was shallow and I'd be more upset, thinking I didn't mean much Ex is dating someone less attractive him. If we broke up and then he eventually started dating this other person i would feel the same slight jealousy no matter what she looked like. Sonjita opinions shared on Dating topic. Xper 7.

Ex is dating someone less attractive

Haha I saw him with some girl who didn't look like she was taking good care of herself. She was chubby, totally dressed down, ponytail, no makeup.

Ex is dating someone less attractive

I was like wtf now. He always had some weird taste for girls But seeing him with less attractive girls didn't make me feel better at all. Anyway now he is finally dating some pretty babe and I feel good about it, I don't know why.

I guess I have friendly feelings for him so I want him to have all the best? I was upset cause a very ugly and annoying guy that I thought had nothing to offer had a girlfriend and I somehow felt insulted that somebody who wasn't good enough for me wasn't good enough for somebody more attractive then me. I wouldn't care under normal circumstances - but this guy was always hurting my feelings and I expected other people to share my point of view that he was unattractive with nothing to offer. Up Ex is dating someone less attractive Sort Girls First Guys First.

TacosRAwesome 3. It doesn't hurt st all, or doesn't matter because I don't care about who he dates. That said, soon after we broke up, he got into this "relationship" with some girl online and all his Facebook statuses were about how wonderful and amazing she ism. That hurt because I've dated him for years and never got a single Facebook status from him, beyond something stupid. No, because I've moved in from him. That'd only hurt if you still have feelings for an ex.

I'd actually feel indifferent. I don't hold onto something that's history. That would be like stumbling over something behind you. I move forward after a breakup. NyomiMcClinton 1.

Ex is dating someone less attractive

It will hurt more if they are attractive. It would hurt less if they are unattractive. But if Im completely over them, I wouldn't care less about who he dates. I try not to concern myself with stuff like that. Lilier Xper 2. I have an ex who started dating someone less attractive than me but does a lot more stuff with. I'd say it hurts the same but at the same time, there's that "ha he downgraded" moment that makes you sorta happy.

But it's still all the same. It was kinda painful for me experiencing that.

Ex is dating someone less attractive

We weren't even together but I could tell he liked me. I, however, didn't felt the same. He was cute but from what I've had seen o his personality, I came to a conclusion that I didn't like him. Now, I wish I could've gotten to know him better. Anyways, I don't know why it hurt when I saw him with a girl that's less pretty than me.

He seemed to have forgotten me completely, so fast. I still think about that but I have to move on. Wonderer89 1. I don't really get hurt by it, I'd love to see him happy with someone else and if she was stunning it would please me that he finally found what he was looking for after so long. Sweetsara27 Xper 4. My ex started to dated someone like a couple of days ago and he even posted in on social media it did hurt me and it still hurts me because I did love the guy or still do a little but I didn't see his new girlfriend but it also shows you that maybe the guy didn't care at all which is how it makes me feel because it was like he was using me as a cover to find someone better then me when I was right in Ex is dating someone less attractive of him.

AsianMae98 Xper 4. I mean it's more ok if the girl just looks average. It will hurt more if she is damn more beautiful than me lol.

Ex is dating someone less attractive

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