Fat swingers Gold Bridge, British Columbia va

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The Open Collections website will be unavailable July 27 from PST ahead of planned usability and performance enhancements on July More information here. Refworks. BC Historical Newspapers. Featured Collection. The report summarized bacteriological data collected during a five week period from May 25 to June 24, in selected areas of Howe Sound which included Gower Point to Williamsons Landing, Keats and Gambier Islands.

The purpose of the survey was to assess the pollution sources to, as well as the bacteriological Fat swingers Gold Bridge of, bi-valve molluscan shellfish habitats in the study area.

Fat swingers Gold Bridge, British Columbia va

The survey, done by Bruce H. Kay and Robert B. Shepherd, along with giving harvestable shellfish locations, gave strong indications of the Fat swingers Gold Bridge of high level pollution concentrations, plus Ihe effectiveness of the sewage disposal plants in Gibsons and al the Langdale Ferry Terminal. During the survey, says the report, the Howe Sound water quality was influenced by record breaking rainfalls, and as a result substantial fecal pollution was introduced into the environment from non-point unknown sources.

These sources ificantly reduced surface water salinity levels in the Sound and contributed high levels of indicator bacteria. In those areas where sources could be identified, the conclusions reflect abnormal weather conditions encountered during the survey. The following are the conclusions gained from the survey: 1.

The northwestern shoreline of Keats Island, specifically Plumper Cove, met the approved shellfish growing water standard. However, overboard discharges of sewage British Columbia va pleasure boats utilizing the Provincial Park facilities may result in unacceptable contamination of the growing waters and shellfish tissue. A seasonal closure in this area is warranted to safeguard the consumer during the heavy boating period. The mainland coastline from Gower Point to Steep Bluff is subject to intermittent fecal contamination arising from non- point urban drainage.

The discharge from the Village of Gibsons sewage treatment plant STP may also impair water quality during those times when there is inadequate disinfection. Because the chlorine application is manually controlled, the dosage may be inadequate during Fat swingers Gold Bridge flow rates, possibly resulting in receiving water contamination.

However, it is not known whether water quality in this vicinity would meet shellfish growing standards under normal rainfall conditions. The tidal foreshore from Steep Bluff to Soames Point Is contaminated with fecal pollution to the extent that consumer consumption of bi-valve molluscan shellfish harvested in this area may pose a health hazard. Urban drainage from sewered and unsewered areas was implicated as the major source of bacterial contamination.

These were analyzed for fecal coliform. The high values indicated substantial, continuous pollution of these shellfish waters.

Fat swingers Gold Bridge, British Columbia va

The tidal foreshore from Soames Point to, but not including the Langdale Ferry Terminal, Fat swingers Gold Bridge the approved shellfish growing water quality criteria. The present metre radius closure around the ferry terminal docks is sufficient to safeguard the shellfish consumer. Water quality in the vicinity of the YMCA Camp Elphinstone met shellfish growing standards despite a high fecal coliform level detected in a shellfish sample. However the area from which the shellfish were taken is under a general metre wharf closure. Water quality in Centre Bay on Gambier Island was influenced from an unknown source which caused localized contamination at one station and resulted in the contamination of Fat swingers Gold Bridge resident shellfish.

It is likely the contamination observed resulted from the abnormally high rainfall and subsequent land wash. Grouped data from all stations in the bay met growing water standards indicating water quality was generally acceptable.

The cause of pollution is suspected to be drainage from paslureland which is contaminated with animal fecal material. The discharge of septic tank effluent through submerged outfall at Fircom Camp Halkett Bay on Gambier Island resulted in ificant contamination of the immediate foreshore. It is likely the extent and degree of contamination would increase during peak use periods of the camp. The intertidal area at the head of Halkett Bay met the approved growing water standard and was apparently unaffected by ihe Camp Fircom discharge.

The intertidal area at McNab Creek is contaminated with fecal pollution to the extent that consumption of bi-valve molluscan shellfish havested from this area could pose a health hazard. Uplands drainage seems to be the source of contamination. The area may also be subject lo sewage discharges from anchored pleasure crafl in the summer months.

Fat swingers Gold Bridge, British Columbia va

The report states that the following closure additions are proposed for the Pacific Shellfish Regulations: 1 The tidal foreshore of Plumper Cove, Keats Island, the area lying within a metre radius of the Provincial Park wharf, except that shellfish may be taken from September 15 lo April 30 each year; 2 the tidal foreshore lying from the mouth of Chaster Creek to a Please tarn to 22 Serving the Sunshine Coast since The Sunshine Published at Gibsons, B.

Members spent lasl Saturday expanding the Marsh's pathways to accommodate the use of wheelchairs and performing Iheir regular fall clean-up. In view of rapid construction In the area Immediately surrounding the Marsh, society members are also active in protecting the park's solitude and the integrity of the area's watershed.

Pender rezoning vetoed -law infraction discussed The regional board requested of Mr. William Wong British Columbia va Leek Road in Roberts Creek, that the uses noted on the subject property, namely the warehousing and distribution of soft drinks and the second dwelling be terminated until the zoning regulations are changed. The second infraction noted by the board was the contravention of zoning on Park Avenue in Roberts Creek, where Mr. Joe Belanger is using his residentially zoned land for industrial use as a metal fabrication enterprise.

In the land use regulatory by-law an amendment will British Columbia va made to the section of the of dwellings allowable per parcel of land. Section 2. No more than one dwelling unit shall be located on any parcel wilh an area less than or equal to square metres No more than two dwelling units shall be locaied on any parcel with an area greater than square metres Where more than one dwelling existed on a parcel in a conforming manner prior to the adoption of the by-law, such additional dwellings may be replaced or structurally altered provided that the area resulting in such replacement or alteration does not exceed that which existed prior to the adoption of the by-law.

Averaging is a development tool used to average out lot sizes in subdivisions with land formation problems i. The rezoning application which was not accepted for first reading and dismissed before introduction was a proposal to rezone from R4 residential, commercial fishing to R6 high density residential a portion of land at Canoe Pass in Pender Harbour.

Alternate Director for Area A, Murray Mark, British Columbia va the board that this application was strongly opposed by the Advisory Planning Committee in Pender Harbour, who along with other Pender Harbourites had ed a petition stating their disapproval the last time rezoning had been requested for this parcel. Two cases of by-law infractions are currently before the board and procedures to deal with such items were discussed.

Henry Lewis Thompson, 41, known as Tony Thompson, of the same address, was charged with Fat swingers Gold Bridge degree murder in the stabbing death which occurred at the victim's home at 2 a. Judge J. Johnson ordered in court October 14th that Thompson be remanded Fat swingers Gold Bridge custody until October 28th, to give him time to apply for legal counsel. Thompson has been employed for the last five months by the Forest Service as a foreman on the Britain River Silviculture project in Jervis Inlet.

Police reported there were several other persons at the victim's home at the time of the murder. These and other questions about the marina were raised at the Social Credit meeting held in Wilson Creek on Wednesday, October 14th, Concerns were expressed about the costs to Village residents in case of overruns. One member felt that a small municipality like Gibsons could not afford a million dollar deficit, although the marina concept was generally 'enthusiastically' supported by the party members. To date, the federal government's Department of Public Works has agreed to fund 50ft of the project which would include the breakwater construction and the necessary dredging in the bay.

They have given the Village a projected starting date of January or February, The other 30ft, which, according to the referendum, would be collected in part from "substantial assistance from the Provincial Government" has not yet been applied for. The terms of the referendum also state that "if federal or provincial funding is not provided, the marina will not be built Revenues will be more than sufficient to meet the operating expenses and the retirement of the capital debt as well as the recovery of the cost of the land purchase".

But their increased cost factors; the higher inflation rates and interest rates, the effect of a depressed economy on tourism are seriously being analysed by Gibsons Council, said Copland, who also stressed the benefit the marina will have on the local area. It is difficult to get provincial support without such a plan. The project manager is working on timing and co-ordination with other levels of government", said Copland. Another hold-up to the proceedings is ihe official go-ahead from the Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing which processes waterlot leases and licences.

Council must procure from the affected bay area residents letters of indication, which state that he upland owner has been informed of the Village's application for a waterlot lease and th they British Columbia va no objection to it.

Fat swingers Gold Bridge, British Columbia va

The letters of indication will be sent along with a mai plotting out the owners' lots, to the Ministry of Lands, Park and Housing. Copland told the Coast News that in this case i jority rules. All shellfish, with the exception of Butter Clams may be harvested in area 16 includes British Columbia va of the Sunshine Coast. Pender Harbour is closed lo all shellfish harvesting. Guilty plea in Huber death Richard William Huber, 28, of Richmond, pleaded guilty in Sechelt Provincial Court Thursday to a charge of manslaughter in connection with the disappearance and death of his wife, Patricia Faith Huber on July 25th.

Huber, w. Huber has been a patient at the UBC Health Services since he was admitted August 4th, where he was described as having acute suicidal tendencies and showing s of being severely mentally disordered. He was subdued during his short court appearance, Thursday. Boi Foreign S Second Ciass Mail Registration No Violence in paradise A small community like ours, with something like 16, souls distributed between Langdale and Egmont, can become quite complacent about itself.

We Fat swingers Gold Bridge inclined too often to think of ourselves as a peaceful, civilized community in which people generally behave themselves and respect their spouses, children and friends. It comes as something of a shock therefore when one week produces so many examples of violent, abhorrent and uncivilized behaviour being examined by our criminal courts. In just this past week, the court in Sechelt dealt with cases involving the deaths of two women, a case of rape, incest and indecent assault, three separate cases of common assault against police officers, another case of indecent assault, an assault causing bodily harm involving a juvenile, and yet another case of assault causing bodily harm.

Admittedlv this was an unusual week and certainly nol all ihose charged are local people, but the fact remains thai violent and aberrant acts arc being committed all too often in our peaceful and gentle little community. People are being killed, beaten, and raped, children are being assaulted, British Columbia va incest is a tragic pan of some Coast families' lives. Our awareness of these terrible things may not stop them from happening, but the fact that the perpetrators of Ihese acts are being arrested, charged and punished may at least deler some of these barbarous and criminal behaviours.

A perspective of Fat swingers Gold Bridge It's a strange world, full of ironies. Here in Canada much highly publicized agonizing is going on on the part of our politicians about the future and'the unity of ihe country. Our own premier has been criss-crossing the country for many weeks in ostentatious pursuit of a constitutional unanimity which seems as elusive now as Fat swingers Gold Bridge has for the past fifty years. Meanwhile in the city of Montreal in the province of Quebec, the home of Canada's only openly separatist government, twenty-five young Americans in the uniform of the Montreal Expo baseball team arc effortlessly and without reflec tion uniting ihe country behind the hope of a Canadian team in the World Scries.

At Ihe lime of writing, we do nol know whether or nol Ihe Expos will make il through ihe lasi game of the playoffs against the Los Angeles Dodgers. From Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, however, the people of Ihis country are rooting for Ihe learn of Americans from the province with the separatist government, rooting for them because Ihey are a Canadian team. It helps to keep the politicians in perspective.

The damage to both small and large business, as well as government and institutional organizations is almost beyond comprehension. On the Sunshine Coast it was a day of lost wages and inconveniences such as the ferry shutdown. Some stores and offices were closed and there was the air of a national day of mourning in the commercial centres. The new fare set up means that travellers through Langdale to Vancouver and through Earl's Cove to Powell River will not pay fares. At the same time the Authority has wiped out the half-fare days.

This in spite of what Ray Chamberlin, director of the program told school trustees at their meeting last week. The call was apparently to the cookhouse on the boulevard so the brigade proceeded with due dispatch to the Calypso Dining rooms but finding no fire there went on to the Sechelt Inn where also there was no fire.

Fat swingers Gold Bridge, British Columbia va

From there they were directed to the home of E. Cooke where a chimney fire was raging. This was quickly extinguished without damage. Mechanized harvesting of the forest has long been common place in British Columbia, but until now, planting of the forest Fat swingers Gold Bridge remained strictly in the hand tool stage.

The new power planting tool, weighing 21 lbs. Estimates on the Welcome Beach cutoff will go to the department of public works "sometime this month".

Fat swingers Gold Bridge, British Columbia va

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