Free german shepherds in michigan

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Famous for its iconic ears, beautiful black and brown coats, and high intelligence, the German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. This active breed traces its origin to the classic German Shepherd, bred in the s, for herding and protecting livestock. While there are many German Shepherd breeders and owners in Michigan, there are equally as many German Shepherds that need a rescue home.

While there are few breed-specific shelters in the state of Michigan, there are many rescues and shelters that take in German Shepherds. Many of these rescues and shelters receive their dogs from owner surrenders and the streets.

Free german shepherds in michigan

Some German Shepherd rescues in Michigan are strays, abandoned dogs, homeless, or abused dogs. Since they are a large dog breed, many dog owners find it difficult to care for this type of dog.

Free german shepherds in michigan

All of these factors important to keep in mind before choosing to adopt a German Shepherd rescue. Without further ado, here is our list of the 6 best German Shepherd rescues in Michigan. This non-profit rescue uses its foster home network to rescue as many companion animals as possible in Michigan and surrounding states.

The rescue takes in dogs and cats, gives them the necessary medical care, and re-homes them with loving families. They allow the rescued dogs and Free german shepherds in michigan to stay as long as they need to before re-homing them. Some of their rescues have stayed in their foster care for as long as 1 year as they recover for their forever home. While the dog shelter takes in all breeds, you have a good chance at adopting a German Shepherd from this rescue. Keep in mind that most German Shepherds at the rescue will be 1-year-old or older.

Founded inAll About Animals is one of the largest wellness centers for surrendered or abandoned companion animals in Michigan. This dog rescue also has 4 veterinarian wellness centers in Auburn Hills, Flint, Detroit, and Warren. This will help ensure that all dogs are taken care of before being adopted out.

They place rescued cats and dogs in foster care with their Michigan volunteers as they search for permanent homes. In addition, All About Animals evaluates adoption applications on a best-match basis. This means that even though you apply early, you may not adopt a pet as quickly. They try to match all their dogs, especially German Shepherds, with someone who lives a similar lifestyle.

This will give you an awesome experience of what it is like to own a dog. Inrescue groups placed the of strays between 20, to 50, This narrows down to stray dogs per square mile which is an insanely high rate of dogs needing to be rescued. Detroit Dog Rescue claims to be the first no-kill shelter in the city. The rescue was founded in and has committed itself as a canine companion rescue, rehabilitation, and placement facility.

This dog rescue in Michigan has expanded its programs to include monthly low cost and free vaccination clinics. Since there are many dog breeds in their foster care system, you can easily find a German Shepherd in this rescue in Michigan. To apply for adoption, you will need to fill in an adoption application for review. A Detroit Dog Rescue volunteer will review your application and help you determine the best dog match for you.

Before applying, consider speaking to the rescue to find out the breakdown of dog breeds in their care. The non-profit organization has rescued and re-homed over 25, pets since its founding. The shelter has a Free german shepherds in michigan shelter does not accept any stray dogs and encourages well-wishers to contact their local animal control shelter.

Unlike other dog rescues or shelters on this list, SPCA Southwest Michigan encourages you to visit their rescued dogs and see if any spark an interest. If a dog sparks your interest, the shelter will place you in an adoption room for a meet and greet. You will get to spend a couple of minutes with your potential dog. The rescue provides compassionate care through their foster care network where they give necessary medical care and socialize the dogs further. At the moment, the canine rescue adopts to Michigan residents but also considers parts of New York, Ohio, Indiana, and Canada.

They place companion pets as per the best-match. Furget Us Free german shepherds in michigan Rescue requires adopters to be 21 years of age, have a veterinarian reference, a Free german shepherds in michigan reference, and a physical home check. For senior dogs, you can negotiate the cost. For many new owners, adopting a well-tempered German Shepherd is a plus. This is where K-9 Strays Michigan comes in. To adopt a forever friend, K-9 Strays encourages you to bring a filled out adoption application from their website in advance.

This will make the process go faster when visiting the rescue. The rescue also encourages you to bring your family along if you live with them. For some dogs, you can leave with them on the same day. For other dogs, it might take a little longer. The rescue requires you to be a minimum age of 21 years to adopt a dog. Feel free to contact them with any questions you may have! Max von Stephanitz, credited for creating the German Shepherd, developed the breed into a working dog that could be relied on for its courage, speed, and intelligence. Today, the German Shepherd has evolved to become more than a working dog.

Individuals and families across the US have embraced the German Shepherd as a companion and therapy dog. The German Shepherd is an excellent companion and can be an equally great addition to your household. Since Michigan has a high rate of animals that need to be rescued, we always encourage people to consult a result before they buy a dog from a breeder. Check out these other articles:. This site does not constitute pet medical advice, please consult a d veterinarian in your area for pet medical advice.

All About Animals Founded inAll About Animals is one of the largest wellness centers for surrendered or abandoned companion animals in Michigan. Disclaimer Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. As an Amazon Associate, we may earn from qualifying purchases. Looking for something?

Free german shepherds in michigan Free german shepherds in michigan

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