Fun places in orange county

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Orange County is famous for so many places and things to do. These destinations are great for visitors to Orange County or new residents to the area. But have you ever thought of getting off the main road of Orange County tourism and checking out some of their hidden gems and secret spots. From secret outdoor spots like beaches and parks to hidden shops and restaurants Orange County has it all. Victoria Beach is the first destination that is hidden away from the general tourist population. It is usually occupied by locals who love the blue water and the seclusion from the chaos of the busy beaches.

This beach is one of the more secluded beaches of Southern California making it a great place for any explorer. You will find people doing a variety of activities while on the beach from skim boarding, swimming, fishing, and playing beach sports. Unlike the popular beaches, Victoria Beach is only accessible from the stairs since you park up higher, but many locals and others say the stairs are worth it for the amazing views and the sunsets. The tower shoots up to 60 feet high and was built in It is more than a spectacle for visitors to Victoria Beach.

The tower serves as a Fun places in orange county staircase to a private cliff-top home. Some owners of the home have been William E. Many people love to come to see the Pirate Tower. It makes for an excellent feature piece of photographs.

Fun places in orange county

They say it is worth the drive or the walk down the stairs to see it. Though unless you knew about this little feature of Victoria Beach you could probably end up missing it. Location: Bristol St. The market is filled with little boutique shops, restaurants, and art such as live music, art galleries, poetry readings, and sometimes seasonal festivals. The best part of this hidden gem is that all the shops and restaurants are locally owned giving it a true local experience.

Fun places in orange county

Marina Park is a wonderful place for families. Unlike most parks, or beaches for that matter, Marina Park offers a safe and memorable experience for children while on the lovely Newport Beach Harbor. For parents and kids alike swimming in the ocean while wonderful sometimes poses some challenges. Swimming in the calm waters of the harbor perfect for little ones. Little to no waves, plenty of boats to look at driving by and if your kids prefer to run around and play rather than swim, Marina Park has a gorgeous playground for young ones.

They can run, jump, climb, and slide on all the playground equipment including their very own light house. There are also picnic tables available for a day out or you can sit and look out at the boats in the water. Regardless of your age or family size Marina Park is one of those hidden gems of Newport Beach that you cannot pass up seeing. Unlike most hot air balloons that carry people, this hot air balloon ride is meant for people at Fun places in orange county

Fun places in orange county

The balloon lifts to a height of feet giving you and everyone else a degree of the world around you. People say you can see for miles and on clear days all the way to downtown Los Angeles. The entire time it is Fun places in orange county to rope that is locked to the ground. No worries about floating away for longer than you expected.

Whether you want to do it for some great pictures or to just say you did it, be sure to check out this hidden gem on your next trip. These massive trees that shoot out of the ground to reach unthinkable heights. The best part of Carbon Canyon Regional Park is that they bring the amazing redwoods to Southern California rather than them being concentrated up north. The Coastal Redwoods of Carbon Canyon can get as high as feet and to experience it there is 1. The best part is that the trail is great for all ages. Location: S Anaheim Blvd. A great destination for any food or drink lover over the age of It is tucked away in the Anaheim Packing District.

Filled with a great atmosphere and unique decor any customer will find themselves having an amazing experience here. By the words of past customers, the place has great food, great drinks, and great service. If you do plan to stop by this little speakeasy be sure to call ahead. They do require reservations, but if you can only do the spontaneous stop in then between the hours of it is first come first serve seating.

Any time after will need a reservation. The Wedge is a known spot of Orange County locals and surfers around the world. This hidden gem sits at the furthest tip of the Balboa peninsula and the views here are breathtaking. Surrounding the Wedge are multimillion dollar beach homes that are more like beach cottages. Rocks scatter the shoreline and boats travel through the waters. As for what make this place a worthwhile visit is the the waves basically break on the sand and they are BIG!

When a large swell is coming in you can see foot waves break 25 feet in front of you with world class surfers trying to catch a wave. Its not uncommon during a large swell to see people just sitting on the sand watching the waves crash. The Wedge is a Fun places in orange county gem of Orange County.

You can sit and watch the sunset or enjoy a picnic. You can take a long the sandy beach and jump along the rocks dotted about. You can take the time to take photos of the surrounding landscape or of you on your Orange County adventure. There is endless options as to what you can do here.

Juliette Kitchen and Bar has become a popular place for lunch and happy hour to the Newport Beach area. Many people come for the delicious food and drinks while receiving great service from staff.

Fun places in orange county

The dishes are unique and compliment the amazing decor of Juliette Kitchen and Bar. So unless you knew a local, overheard someone, or found this place online you could end up missing it. Be sure to call ahead to place your reservation and dine in a hidden gem. Location: Anton Blvd. The place is filled with rocks of all shapes and size, fountains, and other water features. One of the most prominent features is shown above. A low pyramid with streams of water running beneath it. What does make it worth mentioning here is the fact you can take some awesome pictures here. Many people love to take a picture of themselves jumping across the streams with the pyramid in the background.

So for amateur photographers or someone who is looking for a great social media picture both are encouraged to check this place out. The place offers relaxing views of the ocean in a nice, clean park. It is almost picturesque once you find yourself there. The park tends to be pretty quiet with not many people walking through it. You can sit back and listen to the waves crash and spend hours here without even knowing it.

The park has become a popular wedding spot for couples who are looking for a smaller, more intimate location to share their special moment. The park contains a small semi-circle sitting arena and a small amphitheater that overlooks the ocean. Found in a little quaint and eloquent neighborhood is worth sitting down and unwinding here. The park gives its visitors a remarkable view of the Pacific ocean and the California coastline.

There are little coves dotted along Fun places in orange county water Fun places in orange county tidal pools to look and explore in. Spending an afternoon there is definitely a doable thing. There are grass areas to have picnics and BBQ grills for cookouts. If not, then there are some nearby restaurants to the park including a coffee shop.

With rocks to climb on, wildlife to find, and a place to relax Heisler Park is a worthwhile hidden gem for stopping by. The place became famous for their ature date shakes. But other than their famous shakes, Shake Shack serves burgers, fries, snacks, and other sandwiches. Customers of Shake Shack can walk up, bike up, or drive and park to get food from here. While you are in town if you want to search homes for sale in Newport Coast contact David Feldberg today!

Back Bay Loop Trail explains itself really. Now for the hidden gem that is the Back Bay Loop Trail. Many people love to frequent here because there are so many options as to what you can do and how you travel the trail. At the Loop Trail you have options as to what direction you take. There is an upper and lower trail. The upper trail is more of the dirt path trail that gives you an overlook to the east section of Back Bay. The lower trail is better for seeing wildlife.

Fun places in orange county

You can encounter various bird species and other wildlife along here. Other than that, this is a worthwhile spot to visit whether you do a quick walk and turn around or you want to walk all over. Location: S Cambridge St. Rather than have places to run or field to play in, it is just a small, pocket park in Old Town Orange County.

This park makes for a great backdrop for pictures whether it be wedding or social media ones. You can take short walks and shake things up from your daily exploring routine to take a step back and unwind.

Fun places in orange county

Fairview Park is great for everyone. Some of the best features of Fairview is that it is close by to the Talbert Nature Preserve and Santa Ana River Trail giving guests a ton of options as to what they want to do. The park itself is filled with a multitude of different trails based on what you want. There are paths for walkers, joggers, runners, and special paths just for bikers. Not Fun places in orange county that, but they do offer a small course and trail with some mounds for BMX Fun places in orange county to enjoy.

But a more respect and appreciation for nature as you stand out in the fields. So check out Fairview park to do some bike riding or walking because it is a great place for families or anyone really. Plus you can check out the nearby nature preserve and another trail to keep you entertained all day. You can find yourself here all day if you wanted to. There are little caves dotted along the shoreline that you can spend the day exploring. There are also trees to provide shade to relax under as you listen to the crashing waves and look out over the ocean. By the end of day, you find yourself settled on the California coast watching the sun go down on a secluded beach.

The best time and the quietest time to come here is during the week when most people would be in school or at work. All it takes to get down to the beach is to go down a set of stairs or climb over some rocks for the more adventurous.

Fun places in orange county

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