Fun Poland female for drinks tonite

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Warsaw is the lively capital of Poland and the country's largest city. Situated on the Vistula River and spread over a wide area, Warsaw impresses with its history, nightlife, and high standard of its restaurants. There are so many things to do in Warsaw. If you come to Warsaw during the weekend, do not miss our weekend guide with the best events in Warsaw. Make sure you check it out. Hala Koszyki 12 Treat yourself.

Fun Poland female for drinks tonite

Read other reviews:. Warsaw's eastern district, Praga, is one of the most interesting districts in the city. Fun Poland female for drinks tonite it is always fun to just get lost and discover true hidden gems, reserving a local tour can be the better choice if you do not have so much time at your disposal.

Jumping aboard these communist vans allows you to cover a lot of ground in little time tours are 4 hours and see some of Warsaw's most interesting spots without much planning on your side. Bear in mind that these are not hop-on-hop-off buses, but rather personal tours with max 8 people on board. You can discover Warsaw on a shared tour or as a private tour groups bigger than 8 people will be divided into multiple buses. No trip to Warsaw is complete unless you try the famous Polish dumplings.

Or, even better, learn how to make them yourself vegan version available as well. The name of this dish probably derives from the Polish verb "to drink", making pierogi the ultimate choice for party food.

Fun Poland female for drinks tonite

The class ends with pierogi lunch or dinner, so we strongly advise you to show up hungry! In Warsaw, there are more than 70 museums you can choose from. That's a lot of sightseeing! Here we suggest to you what we think is a must-see, whether you into sightseeing or not!

Fun Poland female for drinks tonite

Some of these attractions are free all year round, others are free for the whole month of November and most museums are free at least one day per week. Here is a list of what Fun Poland female for drinks tonite think are the best museums in Warsaw, with an indication of when you can enter free of charge. You'll see it in the Royal Castle. The Royal Castle in Warsaw is an experience you will hold dear in your heart for a long time. First built in the 14th century, the castle went through some dreadful times.

To be honest, I was a bit put off by the Royal Castle being a reproduction of the original. Today, the Royal Castle is an interesting museum which hosts:. I wrote more about the Royal Castle here. The Royal Castle is open all year round with a few exceptions. Find out more: official website. Replica of a B24 liberator inside the Uprising Museum. The Warsaw Uprising museum covers a dark chapter of the 20th-century, of which I knew very little about.

And if you are not Polish, you may not be familiar with it either. The museum recreates the atmosphere, history and struggles that Varsovians went through in the attempt to liberate Warsaw from the Nazi occupation in The Warsaw Uprising is one of the darkest moments in recent history, yet it is often overlooked by western society. Warsaw was almost completely annihilated and hundreds of thousands of people died for their freedom.

It is a hard task to create an exhibition about such tragedy. I believe that the curators of the museum did an outstanding job. The Warsaw Uprising Museum is one of its kind and will offer an experience hard to forget. Find out more Fun Poland female for drinks tonite the about this must-see attraction in Warsaw on the official website. I also wrote more about the Warsaw Uprising Museums here. It opened its doors infor the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. If you are not impressed by the exterior of this award-winning building, wait to see the interior!

When you enter the museum, you will find yourself in a dramatically wavy passage extending in front of you. These concrete waves refers to the Exodus parting of the red sea by God when Moses was guiding the escape of the Israelites from Egypt. Thanks to the amazing architecture, you will already be deep into the exhibition before you even pay for your ticket!

The actual exhibition will carry you through years of Jewish history in Poland. Find out more about this must-see attraction in Warsaw on the official website.

Fun Poland female for drinks tonite

If you believe Polish food is just boiled potatoes and cabbage, think again. Polish cuisine is hearty, tasty and rich in meat. It developed eclectically over hundreds of years, being influenced by Russian, Ukrainian, German, Jewish as well as Italian, French and Turkish cuisine. Besides, eating in Poland is quite cheap. From Bar Mleczny to Michelin Restaurants, you will eat without breaking the bank. No wonder some of Fun Poland female for drinks tonite international fast food giants are struggling in Poland. In this article, I suggest some of the best places to eat polish food.

If you want to have a delicious overview of what Polish food tastes like, you could go to this Warsaw Food Tou r and sample the icons of Polish cuisine the tour guides are absolute Warsaw experts as well! Do you want to know more about the restaurant scene in Warsaw? Check out our ranking of the best restaurants in Warsaw the top of each national cuisine. One of the most popular Milk Bars in Warsaw.

Fun Poland female for drinks tonite

Bar Mleczny literally means Milk Bar. The first Bar Mleczny, which was opened in Warsaw inhad a menu mainly based on dairy items. Today, you can eat a wide range of Fun Poland female for drinks tonite Polish food for the cost of a Starbucks coffee. For around 5 euros you can have a full meal composed of soup, first course and a drink kompot. A little price to pay for an authentic experience and some great homemade traditional food. I actually find the whole thing quite entertaining!

There are many Bar Mleczny in Warsaw. Make sure you visit one of these link to google maps :. Here you can read my full article about the Milk Bars in Warsaw. The dough is deliciously sweet and Fun Poland female for drinks tonite melts in your mouth. Zapiekanka is the most Polish of the fast food.

In the 70s, during the austerity of the communist regime, it was usually topped with just mushroom, cheese, and ketchup. Today, besides the traditional kind, there are many more varieties. They get fresh bread from the bakery every day and the portions are huge. Or will I be forced to eat potatoes for a week? However, unlike 10 years ago, vegetarian and vegan restaurants are really easy to find in Warsaw. You can even learn to make Vegan pierogi from scratch! In some areas, it is even difficult to find a good old traditional cake made with milk, eggs and flour which contains gluten.

Thus also plenty of options for celiacs! You will find basically every kind of cuisine you can think of, but converted into vegan only: vegan sushi, vegan Indian and vegan pizzas are just a few examples! Hala Mirowska in Originally built at the end of the 19th century, Hala Mirowska was the biggest market in the city until the WWII when it was destroyed.

It was then rebuilt in the 50s and today it still serves its original function of an organic food market. I must say that this is not a place for everybody. However, if you like markets as much as I do, you should definitely drop by. Here in Hala Mirowska you will experience the authentic vibe of a Warsaw food market, you will deal with non-English speaking farmers and… you will find the freshest fruit, veggies, and eggs, the most amazing bread, the best meat, and the sweetest honey. NOTE: Be aware that even though the market officially closes at 7 pm, you should definitely come here in the morning: most of the merchants are actual farmers and in order to get here they have to get up crazy early in the morning.

There is an indoor and outdoor market. The sweets are inside but most of the food is in the outdoor market. Hala Koszyki. View from the 1st floor. There are other great places to eat amazing hearty Polish food all over the city. However, if you are tired of Polish cuisine, or you are just looking for something different, at Hala Koszyki you will find a variety of dining options under one roof.

You will also find quite a wide variety of Polish and international beers. In Warsaw, there are two restaurants awarded with a Michelin star. The two Michelin Restaurants are both committed to organic Polish products and to providing experiences rather than just food.

A bit pricey for Polish standards but cheaper than Fun Poland female for drinks tonite Michelin Restaurants in other European countries. If you want to make sure you get a table at one of these restaurants you should book 3 to 6 months in advance. If you want to drink with a big group of young travelers, you can also this awesome Warsaw pub crawl.

Every tiny pub is a little bit different from the next one. There is plenty of choice for all tastes. To find it, however, you have to go through the gates 22, 24 or There are a lot of shot bars in Warsawenough to satisfy any taste. Are you out of Zloty PLN but you are still in the mood for a shot?

They make 13 different kinds of tiny vodka cocktails, served in shot glasses.

Fun Poland female for drinks tonite

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