Gemini and gemini lovers

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The Gemini and Gemini compatibility factor proves to be a rocky affair! Bringing those who are prone to extremes together in the unexpected! The Gemini and Gemini connection in everything from mood swings to madness! It definitely makes friendship, love, and sex an interesting endeavor! With the Gemini and Gemini connection, it brings together two heavy conversationalists. Both parties in this odd love match love talking. They are of high intellect too, so you can just imagine the conversations. The problem is that Geminis have no problem expressing their opinions.

Diplomacy Gemini and gemini lovers not part of that picture either! Debates are a common scenario Gemini and gemini lovers two Geminis. But, many will find a surprise at the fact the Gemini and Gemini connection has merit. Each party knows what the other needs and wants. Some might call the Gemini and Gemini combo a crazy match. This couple brings a lot more to the table than most.

With so many changeable factors, it can get a little crazy for sure. The level of randomness might drive others up the wall. But, Geminis are all about impulsive action. Where others demand certainty, Geminis see the instability as part of the norm. In other pairings, unpredictability has lovers questioning why they are together. Geminis see the unexpected twists and turns in their relationship as adventurous! Geminis are quirky, unconventional, and even eccentric. They have specific preferences, pastimes, and pet peeves. Many have trouble handling the volatile duality of the Gemini personality.

But one Gemini can embrace another as if embracing their own shadow. Volatile or not, they can make each other whole. As far as sharing activities, Geminis have no problem entertaining themselves. Talking is, of course, their favorite pastime, so any social activity is on the menu for fun.

Shopping and adventurous activities are also on their things to do list. Enjoying the arts and music and learning are pursuits for the Gemini couple. Having similar likes is a contributing factor in Gemini and Gemini compatibility. The Gemini and Gemini love match are free spirits. They prefer independence over someone tying them down. They are in no hurry for a big commitment.

The duo has an innate appreciation of freedom. It means they are okay with holding off on commitment. They much rather be two free spirits sharing dreams and living life. Then, they can go about enjoying every minute gifted to them! Because Gemini knows themselves, they have no problem knowing what their counterpart expects. Developing trust can happen over time.

They get along so well right from the Gemini and gemini lovers the feel right at home. The trust between them seems to come natural to them. Since Geminis are so changeable, it adds a lot of spice to the love life of this duo. The lack of predictability gives them enough chaotic energy to prevent relationship stagnation. The ability to keep their partner guessing contributes to Gemini and Gemini compatibility.

But, it can also hinder it. Remember, this pair is all intellect, so moments of the heart are private moments.

Gemini and gemini lovers

If in a situation excessive in expression, it can make a Gemini uncomfortable. The longer these two are together, the more intense the bond becomes. Long-term relationships grow as a bond in heart and spirit. The Gemini and Gemini love match have an undeniable attraction. Imagine each party in this pair as being a set of twins. Each set of twins represents the extremes in Gemini preferences. Now you have two people between the sheets with four intellects.

Both are trying to rule what happens in every lovemaking session. One side of this couple will prefer traditional sexual encounters. The other side of this duo will want to bump up the kink factor a notch or two Or three. Or four. Oh hell, they might put fire to the sheets to turn up the heat! Already we can see a problem arising.

What happens when a Gemini desires traditional encounters and the other wants flavor? What happens when they are not on the same with sex at all? A Gemini and Gemini combo will compromise a lot. Geminis need a lot of intellectual stimulation before they get into bed. Thank goodness they love talking. Most important to Gemini is they feel like someone is listening. They rather self-talk and hear themselves talk than feel ignored.

The communication in a Gemini and Gemini love match starts out perfect. They are great talkers and love all subjects. What makes them excellent at communication is their willingness to listen. A love of learning is the driving force behind their willingness to tune in to everyone they talk too.

Geminis are social because they love to chat, but they much prefer when they are the ones doing the talking. The questioning occurs even when it appears a partner is listening. One thing a Gemini abhors the most is being ignored when they speak. They know better than to write it off as a coincidence. Because they insist they have the psychic bond of twins.

Their communication is not always vocal either. They can understand one another at a glance. They can share a mood or thought across a room of crowded people. Neither partner ever has to speak a word. Since communication is of the utmost importance to this couple, they Gemini and gemini lovers tech-savvy. Gemini mates Gemini and gemini lovers every modernized method of connection possible. Each partner will be a pro at using the newest and most popular social and chat apps.

Otherwise, they remain in constant communication with their partner. In part, Gemini needs to communicate to feel the connection with their love. Through constant communication, Geminis can gauge the strength of the relationship. If the Gemini pairing is footloose and fancy-free, there are few clashes.

Take parenting Gemini and gemini lovers example. Yes, Gemini can be a strong parent, but they will have to buckle down to do it. With two free-roaming-spirits, there might be one partner who takes on more responsibility. It will leave one Gemini resenting the other. Real world responsibilities can put a damper on the high-flying romance. The unpredictable and chaotic nature of this pairing will have to tone it down when it comes to work and family.

Long-term commitments come calling and need a mature approach. If one or both partners refuse to take on responsibility, arguments ensue. Since Geminis can change at the drop of a dime and prove happy one minute or moody the next, emotional wars happen. If one partner Gemini and gemini lovers into a foul mood, the energies are contagious. The other partner might flee the scene not wanting to pick up negative vibes. Or, the less moody partner might in on the negative mood where fighting is more likely. In the Gemini and Gemini love Gemini and gemini lovers, both s share the same polarity.

Geminis align with Yang energies. This can be a boon or a curse depending on how this couple interacts with one another. Masculine Yang energies are dominant, action-oriented and aggressive. What is absent here feminine Yin energies to help keep things in balance. Yin energies are passive, receptive, and empathetic. Yin influences allow a person to be more empathetic.

In the Gemini and Gemini combo, Yang energies can be beneficial. These partners can motivate one another to fulfill dreams. When focusing on strengths, they get along with perfection. If the Yang energies polarize, they will have to embrace Yin energies to regain balance.

Being out of balance causes Geminis to fight with one another. One or both partners may become domineering, bullish, and condescending. In astrology, the distance between two s on the celestial wheel is the aspect. The aspect of Gemini and Gemini is conjunct because they are an identical zodiac. This means there are zero degrees between the s.

These two personalities will embrace each other as equals. Good communication makes the Gemini and Gemini combo a good friendship. Things can get complicated when it comes to love though. Understanding contributes good vibes to the Gemini and Gemini relationship.

Both parties come to know what to expect from the other. Love makes things more unpredictable. The couple can view this randomness as fun or as a hassle, depending on mood. Geminis are lofty and always on the go. The way forward in love will need that one party remain with their feet on the ground. Otherwise, the winds of change may blow the relationship down.

Gemini and gemini lovers

As the free spirit, Geminis need to keep some independence. Knowing each other so well can cause Geminis to get too clingy. But, even true-to-life twins need personal space. Both parties will need to take the time to do their own thing.

Gemini and gemini lovers Gemini and gemini lovers

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