Good cars for 1000

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Sell represent Aisha very friendly and courteous. Walked us through the paper work and was very understanding with our needs.

Good cars for 1000

I recommend others to have nissan in mind when shopping for a car. I came into South Chicago Dodge so worried I won't be approved but my sells rep Hector made everything perfect!! I've always absolutely loved this car for ALL of its awesomeness, but I decided to write this review today because my Tiguan saved my life. I've owned it for 5 years and enjoyed all of it - for its reliability, performance, comfor, Good cars for 1000 - you name it. But today, thanks to this car and its safety airbags performance in particularI am still alive, so I wanted to write this review because this car truly deserves it.

Thank you to all the people who've made this car. Hi my name is rafael i went to Chicago South dodge on 74 nad western talk to a guy there name RJ he gave me a good deal on a Nissan Altima I recommend the people that see this that's a good place to go to to get a good car RJ was a good dealer I thank you guys at Chicago South Dodge.

They customer service was very good they helped me out a lot the my was very kind especially since I drove 2 hours to look at a vehicle. It's a great van for transporting people. Dependable and comfortable. Lots of room. You sit up higher than most cars so it's easier to see everything. It's relatively easy for do it yourselfers to work on.

I came here to look at used cars. I was greeted by a salesman named Rj. RJ got me a great Deal definitely come see RJ! The staff is very helpful and they are very clear about the features and conditions about the cars. I bought a used car and I'm very satisfied and happy! I would recommend this dealer to friends and family. I love it so much, that I probably need to think about buying a new automobile but I can not part with it.

My husband said in order to buy something new we need to let your Honda go - so I still have it. Runs wonderful and people never believe what i can haul in it. It also still looks great. I just wish that Honda would bring Good cars for 1000 back.

Summary points: 1. Best Honda dealership experience of my long life. I have a history with four other local Honda dealerships. North City Honda is two or Good cars for 1000 cuts above anybody else.

Good cars for 1000

Five-plus stars, highest praise; honest, transparent pricing, no high pressure, treated like a human being with a brain. No nonsense like after-market add-ons. Amazing deal 4. They are everywhere. Not bad people but I have something better: North City Honda and its sales, service, finance, and management team.

Absolutely the best buying and service experience of my life as a Honda owner. I enjoy it, but not gonna Good cars for 1000 it is SLOW. The AWD system works really well and the ride and drive is smooth, but the car is genuinely just not meant to be as fast.

If you are aiming for speed get an Si or Acura. These are just really great on gas and give you a great sized compact suv for a really great price. Just bought this car for my son to go to college in. He also works for Shipt and the 35 miles a gallon is outstanding. This little Civic with a turbo should last my son his entire college courier.

This car is perfect for our family. Had almost everything we were looking for Good cars for 1000 it wasn't a deal breaker. Love the car and so do my children. This car met all my needs. I got the car that i wanted. Josh made the experience a trip! There was no pressure to make the sale and I felt comfortable with the deal. They even delivered the car to my house that is 46 miles away.

This car was a great value, reliable, steers and handles very nicely, Roomy ith lots of storage, Great legroom for a tall driver, I'm 6'5" and I sit very comfortable. Bucket seats are adjustable for all driver types, shapes and sizes. He had great customer service! Made me feel comfortable, answered all of my questions with no problem!

Definitely want to do service with Deante again! Love the Power and performance. Comfortable, and i would recommend one to any one looking for that sort of vehicle. Problem is they are hard to come by because of only in production 4 years. I came in to purchase my first car and I ended up leaving with the car I wanted. Joshua and Andre were extremely helpful and understanding throughout the whole process! This is the first keep I have owned. So far I am not disappointed.

Performance and comfort is good. Perfect for my pup and I. Maria T.!!! Thanks you soooo much for the awesome deal you gave me! I answered a few questions and I was able to get amazing discounts on top of the amazing deal! Call Maria for deal of a lifetime!! Loved this car. Was a trade in on a Honda CR-V. No mater I still have my Maxima. The 03 was kept up as to maintenance and was kept inside of a garage. Money wise on upkeeps, not counting cost of oil changes or gas, I spent around 10K in the 17 years on rocker arm cover leaks, plugs, radiator, ac compressor, idler arm I think a repair shop caused that failure oil pain, Good cars for 1000 struts, power steering hose, and brakes.

Still in all it was a fun car to drive and had plenty of power and looked sporty. Yes 13 years old and due to Grand Honda care, its a hard car to let go! People are truly surprised at its age!

Good cars for 1000

Thank you Grand Honda! All black exterior details, red accents inside 2. Very user friendly dash and steering wheel controls. Cabin is very comfortable. The back seats fold up to make for a great carrying area.

Tailgate swings down and opens horizontally, which makes accessing the bed much easier. I also love the Good cars for 1000 bed audio and lockable storage area in the bed. I'm loving the safety features! I had a new Honda CR-V delivered straight to my house, at a great price. The process could not have been any smoother. Highly recommend! Perfect little car. Just changed the oil every 5, miles, did the rear struts, and put on two new sets of tires in the five years I owned it. My son did jam the key in the frozen door lock, and we had to replace that.

Kyle was great - very easy to deal with and not pushy at all - that was exactly why I bought it from him. Dealership is plan jane - nothing fancy. Honda Civic is very well known for there reliability reputation and resale value. These are definitely a fantastic car. I, don't have any problems with mine. I, purchased this car new, and I have been taking care of it to my best. Great customer service. Service manager had work done quickly and answered all my questions about next recommended items to be done.

Not pushy about any additional work. Happy owner Good cars for 1000 13 years Good cars for 1000 counting. My friend has the same model and hasmiles on it, no joke. Amazing, comfortable vehicle. Will run forever. I attest to this because they proved to me and my family that integrity is a standard of their business. Communication was excellent from my thoughtful salesman Anthony to the director of operations, Gary.

They took great care of me, and made my year so much brighter. We all know goes down in history, LOL. I leased a brand new beautiful CX They gave me the best rate possible Hands down NONE!! Bill and Gary treated me with the utmost respect. Consuela Sanders. Certified cars are manufacturer warrantied and typically go through a rigorous multi-point inspection.

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Good cars for 1000

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