Happy ending mi

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Han Mi-Mo now works as a rep for a remarriage consulting business. She is also divorced. Her former bandmate Baek Da-Jung is also a rep at the same company. She married a rich man, but her marriage is on the rocks. Go Dong-Mi is now an elementary school teacher. She is single and feels lonely. Hong Ae-Ran is a representative for an internet shopping mall. The Happy ending mi are still friends. Name required.

Mail required but will not be published. Jane Apr 28 am Very nice drama! Jung Na ra was the reason I watched the show and her character was idiotichow can a 34 yr old keep falling in and out of love? Yoo In Na is a former idol but doesnt know the basic of grooming? Koreanloverrr May 19 pm This is my second time watching the drama after a futile first time. It just doesnt make sense. I only felt their friendship connection from the start, nothing else. Every normal relationship is a patient thing, you don't just find the perfect partner just like that. Mi mo and Hae Joon' relationship was perfect from the beginning, there was the instant connection and all.

There was the butterflym the unexpectations and very Happy ending mi thing.

Happy ending mi

I just felt like the writer forced the relationship of Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk on us. Cyl Mar 07 pm I super enjoyed this drama. Why the hell did i just discovered it now? The two main le are soo cute together. Others might not appreciate what happened to the love triangle in the story, but if you go deeper I would list this drama to the ones i keep on repeating over and over again. Lhy ka Dec 03 pm Enjoyed watching it.

Emily Apr 02 pm This drama caught me by surprise with its witty dialogues and natural acting by the cast. Found myself cracking up at a lot of scenes. And also had a fair share of warm hearted, tear Happy ending mi moments. Love the chemistry between Jang Nara and Jung Kyungho!! They are natural and sparks really fly in their scenes. Jang Nara is so lovely and beautiful and youthful as always. Also,Yoo In Happy ending mi still shines despite her get-up. Story of 4 different women who have a very tight friendship going through their mid-thirties.

The struggle of once beautiful women who are now starting to grow old but some still successful, hence not those knight in shining armor coming to save the day type of plot. It shows that women can be successful too. Also highlights life of divorcees which are increasing in in our current generation.

Gives hope that everyone can find love again, just to look at the right places. Highly Recommended if you have spare time and don't want to watch repetitive chick flick plots where the man is always so perfect and the women are damsels in distress. This drama is fresh and warming for a good binge. There were moments in the beginning that had me laughing almost tears. True, I did feel the drama went on way too long and could have had some Happy ending mi tighter scenes. But it wasn't just their story. There were the other stories going on with the supporting cast.

Yet, sometimes, it felt they wanted us to forget them, but they were important to the drama too. Drama Heir Oct 03 am I hate so much when a drama has such a unique and magnificient cast but the story and character development is just too awful to let them shine. I truly adore each of the actors in this story. Jang Naras character was so annoying throughtout the series. Even on the last episode I was so annoyed with her character. Yoo In-na did a great job, but she didn't have enough screen time. Also her story deserved more. Da-In and In-young had good supporting roles.

The story didn't go anywhere.

Happy ending mi

And the ending was awful. I do have to praise Jung Kyoung Ho because even if the story was awful his performance was not. Tine Sep 25 am Does this drama have lots of funny scene? If yes, I'll watch this. Is this worth watching? Laura May 01 am enjoyed watching this drama thanks for all actors and actresses. Marie Apr 07 pm I love happy Happy ending mi. Fun and great drama. Misa Mar 31 am One of the best rom com k drama. There's nothing more to say about this horrible drama -- the ratings says it all. Jung kyung hooo very handsome, funny, cute, romantic.

Yo In-Na courageously rocks her crazy hair and is absolutely gorgeous "o-naturel". The sidekick in crime stalking celebrities utters the most logical sound advise I have ever heard. In romance the world can be a small place, it can transcend age and overcome stagnation. I liked it and would watch again.

Ian Dec 06 am Idk. Mi Mo started to fall out of love with Hae Joon because he was not romantic enough and her needs were not being met. I don't understand why other people didn't like him. You can't dislike him simply because he didn't know how to treat Mi Mo as a girlfriend, or because you liked Soo Hyuk better.

There's a reason why the writer had his backstory about his first love and how his first marriage went. Sometimes I wish that dramas would stop being about who should belong with who or not, but about what relationships bring us and how people grow with it. Semperlei Sep 29 am Super duper romantic drama!!! Jung kyoung ho is so handsome and adorable great acting on showing his emotions of love to jang na ra!!! Wish to find someone like that Anon Sep 18 pm It's a nice drama Made me feel things. I prefer MiMo with HaeJoon Flo Jun 05 am Uhuhuhu why do I have the second-male syndrome.

Kwon yool is so perfect and handsome. And I can feel his chemistry with jang nara as well :. Oppa Jun 02 am Yeah, the first episodes were really Happy ending mi and different but when it comes to the last 8 episodes, it seems like they're out of ideas. Fortunately they could cast Conan O'Brien in this drama. Krystal May 12 am Happy ending mi though some scenes are a bit exaggerated but most of the scenes are true to life which we cannot denyI love how this story gives us a deeper meaning in relationships and the different points of view that were portrayed in characters.

Happy ending mi

However, I think it lacks something important in delivering the lessons that it should have delivered. Anyway, this drama is still great with regard to the performance and plot. Timothy vaiphei May 07 am I love this drama more than descendant of the sun. Dera May 04 am Real amazing drama one of the best for sure It got stucked in my mind although I end it long ago.

Their love made me think that love isn't easy thing. Noia Apr 15 am Not quite the typical korean drama, and that's why I enjoyed watching it. Taught me a lot about life and love, "mature love" per se. Lisa Zikzin Mar 31 am Happy ending mi love this drama. I like Jung Kyoung-Ho. He acts so well Kim Na Na Mar 25 pm The first 2 episodes were funny and then it was boring. But the last few episodes were great! Glad didn't stop watching! It's my favorite one this year! I absolutely love Jang Nara and Jung kyung ho they Happy ending mi amazing chemistry! I definitely recommend the show!!

If you're having second thoughts about giving this drama a watch because of the ratings and also the very poor hype, then I'll definitely tell you to give it a chance. Watch the first episode and then decide. Because I wasn't even looking in the direction of this drama but thought of giving the first episode a chance and omg!

I loved it to the extent of watching it in a two day marathon!

Happy ending mi

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