Harmful effects of smoking k2

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Harmful effects of smoking k2

Am J Ther. View abstract. Cardiac arrest associated with synthetic Harmful effects of smoking k2 use and acquired prolonged QTc interval: A case report and review of literature. HeartRhythm Case Rep. Toxic leukoencephalopathy with extrapyramidal dysfunction due to synthetic cannabinoids.

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BMC Pharmacol Toxicol ; Characteristics and treatment of patients with clinical illness due to synthetic cannabinoid inhalation reported by medical toxicologists: a ToxIC database study. J Med Toxicol ;13 2 Synthetic marijuana "K2" induced ITP. Platelets ;26 3 Man vs. The unexpected identification of the cannabimimetic, 5F-ADB, and dextromethorphan in commercially available cannabidiol e-liquids.

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Turk J Emerg Med ;18 1 How much can synthetic cannabinoid damage the heart?

Harmful effects of smoking k2

A case of cardiogenic shock following resistant ventricular fibrillation after synthetic cannabinoid use. J Clin Ultrasound ;46 9 Acute effects of synthetic cannabinoids on ventricular repolarization parameters. Turk Kardiyol Harmful effects of smoking k2 Ars. Sickle cell crisis complicated by synthetic cannabinoid abuse: a case report.

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Harmful effects of smoking k2

How does it work? It can cause harmful side effects, such as hallucinationsseizuresheart attacksstrokeand even death. Avoid use. Keep in mind that natural products are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important.

Harmful effects of smoking k2

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using. Search Vitamins Related Vitamins. No related vitamins found. You Might Also Like Vitamins and Supplements: The Facts. Could I have CAD? Missing Teeth?

Harmful effects of smoking k2

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The Dangerous Effects Of Synthetic Marijuana