He wants to date you

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What are the s he wants to date you exclusively and what are the differences between a player and a real man who is interested in a serious relationship? Driven by my past experiences and of people close to me, I can say for a fact that there two types of men in the world: Men who are interested in a serious relationship and men who are interested in sex only.

He wants to date you

What are the s he wants to date you exclusively? And you did the right thing. But lucky you, there are also millions of s okay, not really a million but close enough that will tell you whether a guy wants to date you exclusively or not! The biggest difference between a player or an immature boy and a guy who wants to date you exclusively is in the amount of their effort.

A guy who is interested in dating you exclusively always makes sure to be on time, to organize everything to the single detail and not to cancel plans at the last minute with some low-budget excuses. He wants to date you of the biggest s he wants to date you exclusively is him investing a serious amount of time in dating and planning. This includes making an effort to surprise you from time to time, always choosing a different place, organizing romantic date nights with a candle-lit dinner, proposing exciting things instead of only sitting back and pretending to be interested in something serious for the sake of selfish purposes.

When a guy is totally interested in you, he will value your opinions and advice above everything. As a matter of fact, he will ask for your advice and opinions regardless of the situation because he wants you to be a part of it and he trusts your judgment and perspective on different things. And he makes damn sure to listen to your every word!

When a guy is only interested in a hookup, he will definitely not bother to be honest with you, to tell you things about his life or to leave his phone unattended in your vicinity. He tells you everything about his past couple of days, about his routine, job, hobbies and similar. A guy who wants to date you exclusively always makes sure to keep you updated on everything because he sees you as an important part of his life and not just a mediocre adventure. A guy who is not interested in anything serious with you will not be interested in making an effort to get to know you better, to learn things about you or to bond with you.

But He wants to date you guy who is totally into you and who is ready to commit to you will definitely be interested in getting to know you on a much deeper level. He wants to bond with you on a deeper level because he sees you as an amazing woman with an inspiring life and interesting personality.

Another positive body language is him pointing his feet in your direction while sitting across from you. So, always pay special attention to his body language s and you will easily notice whether these s belong to the positive or negative category. You know that a guy is totally serious about you when all of his or the majority of his future plans include you.

He wants to date you

He wants to know everything about your plans for the future and he also wants you to know everything about his goals, dreams and his career so that your plans can match. If a guy wants you to be an active part of his life and if he sees you as future girlfriend material, he would make sure to look for ways to include you in his interests and hobbies. For example, a gamer guy who is not interested in anything serious with you will not bother inviting you to try to play together.

He wants to date you

But a guy who wants to get to know you on a deeper level and who wants to establish a real connection will definitely ask you to try out in the gaming department. When you told him that you would like to introduce him to your friends and family, was he a little bit anxious? If yes, this is a good because he obviously cares A LOT about what your people will think of him. When you finally introduced him to your people, did you notice that he was really trying hard to get them to like him?

Was he really careful of his words, genuinely open and willing to participate in different conversations? And you know He wants to date you he respects you and treats you like a lady, which is one of the most important things when it comes to the initial stages of dating and relationships in general. The truth is, the more we like them, the higher the chances that we fuck things up somehow. The bottom line is that we all make mistakes and the only thing you should pay attention to is what your guy does after he makes a mistake. It means that his place has officially become your place as well and you have every right to leave your toothbrush in the bathroom, to take some clothes and leave them in his wardrobe and He wants to date you do whatever the hell you want.

The easiest way to target a player or a commitment-phobe is by paying attention to how regular are they when it comes to texting and calling you. It means that you are the main focus in his life and his priority. Real men take care of your every need. Such men are pure cowards and the biggest wasters of time. Then you know what you ought to do.

You ought to cut all contact with him and wait for the man who will be worthy of your time. Wait for the man who will have the guts to date you exclusively and not the one who will shit his pants at every thought of commitment. English literature professor and writer Martha Sullivan decided to speak her truth about life and love through letters and paragraphs. She's particularly interested in modern ways of communicating and gives plenty of amazing ideas for messages and lines for you to use on special or everyday occasions.

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He wants to date you

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Does He Want To Date Me? How To Determine If He’s Interested